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  1. I managed to create and update a minor show using edit shows (or create shows can't remember) part of Universe mode instead of adding on the calendar. It'll still give the major title missing or whatever but saves any change you make, you can just back out after clicking save and getting the error.
  2. Reinstalling the game fixed it for me
  3. Just noticed while making a red version of Raquel (I like them to match the tron colors at least a bit) and testing Render sizes that even though the render is listed as "Not Used" and when I pressed "Delete Unused" it said Deleting 2 Images it still kept the render I was using. EDIT: VIdeo clicking delete unused twice: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a8MTYzLpeeE EDIT #2: Ok so it seems like some renders will get deleted and some won't, my Raquel and Alexa ones don't get removed but the other 4 do which indicates there is a method to get them to stay.
  4. Is this still going on? If so what is the "USED IN" message? Tried a quick test with this and it let me remove the CAW after deleting the Custom Draft Pool and GM save, so they may have patched it since. If it says a USED IN: MyGM Slot 1 or something, making a new MyGM in that slot and deleting it could make the game register it.
  5. Glad they made the custom renders act the same as the game ones, hated that the custom ones were cut off in the superstars page and the default ones extended past the box.
  6. Am I tripping or did they add '21 to Alexa Bliss?
  7. You need to create a show in creations to be able to import, then it should say "import show" at the bottom as triangle/y > select > edit > save. If you have created a show you might have to recreate again if it doesn't recognize it in universe.
  8. Not sure about that tbh, I just saw a youtube of the entrance with it, haven't actually wrestled with them yet, I know the attire is the red and black though which I don't remember them using until the split
  9. I'd go with the nWo being younger because in the Outsiders one Nash is wearing a black/red nWo shirt and the music is wolfpac. I'm sure they started in nWo with black and white then the Wolfpac came when stuff started getting silly numbers wise.
  10. Do they stay when you upload it? I had that with a portrait image but it still showed the right one after upload.
  11. You can also have mashing set to hold instead so if it does switch back you would just be able to hold the button until you change it back again, unless that reverts too which wouldn't surprise me.
  12. From the image it shows you on 2K20 which is why portrait isn't there, try logging in using a different browser and see if 2K22 show up, if it does you should be able to log out and back in on the original browser.
  13. Using a different browser may work. [Example using PS4 uploader login] Original Browser: Changed to Opera GX. Image shows up in game but I wasn't having problems with that anyway. Assuming it is partly a browser/site cache issue. EDIT: WWE2K22 now shows up on the original browser again on uploader after logging out and back in. So if you are having issues you could try logging in to uploader using a different browser and if wwe2k22 shows up (or it shows as recognised for those on PS5/XBX), log out and back in on original.
  14. This was happening in 2K20 too. It always worked if you imported parts instead of even attempting to import full attires, not sure if it is the same and will always work this year though.
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