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  1. God , I hope we're both wrong and we get 1 more patch to fix this crapshoot but it's VERY Unlikely. Please be Wrong, Please be Wrong, Please be Wrong.
  2. Yeah I hear you I gave Kane the Chokeslam Takedown (Variation of his Ground Pick Up Chokeslam/Botched 2012 Big, Show Rebound Chokeslam) & it'll automatically get a 2 count every single time no matter what. If that doesn't say it's Glitched nothing will.
  3. I second this and waiting with baited breath to see if this pack is a Bang or Bust.
  4. Yeah It's certainly different. Any idea when banners will be back on this site? I kinda miss it.
  5. LOL I just realized I quoted the wrong quote. My last statement was supposed to be towards Saucy & his comment about all the moves being unlocked on day 1. I for one agree with you about this horrible DLC packs we've been getting. To paraphrase the Late & Great Owen Hart "Enough is Enough & It's time for a change".
  6. How do you know? Is it available or only in the UK?
  7. One of the Saito Suplex's in the game would be my best guess but I could look in the game for you, is this supposed to be his Finisher or Signature ?
  8. Interesting, Will keep my eyes locked on this topic for the next update in the upcoming weeks.
  9. Yes the Jaystation of the WWE Games Universe. Gotta love him. Right ?
  10. They got generic instrumentals, which would've been cool for CAWs. Listen carefully during their entrances in the showcase. Are you shitting me!? Ffs Nope. Previewing them in create an entrance gives you their regular themes, though if you don't touch the entrances you can still hear them. Well maybe we all should do a 2K bug report on this issue to get it fixed. Definitely an easy fix to unlock these songs as Ali 2, Batista 2 etc. What do you guys think ?
  11. So isn't it better to give AJ his Vest rather than Hood to avoid this issue, just like most people did last year ?
  12. Yeah I don't blame you it's ridiculous how bad this years game is. Hopefully the next patch is better.
  13. Yeah here I was thinking I was the only one having this problem. Day 1 I was like WTF?????
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