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  1. I think the bug that grates on my last nerve more than any other (non gamebreaking) bug is that goddamn sit up bug.
  2. I'm so sorry dude, thats horrible. My thoughts are with you.
  3. Almost as if people who get punched in the face for a living aren't operating with a full deck, or somethin.
  4. I would but as *censored*ing infuriating this game is, I prefer the new controls and can't give up the new moves.
  5. Surprised this section hasn't been changed to the games proper name yet.
  6. The mans 74 years old. If he goes to prison for that long, he ain't coming back out.
  7. I may (llikely will, actually) change Andreas hair, as it doesn't look nearly as good in-game as it does in CAW mode. also the NEW pants I chose for her ALSO seem to be bugging out. For *censored*s Sake 2k.
  8. Sorry for the wait, photoshop decided to be a real uncooperative piece of shit tonight. AEON (has darker attire not shown here) Aiko Takamori Andrea Ryan Chris Bourne Cole Graham (One half of the World Wide Riots) Cyrus Oxley (messed up brother of Drake Oxley) Devlin Marko Drake Oxley (returning CAW of mine, not so messed up brother of Cyrus) Eric Kage (former prisoner, gimmick based around seeking redemption) Garrett Gibson (somewhat based on Brodie Lee, may he rest in peace) Leo Calhoun (second attires hair-dye is buggy when looking in CAW mode, difficult to get a good picture) Liam Ryan (younger brother of Andrea, and leader of the Shamrock Syndicate) Malice Nate Deacon (One half of The Silver Knights) Nic Venom Omar Baz Ray Brooks (Other half of the World Wide Riots) Riley Young Shaun Brennan (returning after a hiatus from my roster, still a member of the Shamrock Syndicate) Skylar Divine (on and off again tag team partner of Leo Calhoun) Sylas Corvo Pentagast (you get absolutely zero points for guessing what he's based off of) TK Phoenix (redesigned from previous looks, and the other half of The Silver Knights) Warren Andrews (returning from Hiatus)
  9. Aaaand go to test a CAW and her legs constantly clip out of the tights I chose for her. *censored*s sake 2K..
  10. I might show off some CAWs i've been working on at some point tonight. I never intended to show them so they won't be the most high quality or logo heavy.
  11. Game just crashed on me as I was finishing up a CAWs moveset. I swear to *censored*ing Christ, if they blow this..
  12. Oh to be a fly on the wall to see that epic meltdown when he found out he had been impeached again. Forgive me for my ignorance guys, not an American, does this mean he's been properly removed from office?
  13. BrandonX

    WWE Drama

    So.. can someone please take Dijak's twitter away from him so he stops making an ass of himself?
  14. Its definitely something to do with the profiles, as I have an alternate profile that uploading works fine on, but for christs sake if I find out its because they got lazy and somehow *censored*ed up accounts that happen to have 2K19 saves on them, i'm going to be pretty goddamn frustrated.
  15. Maybe, but its starting to get to a point of ridiculousness. The amount he keeps at it, its starting to feel less like "BC loyalty" and more like "bitterness everyone else keeps going on to bigger and better things while he's still stuck in NJPWs tag division". Hate to be the one to tell him this but he's not "THE" bullet club guy, and like it or not the Elite were a big part of BC, as were Gallows & Anderson. More than the GoD, in my personal opinion. Still, if he's just working the twitter crowd then good on him, just hate to think that it might be legit sour grapes. I mean hell, Anderson was there before he was.
  16. Not directly AEW related but sorta; but man Tama Tonga needs to find something new to bitxh about. His whine about bullet club shtick is getting old.
  17. I ordered an AV to HDMI converter box for my PS2 so I can play it on my new television. Amazon is being weirdly stingy with shipping it, however.
  18. Finally got given my refund, or at least they claim I have as I can't access the game anymore but the money is yet to show up on my card.
  19. Oh shit dude, i'm so sorry to hear that. Pulling for her
  20. I honestly can't see it being anyone BUT Hangman, but it should be a good long while before it happens.
  21. I can just imagine the utter meltdown he's having over this. I would pay money to see it.
  22. Probably, i've experienced every bug under the sun at this point. For the record, if you're in the middle of a universe PPV with champiosnhip matches and exit, then return to universe, all those championship matches will have been changed to non-title matches.
  23. That would be friggin awesome!
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