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  1. Could your friend maybe move it up to Sword/Shield and then trade it to you there? Sure it won't be usable in Go anymore but if you're that attached you'd still get it back for future games.
  2. I'm not watching the PPV itself (because I am broke and because I can't for the life of me figure out a way to do so in Canada without cable), but I am following a long and checking out videos as they get uploaded. Its pretty awesome that they remade Christians TNA theme, that was unexpected. One of my favourite wrestling themes.
  3. ... I'm sorry, I don't know if you're joking but this is a really silly take. "Cast away"? Christian may not have done too much in WWE compared to his fellows but to call him just a WWE reject is beyond silly.
  4. The guys over at the 2k forums aren't exactly the most intelligent people, on the whole.
  5. If, in two years, GM mode is the only thing they bothered to deal with from that list, they can *Censored* right off. I'm done with em.
  6. CROSS-Out

    WWE Drama

    Seriously though, WWE just seems addicted to banning shit now, its getting *censored*ing ridiculous.
  7. I do wish there was a two tone generic tights with built in kneepads though, so i didn't need to sacrifice layers to get the shine on the right or give up the knee pads. Oh well.
  8. CROSS-Out

    WWE Drama

    Whats next, WWE bans banning? WWE bans breathing? WWE bans atoms?
  9. I'm not sure about the boots being white though, Looks a bit odd in-match.
  10. What do you guys think of these changes to his tights for the reboot? (The new logo I have on his right leg is this)
  11. Caught a shiny Golett on my side save in Sword just now
  12. CROSS-Out

    WWE Drama

    Yeah, don't get me wrong that must feel horrible, but I can't help but get the feeling Flair may himself have something to do with that.
  13. My girlfriend is trying to convince me to buy Animal Crossing, but i'm not sure. Its still full price which is a lot, in Canada, and I just cannot tell if i'd like it enough to justify that kind of money.
  14. Very nice! Its nice to see a good viking-ish CAW, you see so many bad ones on CC.
  15. Working on the reboot designs, and have decided. The old hair is back.
  16. God I hate the "no collision with long hair" bug so *censored*ing much.
  17. I don't play Go so i'm a bit confused, why can't he trade it back?
  18. A year old elden ring trailer using some placeholder leaked off-screen gameplay today, and to say i am happy would be the understatement of the century.
  19. Man, I know some people are gonna be super cynical about it all, and that's fine, but I'm excited.
  20. I'm not necessarily against this, although I'm not going to run around raving about how its the end of WWE either. Its important to remember that this doesn't suddenly make AEW a TNA-like, since part of TNAs problem in the old days was not only signing every WWE guy they could but then using them in the most nonsensical asinine ways possible. I certainly don't see Paul Wight being immediately given a title shot although who knows, maybe they already have, I can't exactly watch the show. More importantly Big Show could make a great agent and advice guy, and admittedly I don't have a problem with AEW adding a few more big guys to their roster.
  21. Its funny. Back in the day THQ went way overboard with their marketing and constantly oversold their games because of it, whereas 2K tends to take an infuriating minimalesque route on marketing the game. This year, i'd like them to try and find a good middle gorund. 2K20 was such a bloody disaster, they need to market this well and focus that marketing on the improvements they've made (and they need to give assurances that its not going to be a bug riddled hellscape).
  22. Working some more on my reboot stuff, came to realize i'll probably still need two or more shows considering how large my roster gets. Came up with this, although I don't know if it would just be an alternate brand in PWR or if maybe it would showcase a specific type of talent or what.
  23. Splurged a bit today to reward myself for all the shit i've been dealing with lately, got myself a new mouse with far more programmable buttons than my old one.
  24. You're free to use my pro wrestling beyond logo if you like. No point in it going to waste so if you like it you can use it.
  25. I think i'm going to use combinations of the red one, and the red/green one, depending on what I use them for. Brandon X is also likely to get a name change in this rebooted universe, though he won't change as much as some caws will.
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