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Found 10 results

  1. Here we are again; will be tackling my OC's as usual. Big change here is that we are cutting the fellas, and some attire edits might show up as well. Starting on the 5th, and will *try* to get 2 OC's out a day...and maybe one attire edit.
  2. On the PS4 I have made Attitude Era Kane with his un-used DX version (one was rumored to have been made, but it was never used as they broke up Kane & X-Pac's team before they could) also made it as the Blue Kane (added a blue cape as an inside joke at that Red Caped Kane they used JUST ONCE!!!) Also made my version of n.W.o. Bret Hart. I think he turned out okay. Just couldn't find the proper n.W.o. logo that that incarnation of n.W.o. used. I need to unlock a heck of a lot of stuff yet to recreate my annual Tinman3099 CAW. I have plans for him though. If you guys want screenshots of Hart and Kane, let me know.
  3. Does someone have Phil Anselmo's tattoos? Wanna create him in the game but can't find the logos. Also would appreciate tattoo logos of heavy metal artists
  4. So After watching MLW and The Opera Cup, I decided to jump into creating some of their wrestlers. Started with Brian Pillman JNR, now this is the first time i have attempted a real life CAW, but... Well have a look. I was not sure until the man himself tweeted out this creation. More than happy. That said, the attire is not 100%, but I have worked hard all the other aspects.
  5. Hi guys, I hope you liked it, soon (maybe) more caws. Search: CM Punk + Most Recent
  6. Oh snap!! Can these be played? Hopefully they can,if so feel free to share!! Still new here,would love some tips on posting. Like,comment & whatnot... xbox one & wwe2k20 gt:wes19er Have a world title championship day,or atleast a good one!! Rouge'sXflyingXromperXstomper.mp4 I_cans_have_full_vidz_Kewwwlll07.mp4 Suplexouttadarinqqqqqfdke8273646291.mp4
  7. wes19er

    Wendy caw

    My caws hope they dont suck!!
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Nlsqd5fX2A&feature=youtu.be
  9. i need some kickpads for my caw
  10. "The Devil" Blade Myers: "The Horseman" Blake Harnage: Bull Dooley: Will add photo's soon. "Creator of Giants" Drengur Bjornsson: Will add photo's soon. "The Psychopath" Gavin Krueger: Will add photo's soon. "The Assassin" Kazuo Nakashi: Punt Dooley: Will add photo's soon. "The Standard" Scott O'Dell: (Hungrywolf80's CAW my Version) Will add photo's soon. Spaz Dooley: Will add photo's soon.
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