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Found 12 results

  1. Here we are again; will be tackling my OC's as usual. Big change here is that we are cutting the fellas, and some attire edits might show up as well. Starting on the 5th, and will *try* to get 2 OC's out a day...and maybe one attire edit.
  2. Couldn't think of anything slick to say,so.... Here's some stuff! Putrid (green) vs Xombie-My creations Raven & Ellie Hannigan (recreated because I don't have 2k20 DLC & creators allowed me to recreate them)-originally created by xboxone gamertags:(Raven)ToastierGem1479 (Ellie Hannigan) FalloutKing01 My Rouge caw I made for 2k20 with improvents on attire. 483b068f-7fb8-46d7-aebf-c970224d87b2.mp4 52b8e11e-56ac-4c11-ae67-d09453c3db1a.mp4 RougeUncensored19-9c92-e7e855ce7fd7.mp4
  3. Is it possible for anyone to make a proper Doug Williams CAW with full moveset, entrance and personality traits for WWE 2K20 on PS4? Preferably in his Union Jack attire and Slammiversary IX attire. Please and thank you.
  4. So hey, would anyone be willing to help me divise the main moveset for Paige? I created her recently using the formula posted here (Shoutouts to this man as he pulled this off almost perfectly and I only made minor outfit edits) I've already figured out her finisher at least, her Paige-Turner was easily substituted with the Spinning Fisherman Suplex which looks closely 80% similar to it, so I used that for both slots. I also had an idea to use the Steven Kick as her (SuperKick) since that more closely follows her kicks from youtube videos I've seen. (Plus Chick Kick is highly used already for a lot of Diva Caws and I didn't want to repeat the same finishers) Unfortunately, the game can't replicate PTO or the RamPaige, so the Spinning Fisherman Suplex (Paige-Turner) and Steven Kick (SuperKick) will probably be the closest things we can get for her finishers. But....as far as her main move-set, I have to admit, I'm not sure where to start, and if anyone more experienced with movesets could help me, I'd be most grateful. Then eventually, I can do the entrance for her and while its going not going to be 100% accurate since 2006, it'll at least be an honest attempt on my end to finishing what my man in the past started by making the CAW. xD
  5. Bronze


    This one was fun, I honestly love the dude. Just wish they'd finally get him a shot for the title at the top of the food chain.
  6. Bronze

    AJ Lee

    My version of AJ Lee, mostly built from someone else's that was posted here, with a few touch-ups and an attire attempting to resemble the one showed here. Its not perfect, wish I could make her a bit flatter around her chest area, but its outside the game's capabilities, so it is what it is. Let me know what you think. And yes, those are denim shorts, took me forever to figure out how to do it. But the CAW does involve hacks, such as layer modifiers and transparency hacks.
  7. I'm making a save atm of my favorite wrestlers and decided to make a Sting Caw for 2021. (Yes, I know he's on AEW, not like it matters for a 06 game lol) Using a PCSX2 Emulator, and yes, some of this involved layer hacking. Also have a moveset and entrance for him as well, although, mostly found those on the caw site.
  8. you can find many of my Creations on CC just type in the hashtag GR33NLAND
  9. Here's some of my original caws for WWE2K20 (PS4) they are ALL available on CC just type in the hashtag GR33NLAND
  10. Mani-Man


    So im throwing this out here because asking on Twitter so far hasnt really done much. Its part Request and part simply asking for advice or tips. I recently finally got a hand on doing Female Face textures well enough that i can say im excited to do Female caws. I was wondering how those of you who do female caws, create the Tops, if there are Templates i could use etc.
  11. I think I did this once wayyyyy back in the WWE 13 days....maybe 12! But I'm back again with better resources and a little more creativity and an org backed stream! Everything will be live on stream, and everything will be with YOUR created wrestlers. The only restriction is they can't be busted OVR wise (obviously) and have to be SOMEWHAT realistic. I'm not gonna lie, I'm down with The Fiend-like characters and Luchasaurus haha I'll be naming the Fed based on basically whatever cool created arenas I find on Community Creations. So if you have a world all drawn up and online for PS4, let me know and maybe you'll be our namesake Let me know how to download your guy, if you have a tag team partner to download, and I'll get them all set up in game. I'll also be doing a royal rumble outside of the universe to determine our first champions. PM me if you want to know where to watch as I'm not sure about the rules on that here anymore. Fire away! Who wants to join the People's Universe!
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