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  1. Close but no. He's Bee-otch, deciding to make yet another alternate account...
  2. And you have 5 different accounts because...?
  3. I'd like to know this glitch also. Currently I either let them win or disconnect and add to my disconnect percentage.
  4. Well, exactly. No need to worry though, it can be very easy to make a very good CAW of him, especially if you have Xbox Live, X-Pac is very popular to be traded along with the many other DX related CAWs.
  5. To be honest I kind of wish he went back to his old gimmick.. then again after losing in five minute squash matches quite often on Raw I think it buried him as a jobber, so I think he needs a change.
  6. You can also un-freeze them with the triple jump moonsault.
  7. I would assume a new gimmick, before his hairstyle/gimmick was laughable, with a look like that I'd assume he would be going for a more vicious gimmick.
  8. I really liked Mike's theme, I just felt it suited him perfectly. Thanks you for this, I will be downloading the MP3 from it now. RIP, Mike Awesome.
  9. Lol, I have to agree. This should be really interesting to see him complete looking like that, and with a new gimmick. Maybe he will be getting a well deserved push from it.
  10. Hey, I'm Jay, I'm 16 years old, live in the South of England and I've been here since about 2006 for the awesome caws here, but only joined the forums as of May 2007. I love the wrestling scene and SVR series and always will do. I love the community, I've made some great friends here and like to have a good laugh. If you feel like getting to know me, I'm usually up for a chat on MSN, in the Fun and Games section, or just leave me a comment on my profile. I'm totally non-judgemental and if your a nice person, I like you. Also if you like to have a fun, fair, totally non-cheap match on Xbox Live, be sure to add my gamertag located in my profile and let me know who you are. You can also view my Xbox Live profile from clicking the userbar in my signature. =) Peace.
  11. Not a crush, but my opinion of the best (although former) diva is Stacy Kiebler. But currently I think Torrie and Brooke are pretty hot.
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