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  1. Civil War is a storyline where the government puts a superhuman registration act in place, forcing all superhumans to reveal their secret identities, as well as train and work under the government. Captain America finds this to be against freedom and justice, so he opposes and others follow, while Iron Man thinks it's the next logical step for superheroes and both sides collide. It's believed that the council in The Avengers is kind of meant to be planting the seeds for this story to happen.
  2. It would make more sense to do an Avengers 3 and then try like a Phase Four leading into Civil War.
  3. I could see Phase Three being Doctor Strange, Black Panther, and Ms. Marvel. Two will replace the new ones of this phase (There isn't need for sequels to Ant-Man and Guardians), and one will fill the void that the lack of Iron Man leaves. Then of course we'll get Thor and Cap 3. When it will really get interesting will be what it all leads into. I heard they were planning on having Phase 3 be the Civil War storyline. So would assume it would have everyone in it. If they do do that, Avengers 3 has massive potential. It does and doesn't at the same time. A Civil War movie would have to be very carefully written, and the heroes they introduce leading up to it would have to be just as careful so each side makes some logical sense. Plus, I don't think they will ultimately pull the trigger on the story that pissed people off about the portrayal of Iron Man and had fans hating him to this day for his role in the story. I know it's what they want to happen, but I don't think it will work the more I think about it. Thor also would have no place in Civil War, so take that for what it is.
  4. I could see Phase Three being Doctor Strange, Black Panther, and Ms. Marvel. Two will replace the new ones of this phase (There isn't need for sequels to Ant-Man and Guardians), and one will fill the void that the lack of Iron Man leaves. Then of course we'll get Thor and Cap 3. When it will really get interesting will be what it all leads into.
  5. Then why isn't anything actually being referenced instead of constantly saying the same thing, that you think he understood Earth speak too much? He still didn't know what monkeys were and went on tangent about Asgardian creatures, not knowing they don't exist on Earth.
  6. I clearly referenced the same movie. He doesn't seem any more in tune with Earth than he was at the end of his own movie.
  7. Courts ruled in favor of Marvel studios for them to get the rights back a few months before Ghost Rider 2 released. It should be noted both of the movies under the Marvel Knights banner were done so under circumstances of the rights going back to Marvel at the last minute. I don't think Marvel Studios actually had anything to do with either one. What lingo did he get used to? He didn't even know what monkeys were.
  8. This is seriously all I want from Rocket Raccoon in a movie.
  9. I don't completely agree with RVF, but it's been cited often and shouldn't be a surprise to people that the character development/portrayals on this show have always been it's weak point. People act contradictory to themselves very often or just stupid. I mean, come on guys. The Walking Dead is a great show, but it's far from flawless.
  10. I agree that the art was pretty beautiful, though the character design was distractedly generic. Still though, it's one of the few anime I wouldn't give a high score to that had stuff I really loved about it. I didn't care for most of the characters except for Lucy and Nana, and I thought the stuff with Nana and Chief Kurama was amazing.
  11. I hold it more around a 7 or 8. Personally, I really wanted to enjoy it and I thought it was great at getting interesting, but the ending and open ends disappointed me. And I hate Yuka.
  12. Has anyone here seen Elfen Lied? If so, what did you think? Also, recently started watching Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex which pretty much tuned to everything I find cool, so I'm loving that right now. There is no uncensored version of Deadman Wonderland, as far as what I've been able to find. Don't watch the second season of DTB, it's horrendous. Seriously... watch the OVAs if you'd like, but DO NOT *censored*ING WATCH THE SECOND SEASON OF DARKER THAN BLACK! I also didn't want to be left out, so... http://myanimelist.n...elist/Misatouki I don't think that's everything, though... and I'll probably forget about making a profile in a week or so... I'll watch it anyway. >_> Well, if I enjoy the first season enough whenever I finally finish it I will.
  13. In my opinion it's The Night Gwen Stacy Died, Kraven's Last Hunt, and If This Be My Destiny.
  14. I'm trying to keep up with Deadman Wonderland on Toonami every week but honestly the bleeping and shit is such a reoccurring distraction that I wonder whether I should just watch subbed. Still haven't finished Darker Than Black (I'm slow to finish any show), but I like it so far. Extremely slow paced though. I know this is late as hell, but for a person's first recommendation on getting into anime, you suggest them a show with nearly 300 episodes, probably half of which are filler, and has basically the same plot through the entire series? DBZ was good when people were 7. If someone never saw anime and was over the age of 12, showing them DBZ would be a good way to keep them from ever watching anime again in their life. http://myanimelist.net/animelist/UncannyDoom Mine pales in comparison. Good to see you don't like Fooly Cooly either though. Overrated like hell.
  15. While he's not the most known, Gay Lantern is the first Green Lantern. Alan Scott was a bad choice to be the homosexual character. For anyone that doesn't know, Alan Scott was the Golden Age Green Lantern and his backstory and powers are a little different. Scott found a flaming, magic lantern. This flaming lantern told him to make a ring. The ring allows him to create objects like the later Green lanterns, but its weakness is wood (unlike the other GLs' weakness to the color yellow). In other words, their gay character has a flaming lantern and a weakness to wood. Well that's just funny... I would actually like to see the first major superhero to be infected with HIV... Imagine Superboy with a new form of "super aids" ...It would be interesting to see how he would fight crime, would he hold back on fights for fear that he may infect his opponents? Would he try and keep it a secret from his super hero brethren for fear they might shun him because of his condition? What would his mindset be knowing no weapon on earth could kill him but his own blood will one day take his life??? This sentence made me laugh so much. Super AIDs. Oh god...
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