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  1. I don't completely agree with RVF, but it's been cited often and shouldn't be a surprise to people that the character development/portrayals on this show have always been it's weak point. People act contradictory to themselves very often or just stupid. I mean, come on guys. The Walking Dead is a great show, but it's far from flawless.
  2. I agree that the art was pretty beautiful, though the character design was distractedly generic. Still though, it's one of the few anime I wouldn't give a high score to that had stuff I really loved about it. I didn't care for most of the characters except for Lucy and Nana, and I thought the stuff with Nana and Chief Kurama was amazing.
  3. I hold it more around a 7 or 8. Personally, I really wanted to enjoy it and I thought it was great at getting interesting, but the ending and open ends disappointed me. And I hate Yuka.
  4. Has anyone here seen Elfen Lied? If so, what did you think? Also, recently started watching Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex which pretty much tuned to everything I find cool, so I'm loving that right now. There is no uncensored version of Deadman Wonderland, as far as what I've been able to find. Don't watch the second season of DTB, it's horrendous. Seriously... watch the OVAs if you'd like, but DO NOT *censored*ING WATCH THE SECOND SEASON OF DARKER THAN BLACK! I also didn't want to be left out, so... http://myanimelist.n...elist/Misatouki I don't think that's everything, though... and I'll probably forget about making a profile in a week or so... I'll watch it anyway. >_> Well, if I enjoy the first season enough whenever I finally finish it I will.
  5. I'm trying to keep up with Deadman Wonderland on Toonami every week but honestly the bleeping and shit is such a reoccurring distraction that I wonder whether I should just watch subbed. Still haven't finished Darker Than Black (I'm slow to finish any show), but I like it so far. Extremely slow paced though. I know this is late as hell, but for a person's first recommendation on getting into anime, you suggest them a show with nearly 300 episodes, probably half of which are filler, and has basically the same plot through the entire series? DBZ was good when people were 7. If someone never saw anime and was over the age of 12, showing them DBZ would be a good way to keep them from ever watching anime again in their life. http://myanimelist.net/animelist/UncannyDoom Mine pales in comparison. Good to see you don't like Fooly Cooly either though. Overrated like hell.
  6. GT was horrible, DBZ was good for it's time but compared to almost anything else, it's not the best anime around or anything. Tons of filler and a generic action plot kind of holds it back. But like many, it was a staple of my childhood.
  7. Sometimes I feel like the producers and writers want the viewers to hate Lori. The characterization of her is so inconsistent and contradictory. I don't really care for her either way, but it's one of those things you can't help but notice when you watch. The show is admittedly up and down with it's characterization and that's it's biggest flaw. Regardless, I loved the last few episodes of this season and saw that finale with some friends who haven't seen the show at all. Now they're all hooked and catching up.
  8. Has anyone here ever watched Darker Than Black? My brother recommended it to me and I'm going through the first season and it's pretty damn good.
  9. It's a hybrid of Japanese and American animation. Anime is just an abbreviation for animation anyway.
  10. No idea for Japan but it's a little easier to say for America. Dragonball Z Naruto Bleach Cowboy Bebop Gundam Wing Inuyasha Death Note Rurouni Kenshin Full Metal Alchemist Code Geass Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Sailor Moon Avatar: The Last Airbender Pokemon Yu-Gi-Oh No order.
  11. This show's great. Caught the season 1 marathon on AMC yesterday and then watched the awesome premiere.
  12. Making Pro Evo Soccer exclusive to anything would be horrible for it's developers. It's critically acclaimed and sells on all next-gen consoles as well as the PS2. It would be like winning four lotteries but only accepting the success of one. Plus, FIFA sells a lot.
  13. What do you mean even the Wii? The past three years Nintendo has stole the show at E3, they're winning the console war, and have the best exclusives of the bunch. Probably because the Wii would explode attempting those graphics. The only games there that don't have a viable counter on the 360 are whatever Team Ico and Naughty Dog makes. Everything else has a competitor in the same genre that's on the 360. Tekken isn't as good as Soul Calibur, DOA, Virtua Fighter, etc. GT5 isn't as good as Forza or Project Gotham, and MGS and God of War are rivaled by Splinter Cell and Ninja Gaiden. The PS3 essentially has two things going for it, MGS4 and Blu Ray. FFVII remake is retarded. People have had such a strong feeling it would be announced for the last six years. Everybody shut up about remaking the most overrated Final Fantasy game ever.
  14. Nintendo & Microsoft still have awesome exclusives. Sony is the one fumbling around.
  15. Actually Final Fantasy XI is on 360. Square wanted it to be on everything but Wii's ultarhypergay friend codes nixed that. And yeah, this was supposed to sell PS3 but now I'm hearing people wanting to switch to 360s now. All that "PS3 needs time to develop" stuff that people said TWO YEARS AGO is still being said. The console's in the coffin, it just needs some nails.
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