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    One sporadic son of a bitch
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    Chris Jericho.
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  1. #Nailedit. becoming more active now? Might do, finally joined the future and bought a PS4. If I get WWE 2k16, might be around more often. Last WWE game I owned was SDvR 2007.
  2. 34 Pages? 34 Pages?! Back in my day we did 1000 pages. In the snow. Uphill both ways. oldmanyellsatcloud.gif
  3. Jfc, you old ass mother*censored*ers are still here?
  4. Every damn time I pop in to visit this site, the page limit changes!
  5. I, for one, will always remember the name *inhales* ... Stardust.
  6. The McMahon-Helmsley faction, followed by The Radicalz.
  7. I give it 10 years before he leaves.
  8. I read this the other day. Harsh. http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/gene-simmons-ace-frehley-and-peter-criss-no-longer-deserve-to-wear-the-paint/
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