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    You have failed this city!!
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    Dolph Ziggler/The Bella Twins
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    I'll listen to almost anything.
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    Customer assistant in a Supermarket
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    Arrow, Top Gear, Scrubs & Friends
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  1. he likes curry Who doesn't?MeKinda fell into that one didn't I?
  2. Always loved him. Only time I don't is when he calls Cena matches. Agreed. JBL and Corey are my faves currently. Definitely agree about Corey. I'm always a bit hit & miss with JBL.
  3. ^^Yeah, as someone who's lost 2 grandparents in the last 3 years myself, I can only sympathise with you. It really does suck. So sorry for what you're going through.
  4. Well, lets see. I'm in two minds at the moment as to whether I should leave my current job. I love the people I work with, but the morale is just so low it's unreal....Oh and it's snowing and bloody freezing too.
  5. Why did you conform to the needs of a couple of bitch ass n-words? Couldn't be arsed arguing with them.
  6. TBBT quote gone. That better for you all?
  7. Don't worry, I'm not sticking around.
  8. Well I had been logged out but, like the sad sack I am, I actually remembered my login details.
  9. Never thought I'd end up back on Caws again.
  10. Well I never thought I'd be back on Caws again.
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