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    You have failed this city!!
  • Birthday 01/29/1985

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    Dolph Ziggler/The Bella Twins
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    I'll listen to almost anything.
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    Customer assistant in a Supermarket
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    Arrow, Top Gear, Scrubs & Friends
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    West Yorkshire, England
  1. There's probably nobody on here who remembers me now, but what the hell.... I'M BACK.......again!
  2. Welcome to the forums John. Make yourself at home.
  3. Yeah ok, so nobody probably noticed I was gone in the first place.
  4. Da *censored*? Well, welcome aboard Emily.
  5. Nope. I think I posted in here 3 years after I joined.
  6. The welcoming committee's slacking off a bit here. Come on Tom, do your job!! Anyway, welcome to Caws.ws Tony.
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