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  1. Sounds a bit similar to I Am Alive, minus the earthquake and natural disasters.
  2. Vettel's gearbox is knackered and Webber makes the pass. Ten quid Webber *censored*s this up somehow.
  3. Sebastian *censored*ing Vettel. I'm ecstatic for him. Fantastic race. Disappointed not to see Di Resta finish in the points but well done to Button for a great performance. Glad I got up at stupid o'clock to watch the race, it was definitely an interesting one.
  4. I don't understand how Kobayashi could be blamed for Hamilton going off. He was already coming up the outside before Hamilton moved over, and he couldn't go on to the grass to avoid him. Hamilton should have been checking his mirrors.
  5. Or it could be that he's careless and overly aggressive.
  6. Actually, it was a tough decision. Di Resta didn't lose any places but at the same time, he would have lost grip on his tyres after he had to move on to the grass to avoid Hamilton.
  7. Excellent, what a superb finish for Di Resta. I imagine he'll be over the moon. Great result for the Scots.
  8. Hamilton has a drive-through penalty for the incident involving Di Resta. Correct choice, I think; what he did was dangerous.
  9. Vettel has so little grip right now. He's agonisingly slow. What the *censored* was Hamilton doing there? He almost took out Di Resta trying to spin back in the right direction. Surely the stewards have to look at that, especially since Di Resta had to move off the track to avoid him.
  10. Looks like it's staying in for now.
  11. Heidfeld's car just exploded. O_O
  12. A dry line is starting to appear. Only a matter of time until the slicks are on.
  13. Di Resta to Ferrari. =D lmao at Webber and Alonso.
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