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    John Cena/ Cherry
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    Anything pop punk rock like: Flogging Molly Good Charlotte Blink 182 ZebraHead Simple Plan Green Day MXPX FLIPSYDE IS GREAT TOO!!!
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    Being Awesome and Amazing.
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    American Mexican Heritage, Little of Irish and Cherokee in me.
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    Family Guy!!!!!!!
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    Cherry's Room. Name: John
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    Guitar not much anymore,Movies,Christian Music,Music, Family,Friends, Writting,God,Video Games,Sports!!!

    Green Bay Packers.
    USC Trojans.
    San Jose Sharks.
    Seattle Mariners.
    Sacramento Kings.

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  1. As a die hard Packers fan, personally I would put Jordy Nelson or Randall Cobb in the endzone anyday over Calvin Johnson. But Rodgers having Fitz in the endzone as well would be huge as well.
  2. My Mariners are looking to make post season this year. One hell of a start sweeping the halos and thank god we picked up Cano, Hart, etc. It's the damn A's though that are giving us trouble. Good thing King Félix takes the mound Friday.
  3. You forget about the sorry ass Raiders? Terrelle Pryor is a joke. Thought they weren't releasing Schedules until the draft was over?
  4. Not by a LONG shot. Are you cooler than Michael Jordan,Eddie Murphy, or Wesley Snipes??
  5. I'm John i'm 21 and been on CAWS for over 2 years.
  6. To me NO one is more overrated than AFI and My Chemical Romance. Seriously.
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