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    Anything pop punk rock like: Flogging Molly Good Charlotte Blink 182 ZebraHead Simple Plan Green Day MXPX FLIPSYDE IS GREAT TOO!!!
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    Cherry's Room. Name: John
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    Guitar not much anymore,Movies,Christian Music,Music, Family,Friends, Writting,God,Video Games,Sports!!!

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    Sacramento Kings.
  1. Of course not. He's not with any company. Even before his injuries he was being buried,
  2. Yeah the part timer Lesnar who shows up at Mania, then on RAW the next night, then SummerSlam then NoC and hasn't been seen since after Rumble and now won't be seen until WrestleMania probably. This is the guy WWE had to end the 21 year Streak.
  3. EDIT: Also... Johnstone is back?! Did you MISS me??
  4. I'm seriously amazed that people are voting for over rated Brock Lesnar lol
  5. Kennedy had alllll the makings and qualities of a World Heavyweight Champion.
  6. He's probably killed quite a few, if we count suicide. I heard 30% of Wrestling fans put a bullet in their head the minute they saw Khali win the World Heavyweight Title. Then the first time Khali holds up the title upside down, another 5% followed.
  7. Its shit like this that made me stop watching RAW and Smackdown, now all I do is read the results, because regardless of how bad things have gotten, I'm still a fan. I agree with that 100%. I stopped watching Wrestling for awhile cause the product at the time was garbage. I would always follow the results though for sure.
  8. Holy shit. Stop throwing that word around. Everytime the WWE wanted to do something with him....he got injured Do yourself a favor. Educate yourself on the term "Buried" then come back here.
  9. It's all good if you don't like GotG but god damn it don't sit there and bitch about it "It was an alright movie" or not funny at all. MCU reflects HEAVILLY off their comics for stories for the movies. If you don't have a little knowledge of the comic book storylines then of course you're not really going to appreciate the blockbuster that is GotG and a talking raccoon making jokes and swearing at people that's ten times taller than he is. Plus Chris Pratt was an AWESOME Star Lord and the 80's soundtrack was that much more epic. Try picking up a comic book next time.
  10. That's our ray of light right there. But let's not forget, Vince also claimed to have liked Punk and we all know what happened with that.
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