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  1. I don't know if any of you have been checking out : East of West from Image 5 Ghosts from Image or Atomic Robo by Red 5 Comics All three are just astounding titles that are something different from what Marvel or DC are putting out. It may be something you'd like to check out.
  2. Dude! Flash is my favorite DC character... I'd recommend : Flash: Rebirth by Geoff Johns Flash: The Secret of Barry Allen by Geoff Johns (To really understand it, however, you need to read Identity Crisis; which ties into it. If you haven't read Identity Crisis... stop what you are doing, go out and get it now. It is one of the most emotional and well told DC stories ever written) Flash: Terminal Velocity Those are all great reads... Two deal with Wally West, but tie in with Barry Allen perfectly. I'm in love with the New 52 Flash series... You could check out that current run. Both graphic novels should be out shortly.
  3. My Braves look pretty damn good this year.
  4. Starfire is ok as a character now... Sort of eye candy for the Red Hood title, but I'm hoping it will develope into something a little more meaningful.
  5. I can see that, but then they all seem to be coming back together with the death of Damian. The most recent Red Hood issue really cements Bruce and Jason reconciling. Nightwing and Bruce are strained, but I think that has more to do with the circus disolving and his personal life being in shambles. The fact that Bruce has let Alfred go on vacation is significant, but we'll have to see how that plays out.
  6. I don't know if any of you have checked out East to West (by Image), but I really like the premise and artwork. Requim (the death of Damian Wayne) is frustrating on many levels for me: 1) He was growing into an interesting character and his death seems forced. 2) The Batman titles just had "Death of the Family" crossover where no one died and then they kill Damian about a month later? 3) While his death was heroic, I still don't see how Leviathan is the type of villan that deserves that type of comic moment. His history isn't appealing to me and the title hasn't done a proper build up for full dramatic effect. Aquaman is still a kick-ass title for those of you not checking it out.The Throne of Atlantis was a damn fine a story and the aftermath seems equally compelling.
  7. Death of the Family was a good story, but the end was a tad disappointing. I was expecting...well, um...something more. Not to say I didn't enjoy the build. I did. I just thought the ending would be more revealing and it almost was. If Bats would have just said it or if Joker would have finally revealed it.
  8. Emporer Penguin was Cobblepot's assistant that wrested control of Penguin's orginization in his absence. The mafia-type story they are weaving appeals to me. I'm terrified that Alfred's head is under that platter, but I it can't be. Bruce needs Alfred.... maybe Gordon? Flash in the New 52 has not been exceptional, but he will always be my favorite DC hero. The title is solid, the art is unique and Barry Allen is just a guy I can relate to on a personal level. If you find Rebirth (an old Flash gn), Id recomend it. Hawkman was canceled today. It was by no means a flagship title, but I liked the way it was going.
  9. I'm not sure I agree with you about Detective. I've liked how Emperor Penguin has been developed. It definitely stresses the crime aspect of Gotham. The upcoming League of Smiles looks like it has potential. It is, by far, one of the lesser Bat Titles, in my opinion, but I like the art better than Batman and Robin. I've always been a Flash guy. I don't know if you keep up with it, but the Grodd storyline has been pretty cool.
  10. I've ben hard-core into DC for quite some time now... I have the entire New 52 runs of Batman The Dark Knight Detective Comics Batman and Robin Red Hood and the Outlaws Suicide Squad Justice League Aquaman Flash Savage Hawkman Talon Nightwing I'm reasonably happy with all of them... Death of the Family has been outstanding. I love everything about it.
  11. I want to get into modern day DC... (Marvel was what I read growing up, but I'm just not fancying the new stuff.) I've got all the Green Lantern Ring/Spectrum War trades and Darkest Night; so I'm familar with GL and enjoy whats going on there. Collecting GL, GL Corps, Red Lanterns and maybe Gree Lantern New Gurdians (haven't heard anything on the last one.) sounds like something I might enjoy and follow... The Batman titles all look good. (including Red Hood and Nightwing) JL, Aquaman, Flash (always my favorite DC charcter), Hawkman, Suicide Squad and StormWatch all draw me in as well.... Stormwatch was a favorite when it was an Image title and The Authority is one of my favorite comic series ever... It is VERY different since the reboot, however. I don't know... I'm going to collect 5 titles and I'm still trying to decide which ones.... I'll spend this and next month buying a few trades covering the the first 7 issues and make a desiscion. Outside of DC... Atomic Robo is outsatnding. The old Conan Dark Horse trades draw me in and hold me. I don't even consider Preacher a comic. Its so well written it should be on HBO.
  12. So here I am a 38 year old father of 2, deciding to give comics another shot.... The whole 90s comic explosion turned me sour on them and I vowed to never waste my money on spin-off titles again... While in Iraq on my second deployment, a battle buddy started loaning me his graphic novels and the bug started biting; just a little.... Then I finally got stationed here and Balitmore and saw him again (he's out of the Army now) and started going through his collection... Devoured comic after comic, broke out my old ones, borrowed from some of my Soldiers and just all around got the fever. I was a Marvel guy growing up, but the universe is so dicked up and different from what I remeber I've hopped on the New 52 and have been quite happy. I'm currenlty buying the graphic novels while decide what titles I want to follow... They are all good jumping off points to get a feel for what they are going to be like. I own... Justice League (loved it) Detective Comics (loved it) Batman (tip top) Batman and Robin (decent) Suicide Squad (like it a lot) Stormwatch (not sure) Aquaman (awsome) Green Lanturn (loved it) Green Lanturn Corp (my favorite) Firestorm (meh) Green Arrow (meh ) I'm hoping to find a core of 5 or 6 titles and collect from there. There is an awsome comic store in Annapolis that is thrilled that I've dropped 150 bones each trip and seems set on taking all my expendable cash. Any suggestions, remarks, cracks?
  13. I'm not hating "fatter" Steen. He sort of has that Dick Murdock feel to him. I'd hate for him to go "Samoa Joe" and get too big to work effectivly, but he seems just as fluid in the ring as ever.
  14. Scues me... Hes a former marine officer... I trained a lot at the home of MACP in Fort Benning. He came for a visit and we got to train with him. Very cool guy. Not a rascist in the least. He hung out with everyone. Very easy to talk with.
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