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    Austin 3:16.. and Christian.
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    Lupe Fiasco, Black Star and Nas.
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    WWE and NJPW
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    Curb your enthusiasm and Breaking Bad

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    Rap/Rock, Football, Basketball, Wrestling and girls.
  1. Brock/Orton/Batista would only be worth watching if we got to see Brock beat the hell out of both of them for 20 minutes.
  2. HHH, Bieber and 50 Cent are all part of Team Mayweather.
  3. Really questioning why they opened the show with the Bravados and Future Shock. The match was good, but not something I would book on the first show in a major market.. To be honest, the show wasn't that good. But I do understand that it was their first show, and I am optimistic for the future.
  4. Welcome to Caws.ws Matt, hope you enjoy it!
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