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    Games, Tv, music, wrestling, playing instruments

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  1. Now i'd like to know why I have to accounts
  2. It's been confirmed you can put it sideways just fine
  3. You don't need those species for the achievement
  4. I don't understand the inclusion of new Austin and so, it's barely used. Even armadillo is a cholera filled shit hole
  5. Resident evil remake and 0. 0 is hard as shit, probably the hardest RE game I've played.
  6. Damn I didn't know it could do all that. Do mind that only like 7 game support smartglass, all of which where released in 2013
  7. It served a companion app, as generation stated, it could be used by developers for many things. In dead rising it serves a as a map, to do list, call in airstrikes and even answer in game phone calls
  8. Dead rising 3 Using the smart glass app. Anyone remember when Don said that every game on the X1 would use smart glass?
  9. Sony won't allow it, they are too arrogant and have forgotten the "for gamers" motto
  10. I see the appeal in mowing down thousands of minions, Is kind of fun and empowering, an as it requires little skill, it ain't stressful or anything. It's pretty decent t. What I don't understand is how they got away with those graphics, like, they are really bad. And the CG cutscenes look like something out of the original xbox
  11. My throat infection seems to be healing perfectly, shoulder and feet don't hurt as much as before and I finally finished all the jazz relating to my military service. Life is good
  12. They should've remade Conker BFD and slapped it onto Conker live and reloaded, keeping the war multiplayer. Some games just don't age well
  13. Game is pretty short, but decent. I consider it to be a demo or small preview of Phantom Pain. Was still outrageous that it was realeased with a $30 tag tho
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