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  1. Bought them back in january but I'm currently playing through all Yakuza games (chronologically), currently in Yakuza 4. The series is so good an ridiculous and yet the serious main storyline retains credibility.
  2. Now i'd like to know why I have to accounts
  3. It's been confirmed you can put it sideways just fine
  4. You don't need those species for the achievement
  5. I don't understand the inclusion of new Austin and so, it's barely used. Even armadillo is a cholera filled shit hole
  6. Resident evil remake and 0. 0 is hard as shit, probably the hardest RE game I've played.
  7. Damn I didn't know it could do all that. Do mind that only like 7 game support smartglass, all of which where released in 2013
  8. It served a companion app, as generation stated, it could be used by developers for many things. In dead rising it serves a as a map, to do list, call in airstrikes and even answer in game phone calls
  9. Dead rising 3 Using the smart glass app. Anyone remember when Don said that every game on the X1 would use smart glass?
  10. I love "real" food too much to ever call pizza the "best food ever". Pizza is cool when you're lazy and cheap..when you're hanging out with friends, or there's a party. But a man needs to eat some real damn food. Pizza doesn't fit that bill. Well shit man, when you do it yourself it definitely fits the bill
  11. I'll second this. And I drink pretty much anything. Hell, I'll even drink Heineken if I have to. But it's a terrible beer. Just skunked and generally not good at all. There's nothing else that tastes like Heineken, and that isn't a good thing. Not a fan of Stella Artois either. I've drank hundreds, maybe even thousands of different beers...and those two fall at the very bottom of my list. Which is funny, since they're widely portrayed as "fancy" beers. Stella Artois is a hell of a lot palatable than Heineken tho
  12. Sony won't allow it, they are too arrogant and have forgotten the "for gamers" motto
  13. Yei because its fun to grind the same missions over and over and over. I hope the game industry takes Gta V direction forever
  14. Lol @ people who think that having micro transactions in a game that's still 60 bucks even when it was released 4 years ago. Anyway is pretty obvious that they are willing to do everything to get you to guy those damn shark cards, T2 ceo explicitly said that they are not making enough money from users. Greedy *censored*s and dumbass shills
  15. So says the guy who feels the need to interject his incoherent thoughts into almost each and every video game related thread. Do me a favor, and put me on your ignore list... my five year old niece has a better grasp on reality than you do. Have fun grinding 20 hours for a car and another 40 to upgrade it, or better yet, spend 60 bucks to get 8 million dollars in the game that already costed you 60 bucks.
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