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  1. Cowboy/Miller slated for UFC Fight Night 44 in New Jersey. I just got a stiffy.
  2. It makes a lot of sense. Lazlow is one of the writers for the game's script (providing lines for NPCs and political satire); and deals with the radio side of development. So, it's natural for him to come back every edition, compared to voice actors for other characters which may cost a lot more and whatever. Plus, Lazlow isn't that much of a major character, so it doesn't really matter that much.
  3. If it were to happen, WSOF fighters would definitely come out on top in most of them. The most intriguing fight for me is Spong/(Ghost of) Rampage.
  4. I want Shogun to submit him with the leglock he's been trying for the last damn years he's been in the UFC.
  5. If Diaz whoops GSP's ass, it'll be hilarious...mainly because people in the Bell Centre will riot.
  6. *censored* y'all talking shit about Jon Jones. He is greatness.
  7. You know that Skyrim 'arrow-to-the-knee' meme? Well, I thought we could have a Tito Ortiz 'shot-to-the-body' meme!
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