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  1. Breezango Adam Cole Finn Balor Io Shirai Karrion Kross Cameron Grimes
  2. Crazy.

    WWE Drama

    Never really cared about Naomi. I mean, she's decent in the ring and all but beyond that I'm not sure what's special about her. She has no standout qualities and there are about four other performers on Smackdown itself I'd rather see pushed. Admittedly, that karaoke segment was cringe but that's typical WWE for you.
  3. Seth Rollins Bray Wyatt Asuka Bayley Apollo Crews New Day Drew McIntyre (Extreme Rules Match)
  4. Thought season 3 of Dark was the weakest among all, but still a strong final season. Episode 7 was absolutely bonkers and one of, if not the best of the whole series.
  5. ^ Same. Absolutely loved The Bar. One of my favorite tag teams in recent years. Would have been so much better than Cesaro & Nakamura.
  6. Nah, it's really not an outlandish statement. Taker/HBK II really wasn't all that great imo. I think people have fond memories of that match mainly because it was Michaels' last. For me, it wasn't even the best match at WrestleMania 26. Now, 'Taker/HBK I... that's a whole different argument. That was most definitely a 5-star match and one of the greatest in history. Don't get me wrong, II was great too, it absolutely was. But that's all it was imo, not close to being an absolute standout in the way their match the year before was.
  7. Edge/Orton @ Backlash > 'Taker/HBK @ WM 26
  8. Maguire is absolutely awful and nothing will ever convince me otherwise. The less said about Daniel James, the better.
  9. Crazy.

    WWE Drama

    Not sure if this was posted. Not even sure whether kayfabe or not lol. She later deleted the tweet.
  10. Another underrated legendary match, from 2010. Involving the GOATs.
  11. Tf, you're Shawn?! What happened to your old account?

  12. Willows my man, how ya doin' bruh

  13. Crazy.

    WWE Drama

    *censored*ing hell, I'm legit pissed off reading that. State of some of these "fans" man. What an awful human being.
  14. Edge Sheamus Asuka Apollo Crews Drew McIntyre Boss 'n' Hug Connection Braun Strowman Viking Raiders
  15. Crazy.

    WWE Drama

    For real though, the #AllLivesMatter lot are bottom of the barrel. Incredibly dense and impossible to reason with. Love Sami for that tweet.
  16. Crazy.

    WWE Drama

    He didn't exactly "react" though. He was asked about it in an interview so obviously had to say something to clear the air. He's said or done nothing since Punk took that shot at him. I can understand where Punk's coming from but he needs to understand that not everyone has to go public with something that's bit of a burning topic. I know Styles can get the message across to a large number of people if he comes out in support of the protests but, really, it's his choice. I'd understand if he actually made some disparaging comments on the matter but he didn't. I respect Punk for his stand but don't agree with him going after AJ because, let's face it, even if Styles does say something, it's going to accomplish absolutely nothing. It goes way deeper than any tweet or show of support can resolve.
  17. I just hope she doesn't say yes when you ask her if she likes Lesnar
  18. Only love Jiggy my brother


  19. Yeah, seeing that fat piece of shit get his ass wrecked was pretty cool.
  20. Raquel, Candice, Dakota Finn Balor Karrion Kross Keith Lee Charlotte Velveteen Dream
  21. Also, that storyline was the last time Big Show was cool. He turned into the most insufferable piece of turd after joining the Authority.
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