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  1. Holy shit man Ole sucks HARD. Not tactics or system whatsoever. Also doesn't help that his bias towards the English players is so evident and outright pathetic.
  2. You still alive *Censored*?

    1. Crack.


      YES *Censored*

  3. Ashley Young is the worst footballer on the planet. Just thought I'd leave that here.
  4. Alexis Sanchez perhaps our worst-ever transfer factoring in everything. Been absolute horse shit since signing and the massive wages he's on is proving to be a massive pain in the ass in our negotiations with De Gea over a new contract. Not to mention, it's gonna get real ugly when it's time to offer Pogba a new contract. Raiola is going to make it miserable.
  5. Forgot to post my predictions ffs, I'm so *censored*ing retarded
  6. John Cena Undertaker Jeff Hardy AJ Styles Cedric Alexander Bludgeon Brothers Bray Wyatt & Matt Hardy Seth Rollins Brock Lesnar Braun Strowman
  7. TakeOver Tommaso Ciampa Shayna Baszler Aleister Black EC3 Undisputed Era WrestleMania Cedric Alexander Andre The Giant Battle Royal: Elias Women's Battle Royal: Becky Lynch Angle & Ronda Owens & Zayn Nia Jax Asuka Roman Reigns Shinsuke Nakamura Braun Strowman & Neville The Usos Finn Balor Rusev
  8. Becky & Naomi Shinsuke Nakamura The Usos Charlotte Randy Orton AJ Styles
  9. Anderson & Gallows Matt Hardy Asuka The Bar Roman Reigns Alexa Bliss Order of elimination:
  10. I chose Alicia Fox as one of the first two entrants but she's out of the match now so if possible, I'd like to change my pick to Nikki Bella.
  11. Takeover: Velveteen Dream Undisputed Era Aleister Black Shayna Baszler Johnny Gargano Royal Rumble: Metalik/Kalisto/Dorado The Revival Bobby Roode (Mahal to be the challenger) Rollins & Jordan AJ Styles Brock Lesnar The Usos (Fall 1 - Gable & Benjamin Fall 2 - The Usos Fall 3 - The Usos) Men's Rumble winner: Roman Reigns Women's Rumble winner: Asuka
  12. Mojo Rawley The Bludgeon Brothers Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn AJ Styles The Usos Charlotte Bobby Roode
  13. I predicted Paige to be the last member of Team Smackdown as well as to be the final elimination but since Nattie was confirmed as the fifth before the show, do I still get the bonus point for predicting the elimination order of the 'fifth member', so to speak, correctly? I should imo.
  14. Would we still be getting points if Paige replaces someone in the team?
  15. TakeOver: Aleister Black Lars Sullivan Undisputed Era Drew McIntyre Peyton Royce Survivor Series: Enzo Amore The Shield Charlotte Brock Lesnar The Miz The Usos Men's 5-on-5: Team RAW Sole Survivor - Triple H Order of elimination: Roode Balor Joe Shane Angle Nakamura Orton Strowman Cena Women's 5-on-5: Team RAW Sole Survivor - Asuka Smackdown's 5th member - Paige Order of Elimination: Alicia Fox Carmella Tamina Nia Jax Naomi Bayley Becky Sasha Paige
  16. Big fan of your newly found ruthlessness. Rustling insecure diva apologists >>>

  17. Sasha Banks Asuka AJ Styles Kendrick/Gallagher Ambrose/Rollins/Angle Alexa Bliss Enzo Amore
  18. Gable/Shelton Bobby Roode Randy Orton Kevin Owens Charlotte AJ Styles Shinsuke Nakamura New Day
  19. Finn Balor Roman Reigns Neville The Miz Ambrose & Rollins Brock Lesnar Alexa Bliss Elias
  20. World class performance by me.
  21. Aleister Black Johnny Gargano Authors of Pain Ember Moon Bobby Roode New Day Finn Balor Baron Corbin Randy Orton Big Cass Ambrose & Rollins Alexa Bliss Naomi Akira Tozawa Shinsuke Nakamura AJ Styles Brock Lesnar Hardys & Jason Jordan
  22. Called it lol. Ended up being the latter.
  23. Either my predictions are gonna end up being a masterstroke or an absolute disaster. There's no inbetween.
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