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    WWE Drama

    Tbf Kofi is a better example than Sasha if we're going down that route. Pushed to the side just because their golden boy Orton threw a hissy fit, finally won the WWE Championship almost a decade after that incident only to carry it for 6 months and then get squashed by Lesnar in seconds. And forget all about it from the next week like nothing happened.
  2. CM Punk sucked with factions. SES and New Nexus were both trash imo. When on his own, he was greatness.
  3. Prem back June 17. Not sure if it's the right decision but I'm selfishly happy.
  4. They dropped the ball so many times on him, it's crazy. Nexus, Barrett Barrage, BNB... he got a serious push during all those times so that's an indication that they saw his potential, but why they decided to just give up on him after coming so far every single time will forever remain a mystery.
  5. You know what an incredibly underrated character was? Bad News Barrett. Loved everything about it. I liked Barrett throughout his time in WWE but that was easily his best work. Still pisses me off that he didn't have a single world title reign.
  6. Goldberg, man... Hate that dude with a burning passion. Every time he steps into the ring, he either ruins something good or drops an absolute stinker, or both. Beat Lesnar for absolutely no reason, beat Owens for the Universal title only to lose it to Lesnar for absolutely no reason, beat Fiend for the title for absolutely no reason. He never puts anyone over who is actually in need of it. The only exception is Braun, and that's only because Reigns needed to back out. Dreadful in-ring performances, dreadful promos, dreadful booking. He is quite easily the most pointless part-timer they've ever had.
  7. Honestly, I had more of a problem with 'Taker losing at 'Mania for a second time, to Reigns. It just made a mockery of how special it was for Lesnar to end the streak. Everything - from the 20+ year old streak to Lesnar breaking it - was rendered pointless to me the moment Reigns beat him.
  8. Undertaker's streak is one of the biggest *Censored*-ups in history. I was strongly against Lesnar breaking it but even if I do give it a pass, it feels like such an afterthought with everything that went down afterwards. I maintain that he should have retired after losing because he was clearly a mess physically and it showed in his matches. But the straw that broke the camel's back for me was the decision to have him lose to Reigns a couple of years later. It was utterly pointless and negated how significant the feat of Lesnar being the one to finally beat him at 'Mania was intended to be. Not to mention, it was an absolutely dreadful match which 'Taker was in no shape to compete in. Fast forward to now and he missed 'Mania altogether last year and it honestly feels like the streak never even mattered now for a variety of reasons (his physical shape, having him lose twice etc). I never wanted the streak to end but if it did, I always wanted it remain a feat that had drastic implications and have a never-before-never-again aura to it. Maybe I'm being biased, but I'm not just sure what it did for Lesnar either that couldn't have been accomplished without having him end the streak.
  9. I know most people didn't care about Cesaro's US title reign but I personally loved it. He held it for long, defended it consistently, got ample mic time, and had a proper character at the time to go with it. Man, I really thought he was destined for big things after winning the ATG Battle Royal in 2014. What a pointless lump of shit that whole concept turned out to be.
  10. Not sure what the general consensus on him is but Corbin still bores the crap out of me. I just can't get into anything he does - his matches, promos, his king gimmick, whatever. inb4hesdoingagoodjobofbeingaheel
  11. I see where you're coming from. I usually like her too, but it's their routinely obsession with force feeding her the title and involving her in everything important in the division that sours me up on her.
  12. Not taking NXT into consideration, Edge/Orton is WWE's best match of the year thus far.
  13. Jeff Hardy R-Truth Bayley Braun Strowman Drew McIntyre The New Day AJ Styles Shayna Baszler
  14. In 2 months time, Tamina would have been in WWE for a full decade. Blows my mind that someone as tragic as her manged to last this long without ever being released.
  15. Obviously. I was just speaking in the WWE context.
  16. Another talented tag team down the drain as the senile old fool *censored*s up again.
  17. It's almost a guarantee at this point that the season wouldn't resume. I believe the date they've given for resuming is actually the date on which they'll reassess as to what needs to be done, because the 14-day quarantine period for any affected player/manager is a must and if it clashes with said date, you'll have all the other members of the club in self-isolation too during that time. It just isn't going to happen, especially when you also consider that the virus is expected to peak in April.
  18. Null and void it. Only fair outcome imo
  19. Beyond criminal how much they managed to misuse Harper
  20. Same. *censored*ing love Riddle. Everything about him.
  21. Ole is the worst manager in football history.
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