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  1. I wish he was canon instead of whiny Vegeta. But whiny Vegeta gave us TFS Vegeta, and not having TFS Vegeta would be a travesty.
  2. The only real big deal with Broly is that he has access to Zenkai like the other saiyans. He has the potential to get stronger than say, Cell or Buu, but we never see him do so.
  3. Perfect Cells theme is pretty iconic too. As for Krillin, I don't care for him in DBZ, but in DBZ Abridged he is the best character evar.
  4. Exactamundo. Story mode trumps modes like that any time.
  5. Still can't believe Taka is in a legit DBZ game. Gonna pit a created fighter with his voice against Nappa, absolutely.
  6. And if you're one of the people willing to emulate, it still doesn't work out to well since at least on PS2 emulators, it's not a perfect process. Seriously, I really hope this happens.
  7. I would buy it in a heartbeat. at full friggin price.
  8. I don't mind the smaller roster TOO much as long as the gameplay is good. In my opinion we haven't had a good DBZ game since Raging Blast 1 and it's time for the series to return to form.
  9. That place is way too hostile and stupid to be a community, so much as a bunch of cavemen throwing their excrement around. Although sometimes it's fun to piss one of em off and get em going. Its always hilarious to see them devolve in to a frothing at the mouth illiterate tirade when you speak to them with proper logic, grammar, and punctuation.
  10. So special and energy attacks are split in to two different bars? I like that.
  11. temporary transformations wouldn't be too bad, but 30 seconds isn't nearly enough.
  12. That's what really infuriated me. I had my best friend over after the game released to have some fights with him in the game, and we ended up spending most of the night groaning as we tried to unlock characters to use. Also, I actually haven't payed too much attention to Xenoverse. What's this about there being less characters and no transformations? Am I missing somethin here?
  13. The Raging Blast series was really good imo. Raging Blast 1 was good. Raging Blast 2 just wasn't worth it, since the closest thing to a story mode was a cheap and half-assed "galaxy mode" (AKA challenge mode)
  14. Wow, the stupid almost makes me want to be a Reigns fan... almost.
  15. Didn't we all. I... well, I bought it. gods save my soul, I bought it.
  16. Good monkey-lovin god, I can't wait for the day where basic intelligence tests are required before being allowed access to the web. Wrestling fans got a bad enough rep already without these people draggin us down. Surprised no one has called Roman Ramen Rains yet.
  17. Awesome, will make sure to have enough cash in my PSN account when it launches.
  18. So i'm reading on Wiki that the NA release is on the 27th of february, that correct?
  19. The generator that summons the bloater, right?
  20. I've heard that, but I've never actually seen it. I'm going through each series as it was released for now, so next would be... Zeta gundam, I think.
  21. Watching the original gundam series. Some of the writing is corny as *Censored*.
  22. This shit under ever WWE YouTube video Oh gods, I know exactly who it is you're talking about too. Honestly, It's hard to tell whether he's just a troll or legit means the stupid shit he says.
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