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  1. As a custom Sideplates aficionado, those patch notes makes me sad.
  2. Noticed any Noticed any fix? Custom Sideplates, universe stable entrances, moonsault bug, tag team finishers in universe, etc...?
  3. So.... Is create a tractor finally a real possibility??
  4. I can't wait to see the new models.
  5. Tbh considering that most people I like got released, I think that there will not be a "next game" for me.
  6. "Button mashing is back y'all" I'm still pissed when I remember that lynel said this like it was supposed to be a good thing.
  7. You can put people in kneeling positions... When they are seating, move the analog left or right.....
  8. I hate that I've got to save all changes I did again (movesets and celebration) because i just created an universe save and the universe don't recognize any change I made unless I save it on "universe slot 1" Wth..... If only a certain YouTuber haven't screwed so badly with the movesets... I would only have to save the celebrations.
  9. Oh well... Big righteous strikes again!!!
  10. And I must add that two of Ilja taunts don't work for nothing here (ps4)... They work fine on the create a moveset, but during the match they appears as Cesaro's and Bret Hart taunts
  11. I've put the corner running splash as his second signature but can't use it
  12. Here's my weekly reminder that big righteous sucks. I lost so much time fixing the movesets this year u.u
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