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  1. Cops in the Floyd situation should definitely be punished to the highest extent. No excuse for it and any cop that was there and could of stopped the cop that was kneeling on his neck has blood on their hands too. Its also sad to see people are apparently looting and burning buildings. I get the outrage but you're only hurting your local community by doing this.
  2. So what are people making of this Joe Biden - Sexual Assault allegations? Do you believe him? Do you still hold the "believe all women" motto? *Side Note* Speaking of Biden. It was 9 years ago today that Osama Bin Laden was killed and Biden was the only member of Obama's cabinet to object to the Navy Seal raid.
  3. Who are you hoping they grab? Wondering if they'll be looking to trade back like the Lions.
  4. Gronk to the Bucs. NFL Draft on Thursday. Lets Go.
  5. I know Obama just endorsed him but someone really needs to convince Biden to step down. It's actually sad to watch, and I legit mean that. If we have debates Trump is going to eat him alive.
  6. How is it BS? It's not like the numbers are made up. We should only look at charts that make the US look bad? Why not look at both to make a judgement? Here's another one, similar to the other posted: And do you really believe China didn't lie or hasn't lied? The US Intelligence seems to be saying otherwise: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-04-01/china-concealed-extent-of-virus-outbreak-u-s-intelligence-says
  7. First, can we all agree that when you say "most cases of the virus out all countries" it should have an asterisk? Clearly China is first but they have lied about everything including the number of their people infected and have died from it. Secondly, I don't think its crazy or unfair to also (keyword) look at these numbers by dividing by population size to show prevalence. As you an see in this chart:
  8. Sounds like he was just having fun with the reporter. But is this Tiger King worth watching? I feel like the only person besides Trump that hasn't seen it. Facebook is flooded with memes about him and his wife that maybe fed someone to a tiger?
  9. I have a feeling you won't be alone. But I agree with most everything you said. Even Nancy Pelosi who I don't like (yet don't wish Corona on) wanted no part of the impeachment. She only did so because some of the newer members of her party pressured her into it.
  10. I was talking about your second line in regards to November being a long way off. And I'm sorry if my comments about looking forward to the election hurt you. Would you rather I hope Trump gets Corona like others here? Comments aside though, the Democrats had 4 years to plan for this election. They failed with blaming Russia, they failed with impeachment. And in those 4 years they thought that a 77 year old politician, with a clear case of dementia, who can't keep his hands to himself. Was the best choice to put against Trump. Go figure.
  11. "4 more years of Trump, then." were you words. I essentially agreed with you and you are still arguing with me?
  12. Been predicting 4 more years of Trump along with Trump Vs Biden for the past couple years. Not shocked. This thread is going to be so fun to watch on Election night though. I hope to see you all there.
  13. How did I present it as a bad thing? I simply added a link in regards to something M3J posted. You decided to jump to your own conclusions about how I felt based on your already formed opinion of me. I thought M3J might like to see it since he's been saying how Trump needs to do this and the Republicans need to do that. Surely both he and you will comment on your dislike for the Democrats now. But anyway a big fan of the idea, certainly not a fan of socialism. But something happening for 1-2 months is different than something happening for a lifetime. For example I'm against Socialism but I'm also ok with someone getting unemployment if they need it for a couple months. I
  14. Did I say I was? Wouldn't be putting words in my mouth now would you Gen?
  15. Right now the Democrats are blocking any kind of money being sent to people. https://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/18/refusal-pelosi-consider-universal-cash-payments-response-coronavirus-pandemic
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