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  1. Didn't find Negan as scary as I did intimidating. Just the fact he can do an say whutever the *Censored* he pleases is something we ain't seen yet.
  2. Guts were spilling everywhere. I am fuming. Nic was kinda on top, not positive though.
  3. They have all seasons of Supernatural up? I was kind of turned off by the fact it's only 6 episodes but I've watched the first one or two & they are pretty nice. I was sad too, but it's been entertaining. I seriously love Peter and Neal's relationship. Only up to Season 9. I watched 10 on TV, it should be up soon though, the new Season begins on October 7th I think.
  4. I've watched Supernatural twice, That 70s Show, SOA, all of Family Guy, all kinds of shit.
  5. Wow somehow managed to make Daryl more badass it seems. Looks awesome as usual.
  6. Then why's it taking so long fer em figure anything out. Was the ball lighter, yes or no? Simple.
  7. That's the thing, if they were deflated it wasn't enough to be noticeable, so I doubt it'd of made a difference.
  8. How stupid do you have to be to believe this? You don't think the officials would notice if the balls were deflated when they would rub em down before plays?
  9. I think the things he didn't make a football move, I.e. stretching, running, spinning, anything a long those lines. When his arm came down the ball popped out.
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