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  1. Cops in the Floyd situation should definitely be punished to the highest extent. No excuse for it and any cop that was there and could of stopped the cop that was kneeling on his neck has blood on their hands too. Its also sad to see people are apparently looting and burning buildings. I get the outrage but you're only hurting your local community by doing this.
  2. So what are people making of this Joe Biden - Sexual Assault allegations? Do you believe him? Do you still hold the "believe all women" motto? *Side Note* Speaking of Biden. It was 9 years ago today that Osama Bin Laden was killed and Biden was the only member of Obama's cabinet to object to the Navy Seal raid.
  3. I know Obama just endorsed him but someone really needs to convince Biden to step down. It's actually sad to watch, and I legit mean that. If we have debates Trump is going to eat him alive.
  4. Sounds like he was just having fun with the reporter. But is this Tiger King worth watching? I feel like the only person besides Trump that hasn't seen it. Facebook is flooded with memes about him and his wife that maybe fed someone to a tiger?
  5. I have a feeling you won't be alone. But I agree with most everything you said. Even Nancy Pelosi who I don't like (yet don't wish Corona on) wanted no part of the impeachment. She only did so because some of the newer members of her party pressured her into it.
  6. I was talking about your second line in regards to November being a long way off. And I'm sorry if my comments about looking forward to the election hurt you. Would you rather I hope Trump gets Corona like others here? Comments aside though, the Democrats had 4 years to plan for this election. They failed with blaming Russia, they failed with impeachment. And in those 4 years they thought that a 77 year old politician, with a clear case of dementia, who can't keep his hands to himself. Was the best choice to put against Trump. Go figure.
  7. "4 more years of Trump, then." were you words. I essentially agreed with you and you are still arguing with me?
  8. Been predicting 4 more years of Trump along with Trump Vs Biden for the past couple years. Not shocked. This thread is going to be so fun to watch on Election night though. I hope to see you all there.
  9. Do you have a link or video on that? Be curious to check it out because I think Bernie would lose to Trump worse than Biden will. Sure Bernie has his die hard "Bernie Bros". But there aren't even enough of them to beat Biden. Though I did get a laugh out of Bernie Sanders accusing the democrats of voter suppression. Normally something only the Republicans get accused of.
  10. I've been predicting Biden Vs Trump for months. Very predictable how things are playing out. The question isn't if Trump will win in November (he will). The question is if the Republicans will hold the House, Senate and Presidency after November.
  11. Surprised some have Return of the Jedi so low. Is it because of the ewoks? lol Empire Strikes Back Return of the Jedi A New Hope The Last Jedi Revenge of the Sith The Force Awakens Attack of the Clones Phantom Menace
  12. Just saw the movie today and really enjoyed it. Couple of thoughts in my head:
  13. I started watching ROH a few years ago and I remember the first match I ever saw was Bryan Danielson Vs Tyler Black. I started to get excited about the product. Watching guys like the above mentioned, Jerry Lynn, Kings of Wrestling, Nigel McGuinness. So why don't I watch anymore? All those guys are gone and ROH isn't completely to blame but how can someone watch the product when as soon as you get a favorite wrestler, that wrestler leaves for WWE or TNA. Also how can you watch ROH when the product is tapped months at a time. You can watch a TV show where X Wrestler is a champion and then watch the PPV and a different wrestler is the champion. Those are my two biggest complaints.
  14. lol Thanks. Besides the Detroit Lions I'm pretty much a NY sports fan on everything else.

  15. Sure I'll make one, give me sometime afternoon tomorrow and I'll make a few so you can pick the one you like best.

  16. No need to get upset buddy. I just had to call you guys out on your statements. I wasn't sure Tebow could win but I told everyone it would be close. That was one hell of a football game.

  17. HaHa good to know. I don't know how it happened living in liberal New York but...O wait, perhaps that had something to do with it :)

  18. Congrats man! I saw your picture and Im wearing the same jersey except mine is Away. Hope to talk to you more in the following weeks. Go Lions!

  19. Jealous you went to the TNA show lol. Still waiting to go to one myself. Did you go to the second taping? I'm trying to avoid spoilers but how was it if you did?

  20. We need to make a wager on this Kurt Angle thing. lol

  21. Yeah I was a little fooled at first but then I started doing my own research. (Imagine that, people doing their own research) and realized that it was a prank. Least we know how people feel about the Miz, if we didn't already lol.

  22. Thanks, Its a shame when people just push Nowinski aside without thinking about it. Especially when Cade at only 29 just died recently because of the stuff Nowinski talked about.

  23. The bet wasn't that he wouldn't return someday, obviously I knew that. The bet was with the people who thought he never got fired in the first place. I can change it though if it means that much to ya lol.

  24. @World Warrior: The bet wasn't that he wouldn't return someday, obviously I knew that. The bet was with the people who thought he never got fired in the first place.

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