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  1. I'm not an achievements guy, so I don't care about trophies. Multiplayer sounds interesting though, being a nice departure from typical multiplayer. Also I think PR only watched the cutscenes on YT because he probably won't be playing it anytime soon. Neither will I, but I'm trying to just wait and not have it spoiled. But I understand his option too, and had thought about doing the same.
  2. Did you watch a walk through? I watched a friend play a chunk of it (a few hours or so), then I watched a video containing every cutscene. I didn't bother watching a walkthrough, as I was mainly just interested in seeing the story line play out. Hey, we are in the same boat here bro. This is the first time I've regretted not having a PS3 too. I watched a friend play it for maybe an hour tops, toward the beginning. I have not watched any cutscene vids though and I'm holding out hope that I'll be able to dodge major spoilers for the next few years before I buy a cheap, second hand PS3 to try it. Anyway, if you're looking for a zombie fix, AND if you love open world sandbox games as much as I do... check out State of Decay. I've heard a lot of people saying they enjoy it more than The Last of Us. I technically haven't played TLOU so I can't say. Zombie themed environments are the ONLY thing they have in common anyways, they play radically different. But State of Decay is awesome. Buggy and glitchy as hell, but follows through on a great concept none the less. I'm more of a sandbox gamer than a linear, story driven gamer though, so that is probably why it appeals to me so much. But SoD features multiple main characters that you switch between and permadeath that cannot be turned off. It makes the game world feel more akin to an actual zombie apocalypse than any game... ever! But it's not the polished, AAA project that the Last of Us is. I do have a question for those who have beaten TLOU... and please, no spoilers. How many hours did it take to beat and would you play through it again? That's my only concern... because often times games that are heavily story driven end up killing the replayability for me at least. I don't doubt that it's a masterpiece. And I don't blame developers for making games that are sort of like interactive media more than just a game, in fact it's cool to see that sort of thing, but I would hate, hate, hate if the industry ever went so far in that direction that we didn't really have any real games anymore. By real games I just mean games that focus on gameplay and fun factor and replay value and just stuff you want to play again and again. I mean Smash Brothers Brawl doesn't have a point to it, nor does it need it in the slightest.
  3. Well, I have to avoid Last of Us spoilers for the next few years before I get around to playing it. You at least have a chance to get through it unspoiled.
  4. I think most games play better on Xbox too. I mentioned before in another thread about the RAM archetecture and that is why games like Skyrim, and Assassin's Creed are more fluid on 360. In general I like Xbox's exclusives more too. I prefer Forza over Gran Turismo, but that one is a toss up. I could care less for Killzone. I like Halo and Gears a whole ton more and most people agree. Uncharted looks really cool though. Exclusives are kind of split like others have said, it all comes down to personal preference. I'm a little upset that I'm going to miss out on The Last of Us though. It's a zombie survival game set in my hometown, and it features difficult moral dilemas for the player. This game is really up my ally. I've heard that the most reviewers are saying it has clunky shooting mechanics... but that aside I'm sure I would still really enjoy this game.as a whole. But I have no plans to buy a PS3 anytime soon. Not with the new consoles coming out soon. I'll likely end up becoming the Last of Us to play the Last of Us... because I'll probably pick up a used PS3 at one of those exchange second hand stores for like $100 a few years down the road.
  5. Fufu should be happy... Fire Ant is on ROH this week against TJ Perkins. Silly costume aside, the fiery one looked quite good in his match. Nigel kept saying he was going for an Alabama Slam though when Fire Ant hoisted TJP up for a Beach Break attempt. C'mon Nigel!
  6. I don't think they had one between those two.
  7. Jay Lethal has it, but that Tommasso Ciampa guy stole Lethal's belt. The TV title, like other TV titles before it has a time limit (I think 15 mins), and they had a 15 min draw at a recent event, but afterwards Ciampa attacked Jay and ran off with his belt. Also, I agree with what you said before that Oliber. Though I feel personally unaffected by it. WWE's hype machine doesn't ruin real wrestling for me, but I realize it does that for some. That said, sometimes ROH can be boring, because some of their talent just don't have interesting gimmicks and/or are not very good on the mic. But they also have some guys very talented in that department. Kevin Steen right now is really saving ROH. I'd check it out every week for the matches. But seeing what Steen is up to is what really hooks me.
  8. You are right about... now. But it used to mean much more than that though. Initially it was a way to show that Ring of Honor was about workrate and providing fair and believable match finishes. Not over-relying on run-ins and various forms of Dusty finishes. No over-reliance on weapons and trying to be all extreme and hardcore either. The Code of Honor represented the heart & soul of Ring of Honor. It was in part a marketing philosophy that ROH used to champion their product as that which made Ring of Honor superior to other competitors. It was like saying, we aren't WWE try hards, we aren't ECW knock offs, we aren't typical indy spot-fests. We are all about old-school, hard hitting, technical wrestling with satisfying results that aren't soaked in melodrama or the booker's fear of putting one top tier wrestler over another in a wrestling match in our company. Then after all of that was well established, it quickly just became a way to easily identify heels and faces. Now it is really nothing more than a pre and post match handshake.
  9. A year! I can't wait a year! I'm going to invent a time machine like Eric Cartman did in the "Go God Go" Southpark episode where he can't wait for Nintendo Wii to come out.
  10. I think he will come back. I hope this doesn't constitute a spoiler since I imagine everyone had the chance to watch this... but after the show in the "preview for next week" there is another redneck dude in that other camp of people yelling at them for his leaving his brother behind. I am assuming he meant the dude on the roof. Even if that is the case, well the guy could be dead... but I would imagine that they wouldn't have tied the character to another character unless they wanted to do more with him... nah mean. Still they could do something as simple as just have him turn up as an easily identifiable zombie in a future episode, or maybe he is still alive...
  11. Decent pilot episode. Was cool, but didn't really break any new ground. Buuuut... that is the beauty of this being a series and not just a 2 hour movie. If it was just another movie, then the "familiar territory" setup that Paperthinwalls mentioned would've taken up like half the film... but now that they established the setting and main characters and got all that good stuff out of the way, they can move the series away from totally predictable territory. Looking forward to this one.
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