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  1. Laughed at this. Someone said no wonder why Everything is still destroyed and in ruins 200 years later in Fallout 3. The crazy *censored*ers over in Virginia keep nuking everything.
  2. People thinking it's a New Vegas sequal because of the Lucky 38 casino and 38x2 is 76 lol.
  3. Great, a whole game based around the one mechanic I hated from 4 the base building.
  4. I'm just hoping for a regular Fallout game that happens to be online. With quests, creatures, location all that stuff. I pray to god it's not a Battle Royal type game.
  5. It would be awesome to play online with a buddy (Ernez) and explore the waistland together, but I've always wondered how VATS would work in a multiplayer game. If you go into VATS and are about to shoot something and your friend is about to shoot the same thing would it slow down for them? of if you chose your friend as a target what would happen in there game?
  6. Apparently there is heavy speculation it could be an Online game.
  7. Yeah and 59 years before Fallout 1 so the earliest same in the franchise.
  8. On the Pip boy it says "Oct 27, 2102". So only 20 or so years after the bombs drop.
  9. Bethesda posted the first teaser trailer for there latest entrant into the Fallout franchise. Fallout 76
  10. The Tournament of Power arc is good but way to long. Like a season and half of fighting.
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