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Vii Kay Oh

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    Rock. Angle. Hogan.
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    Army. Other shit.
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    Vii Kay Oh
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    New Orleans
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    Puttin' up points.
  1. This finale.. I don't think I'm ready-
  2. ..Best episode of anything I've ever seen in my life-
  3. This season has been perfect. PERFECT- Tf, how?He says hey to his neighbors all series. Aside from saying it post-shit hitting the fan, how is it just not an over exaggerated line?
  4. Why the *Censored* is his face so squinched up? Like, all small and shit? Awkward-
  5. Someone online got a hold of the future episodes and released some shit..Dunno how, AMC must have a dickhead on staff-
  6. The 'Created Wrestler A' (A-Z) jumps a superstar you're facing to take his place in the matvh. Each of the 26 come with a new moveset, etc. SmackDown! 2-
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