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  1. Lol you say these lower NXT guys wont sell DLC, but Pat's podcast buddies who no ones ever heard of will sell a DLC pack? lol makes no sense. They're selling the game to WWE fans, and a big chunk of WWE fans watch NXT and want current NXT guys in the game, not Pat's buddies. Sure Pat can put over the game on his podcast or whatever, but dudes who listen that don't play WWE games aint gonna buy it cause he promotes it, people that already buy the games are the ones whos gonna buy it, Pat aint talking any new people into buying anything.
  2. As i said Sol Ruca's finisher alone would sell to alot of fans, a ton of fans just want more moves and alot want as up to date rosters as possible, they don't care if the NXT wrestlers are stars or their favorites. A pack of NXT wrestlers would sell way more than Pat and his buddies will, i guarantee that. Its not like Pat is The Rock or anything, he's not that big of a star, he has a podcast thats it. And the fact that he had conditions that his buddies had to be in it with him is total bullshit, we could've had Pat plus a few from NXT that didn't make the game, but he had them excluded so his friends could be in it with him that no one will ever use. Thats what rubs me the wrong way, he forced 2K to make the entire pack worthless so his buddies could get a pay day.
  3. Um yeah alot of the NXT people who were left out would sell a pack, besides their new moves they'd bring, alot of fans want updated rosters for their Universe to fill out the cards, and while the NXT wrestlers aint huge stars they would sell more than some podcaster buddies of Pat's no ones ever heard of. Sol Ruca for her finisher alone would sell a pack.
  4. Yeah Pat makes sense, he's wrestled a few times and been with the company a while now, i mean some could say he should've been in the base game by now but him being DLC aint a terrible thing. But yeah the rest of his buddies from his podcast that no one knows being in the pack? hell no, theres no justification for that when we got alot of people you could've put in that, Sol Ruca, Lexis King, Von Wagner, AOP, Elektra Lopez, i mean theres alot i could name thats been in the company a long time at this point that could've been included in that pack.
  5. Oh thats cool, i didn't know you could pull them out of the ring while they're down.
  6. For me its a complete waste, wont even use Pat, as he's only had what 2 matches? i aint got use for him in my Universe. And seriously expecting people to buy a pack of unknown dudes from a podcast is utterly ridiculous, i don't care if they come with some new moves, give me actual wrestlers that should be in the game ffs, i aint paying for some dudes from a podcast.
  7. Has anyone else noticed the AI kicking out of Super Finishers like nothing? I hit Dragunov's Super finisher the H Bomb off the Middle Rope on Damon Kemp who aint got a great overall and he kicked out as if i hit a normal move. I thought 2K was adamant about Super Finisher's being these ultimate game ending moves with a very slim chance of being kicked out of? I played the match 2 or 3 different times and each time my Super Finisher was kicked out of. I spend the whole match building up 3 finishers and it just kicked out of, kinda bullshit. I mean if it only happened rarely fine, but as i said i played the match 3 different times and each time my Super Finisher was kicked out of.
  8. Yeah that may have caused it, seems like a bug thats been there forever if you download a caw while you got a show in progress it scrambles the card and changes matches and sometimes deletes rivalries.
  9. In my experience in Universe Mode if you got a show going on or are in the middle of it if you download anything or edit anyone in the game it kinda screws up the card. I always try and wait to edit anyone or download anything after i've finished a show and before i move on to the next one.
  10. Anyone know how to trigger the hockey fight in trading punches? mine always seem to end with me or the AI winning and one gets knocked down and no hockey fight.
  11. Yes! thats what i've wanted for years is a 99 DDP with the ponytail and silk shirts The poofy mullet DDP is all we ever get and as you said they always screw it up, change it up and give us 1999 DDP as a heel.
  12. Jean Paul was a classic part of Triple H's career, he debuted in WWF with it, its a classic gimmick not really all that random, and neither is Billy Graham. I'm talking about specific one time entrances, theme songs, specific attires, specific models with subtle details like HBK with the stubble from 2009. With Showcase they go into specific details and go the extra mile with the models to replicate the story and match they're recreating. And you act as if Showcase is taking away DLC and other modes or something, its not, its literally just there giving extra attires, entrances, models and arenas on top of DLC and everything else. It holding nothing back honestly, i mean if you hate it just unlock everything in it now with the pass or put it on easy skip cutscenes and zoom through it. And while MyRise and DLC give models, they can only fit so much in those, Showcase is just another mode to be able to include more, so again i really don't understand the outrage.
  13. Yeah dude but be honest when would they ever think if not for showcase "Hmm lets randomly add 2009 HBK and give him the god entrance" or "Hey lets randomly put Stone Cold from WM17 and give him his Disturbed theme" they did it cause they had to put together matches for the mode from WM. Sure they can add whoever they want in various modes, but specific stuff like that really wouldn't even occur to them if they didn't HAVE to include it for Showcase. And its not like it probably even takes up alot of their resources and time, 80% of the matches are clips from actual matches anyways with a few objectives to do that leads into the clips, they don't even mocap for it anymore. I'd hardly say its a big resource hog thats holding other stuff back. I don't get the complaints honestly, we still get DLC packs, MyFaction models, MyRise models on top of the models and stuff from Showcase. So remove a mode that gives them excuses to add more models?
  14. Showcase aint very fun, but its a good excuse to get certain attires, entrances and wrestlers in the game that otherwise wouldn't be. Like 2009 HBK, we would never get that model or that entrance if not for showcase. So it should stay for that imo.
  15. Seems like every ref for me not one in particular, they all have like a delay before they start running over to count, then have like a second delay before they start counting once they're down. Makes winning in multi person matches a real pain.
  16. Man they gotta fix the ref being so slow when going to count the 3, theres is a very noticeable delay in the ref counting. Surely that can't be by design and is gonna be patched right?
  17. Can they not fix Roman's corner Spear? it always hits with his left arm which he never does, been that way since 2K23. Also its the only spear close enough to Bron's but its bugged to hit with the left arm do i can't even really use it.
  18. So you turned Stamina Cost up to 100 and stamina recovery rate to 0 on the sliders?
  19. Yeah i guess, you just gotta be positioned right, took me by surprise too when i crawled for the pin from the legs.
  20. Funny enough i just had a match as HBK a few minutes ago where i did a tired Superkick and kinda crawled from the legs and got a pin
  21. It really is, the stamina system is perfect this game, i love hitting just a standard suplex and you actually stay flat on the mat a minute before being able to get back up, now instead of just finishers having the tired sell regular moves do as well. If they add chain wrestling back as you said it would honestly be the best actual wrestling game to date.
  22. Matches do feel so much smoother, i've had so many cool sequences with the AI in matches that just flow so well, like in this clip, AI is Liv and I'm Raquel.
  23. High Justice is for Dijak. Yeah you just hold down the strike button infront of the opponent, can only occur once a match.
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