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  1. Am i just not seeing it or does Toxic Attraction not have a victory animation in Universe Mode? cause they got an entrance, but they're not listed anywhere in the tag victory animations.
  2. Wow so they actually updated Julius Creed's physique, this patch was freaking great
  3. The new Steiner Line and catching powerslam is perfect for Bron's moveset btw.
  4. So i'm trying to make Hit Row a team in Universe, is there not a trios victory animation for all 3 of them? i got whats the status playable B-Fab in the team but when i go to make the trios victory all i get is the 2 person tag victory animation.
  5. Yeah i see now, damn that does really hurt the detail of attires, hopefully that gets fixed soon.
  6. Not sure what you mean, on my Carmelo Hayes updated attire from gamevolt the logos used to cover up AJ's kickpad logos are still fine.
  7. Thank god the patch finally added Trios entrances selectable in Universe Mode, although Judgement Day's Trios entrance isn't selectable for me.
  8. OMG! Holy shit they actually added the Buckshot Lariat?! YES! Finally Hangman Page caws can feel complete. I thought it was confirmed it wasn't happening this game though?
  9. I wish we could get a proper version of Sean O'Haire's Widow Maker in the game The one we got isn't that accurate, looks more like a reverse Attitude Adjustment. And its outdated as hell, i think its the same animation from Here Comes The Pain where it was first put in the games.
  10. I swear to god one thing i'm absolutely tired of is having to go through an epic 15 plus minute match with a jobber kicking out of multiple finishers. I just had a match as AJ Styles against R Truth, and he was legit all red, hit him with 1 Styles Clash, he kicked out, picked him up hit him with a 2nd one and he kicked out, then hit him with a phenomenal forearm and he kicked out..... I even went and set his stats to next to nothing and made his overall 40, went back in and did the match again and he continued to kick out of all my finishers, i eventually just had to settle with winning with a regular submission cause i could have hit 30 finishers and he would've kicked out, fix your game 2K. Jobbers shouldn't be giving me this much trouble.
  11. Buckshot Lariat is the one big move thats missing, praying that gets added in.
  12. Eh i wouldn't hold my breath on them fixing Universe, i don't see them touching Universe at all, they're gonna continue to patch MyFaction cause that makes them money for whatever reason. So they don't care about Universe, if we had to pay for it i guarantee they'd be patching it every other week like they do MyFaction. I remember in 2K22 with the tag team finisher bug in Universe, patch after patch came out and they never fixed it, they don't give a damn about Universe Mode, they leave it for dead as soon as the game is released.
  13. Just discovered this video of a dude telling you how to fix Universe Mode, as best you can anyways, i've not tried it out personally but i'm definitely gonna do this
  14. Seriously?! Are you kidding me? this aint getting fixed at all then? I'd love an actual explanation as to why that theme can't be used when using an alt attire, i've yet to see a single explanation as to why, they're just like "Cause it can't be used" and thats the only thing we get. If they'd at least come out and say its a bug and they can't figure out whats causing it fine, but for them to be like "Yeah it can't be used for that, sorry, but maybe we can make that happen in the future!" like they designed it that way? that makes no sense at all, the band that owns the song haven't even got a clue as to why it can't be used. Again i love how before the games release Bryan Williams and all the devs are out in the public eye doing interviews, answering questions, but after the game comes out and we see the bugs and issues they're in witness protection nowhere to be seen, and all we get is BS emails giving generic vague answers. They go into hiding so they don't have to answer for the bugs they can't fix.
  15. Tag matches need a serious overhaul, for one there needs to be a limit on how many times someone can come into the ring and break up a pin, i think irl theres supposed to be like 4 break up attempts and then you can't enter the ring and break up pins anymore, its rarely enforced but that would be one thing they could add in the game. Also make it where the AI will only get in the ring to break up a pin after a signature or finisher is hit, no more running in to break up a pin off a scoop slam. And i HATE that bug that was even in 2K22 where you got a finisher and throw the opponent into your corner to do your tag finisher, but the prompt to hit the tag finisher wont appear until you punch the opponent once then it appears. Thats bit me in the ass i don't know how many times cause half the time the AI will reverse after that punch.
  16. Gotta say Julius Creed is really fun to play as, dude has a ton of great new grappling moves and throws, and a really good amount of simple moves like his aggressive ground punch, i love his finisher, feels like every move i used as him was new. They really nailed his moveset. I never planned on making him a big singles wrestler in Universe but i really wanna make him NXT champion after playing him, he's too fun to play as to be kept in a tag team, tbh a match type i don't find very fun.
  17. Doubt it, no team has their actual entrance, Brawling Brutes don't have theirs, neither does Kayden and Katana, neither does MMM, i could go on, seems like every new team is missing their entrance motion and everyone comes out to one of the generic ones.
  18. That makes no sense, its by design you can't make a trios entrance? Is it also by design nearly every tag team is set to come out separately? Is it also by design half the new tag teams don't have their own entrance motion and are set to generic entrance 2?
  19. It truly is, its the only mode 2K is concerned about, every patch it gets fixes, while the other modes that truly needs fixes get neglected. Which are the modes that the majority i want to believe play over MyFaction. Betting if we had to pay for stuff in Universe they'd be patching it every patch.
  20. I noticed in all these patches they always make sure to fix issues in MyFaction, never fails that you see multiple issues resolved in that terrible mode, i see where their priorities are. Universe Mode, CAA, CAE, all other modes can stay bugged and messy cause their stupid card game mode they make money on is all they care about fixing.
  21. So they still didn't fix Cody's theme not playing with alt attires, jesus christ man, i mean whats the deal? they seeing all these bugs and just ignoring them on purpose? what are these patches supposedly fixing? cause it sure as hell aint anything people are actually complaining about. I love before the game comes out all the devs are in interviews, answering stuff, but when the game is out and the issues and bugs surface they're nowhere to be seen and we never hear from them again until the next game. They're never anywhere in sight to address bugs or talk about stuff like why Cody's entrance theme doesn't play with alts, or why trios teams are messed up. They all just go into witness protection and go radio silent while releasing ineffective worthless patches.
  22. So RK-Bro seriously don't have an entrance animation in the game? we got their theme, their trons, they're a team by default but they didn't motion capture them an entrance? Ok either they seriously got lazy as hell with the new tag teams this year or its some kind of bug with new team entrances not showing up in the list cause this is ridiculous not a single team has a new entrance as far as i can tell, or a good chunk of them don't at least
  23. And the rivalry actions you choose that doesn't have you facing him in a match doesn't allow you to select who you're facing in the match, its just randomly picked which is incredibly frustrating. Like i have Cody and Seth in a rivalry, and i chose for Seth to jump Cody after the match, but it selected Logan Paul to be Cody's throwaway match, and i don't want Logan jobbing. How hard is it to let us pick who we're facing?
  24. Damn that sucks, its always someone i don't want my guy facing too, l don't get why they don't allow us to select who we're facing when choosing a rival action that doesn't have us facing our rival, thats beyond annoying.
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