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  1. Some pretty serious bugs no one is talking about that this latest patch caused is now almost all the time if you try and hit your standing front finisher it will always perform your behind finisher if you have one, also theres a second or two delay now when trying to hit your finisher from the front, it wont prompt you to hit it for like a second or two now. These are some pretty game breaking bugs imo.
  2. Tired finishers being back is so awesome, these look so damn good
  3. Holy crap we getting tired finishers back in this patch?!
  4. Its all but confirmed that the bad Tiffany model with the stiff hair is from an early build and the one we're getting is much better than that
  5. Yeah no ones really talked about that bug from what i can tell. Its incredibly frustrating, cause theres a high chance the AI reverses the strike. And you gotta always hit them once everytime to get the tag finisher prompt your to appear.
  6. Are they ever gonna bother fixing the tag finisher not working in the corner until you strike the opponent once? I can't be the only one experiencing that. I throw an opponent into my corner with my partner, i go to do our tag finisher and i don't see the prompt to do it, i gotta hit them once and then the prompt appears. I don't know how many times thats screwed me over and made tag matches even more frustrating.
  7. Praying now we can get a bald Karrion Kross and an 02 Orton with spiky hair without the messy hair.
  8. Been stumped on which CM Punk i wanna keep, which one do you guys thinks looks best? MisterFiends is on the left and KisaragiTV's is on the right
  9. Man the Cody theme situation with alt attires is so damn weird, we got the band here again talking about it, saying they'll sign whatever needs to be signed to fix it. What is the issue exactly? the band who sings the song and owns it are literally saying for 2K to use it however they want in this game. Yet 2K can't give us a straight up honest answer of why its tied to just Cody's default attire, if the band is saying they're fine with them suing the song however they want in the game what is holding them back from letting us use the theme for others wrestlers/caws, the jukebox, and alt attires?
  10. Finished the show, skipped to another show that they was never on, still couldn't delete them. Then a minute ago at random it deiced i could delete them, no idea what triggered it or what i did. Never experienced this issue until the last patch.
  11. So can anyone help me with not being able to delete certain caws? i keep getting the message that they're used in other content, then i go to deletion utility and it tells me they're affiliated with a show in universe even though i took them off all my shows, disbanded their group, they have no rivals or allies or a show, but it still wont let me delete them.
  12. Its so annoying how theres no Evolution theme or tron in the game, all the members are there, the entrance is there, theres even an Evolution story in MyRise, but they wont give us the theme or tron, why? We've had it in the games before, they always include the DX theme and trons.
  13. Ah ok thank you, will make it so much quicker.
  14. Quick question, i'm trying to unlock Jean Paul Levesque in myRise on my alt account to get his model for a 2003 Triple H i need for Evolution, so i wanna just power through MyRise to quickly get it. Anyone know if i can skip the side objectives and just focus on the main story to get him?
  15. Anyone else getting the message "The custom superstar you are trying to delete is used in other content. Please see deletion utility for more information" when trying to delete certain caws? And i will look everywhere in all modes and they wont be used in anything and i still can't delete them.
  16. A few post back i was talking about wishing you could use the newer Shining Wizard from the kneeling position we got in 2k22 with Hurricane, cause it would be perfect for my Gregory Helms Was having a match as Shattered's amazing Gregory Helms, had a nice little ending sequence where i actually got the win with it despite it not being a finisher
  17. God thats annoying, i don't get why they remove a move and don't even replace it with a new version, in that case i'd rather they just left the version from Here Comes The Pain in. I've seen a lot using the Fireman's Carry Sidewalk Slam as a substitute, that move AJ has used,
  18. So disappointed we can't use the Shinning Wizard from the kneeling position we got with Hurricane last year as a finisher, its perfect for the Gregory Helms attires Shattered made, looks so much more accurate for the version of the move Helms did.
  19. So do we not even have a version of the Widow Maker in the game now? was looking for it for a Sean O'Haire caw and theres not even a version of it anywhere that i could see.
  20. Thats still good, i've used it multiple times since the patch came out and haven't have any issues.
  21. Pretty sure its bugged though, if you select the 2nd option to delete the logos along with the caw its screws up other caws you have downloaded, removes face textures, screws up the body, deletes logos, it completely messed up kaaalua's amazing Adam Cole he was working on. I used it and it removed my MJF caws face texture. Just never select the option to delete the logos along with the caw, at least not until they patch it.
  22. Yeah i know that, ones without resiliency was kicking out of multiple finishers, but ever since changing the slider on post kickout damage recovery for the AI i've noticed them kicking out less now, managed to get a win using only 1 finisher which felt nice.
  23. Thank you, i'll try this out. I may try and find a happy medium cause i do like a challenge somewhat but i just don't want finishers constantly kicked out of.
  24. Anyone know what slider i need to adjust to stop the AI from kicking out of my finisher? I'm tired of working the whole match to ge tmy finisher only for it to be kicked out of and i gotta get a 2nd one to get the win. Cause it always takes 2 finishers without fail.
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