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  1. Damon Kemp being DLC is baffling, dude has done almost nothing in NXT and is very bland, how the hell did he make DLC and Meiko didn't? She was NXT UK womens ffs and has been on NXT 2.0, Damon Kemp has had like 1 feud with The Creeds and thats been it.
  2. Hit Row is the lamest DLC of all time, those guys are terrible and i never see myself playing them, and one of them isn't even playable lol, and i hate that they're the first pack we're gonna get. The Steiners are fine but i don't have much use for them. Bray Wyatt should've been the first pack, the first pack should come out strong and give fans at least 1 thing they want in it. Cause i don't see anyone going out of their way to rush and buy the first DLC pack of the people thats in it. The first pack doesn't give me a single thing i want in it, never gonna use anything from it aside from making Hit Row jobbers for other tag teams.
  3. Thanks! yeah i never really watched their OVW stuff, but hopefully of those we get a new Brock Lock bearhug version and his specific shooting star animation. Wouldn't mind a new Batista Bomb, to me theres still not a perfect one in the game, so i'd be hyped to get a new one.
  4. Not defending it as if we wanted it gone, just understanding why it was removed, and looking at the brightside of it. Do you think 2K seriously got together and said "Screw those fans lets remove this feature just to piss them off hahahaha" there must've been an issue with it that caused problems they couldn't fix, whether it was crashes, bugs, or whatever. And the quality of caws imo is still pretty damn good, and 2K23 has caws looking like in game wrestlers apparently or close to it, so i just aint that mad about it, sue me.
  5. I'm just saying body types aren't that unique, they got a ton of presets that closely match any wrestler you want it to, maybe not identical but most are close enough imo. Like Omega for example Looks pretty close imo, its a preset body but it looks great to me. Most caws by the good creators find bodys and use textures and its hard to find any problems with it. They said it will come back at some point in one interview if i remember, i'd like it to be fixed instead of removed obviously, but i doubt it was something they could fix or they would've fixed it. Probably easier to remove it when starting the new foundation and ease it back into it with the kinks worked out at some point.
  6. No its not laser focusing to say his face looks younger, its not as little as someone's neck being slightly bigger or traps being a few inches less than it actually is, and its not as little difference as him having 2 less wrinkle the whole face is different looking, and i said nothing about his body so not sure why you're saying i was talking about his body. Don't get hot at me for having my own opinion. You hate the body morphing being gone ok, but it don't bother me that bad. Its not like they took it out to deprive you, they said it was causing bugs and crashes.
  7. Sure theres some inaccuracy's on some for certain body parts, but imo its not hugely noticeable, never bothered me in 2K22, nothing stood out so much that i always noticed it, unless you're hyper focusing in on it and comparing pictures to real life and laser focusing on it.
  8. Good to see they actually de-aged the OVW models
  9. Eh the body morphing being gone didn't really hurt caws all that much in 2K22, creators made it work and still made flawless creations that wasn't really affected by the preset body types. They got generally most wrestlers body types in there, with body textures you can make almost anyone pretty accurately.
  10. Anyone remember what finishers Cena and Batista used in OVW? i know Orton used the Overdrive and Brock used the shooting star i think.
  11. Yeah but hopefully Status will help us out with an Evolution Batista if he's in MyFaction. There has to be something new from each i'd think, for Lesnar they aren't just gonna put him in red trunks and call it a day surely, at the very least new entrance, music, victory animation maybe a new shooting star press.
  12. Well i'm glad i pre ordered the Icon edition, those models' look great, and Orton's OVW model will be great for Evolution attires.
  13. Well i finally went ahead and did it, putting my faith in that the Ruthless Aggression pack will be worth it
  14. Just assuming he's referring to the rumor of them taking custom face textures away cause of the upgraded skin textures they put in the game on caws. But i never believed that for a second, that would literally kill create a wrestler and drive away a huge portion of their customers.
  15. Yeah and it would've been great to do this like 3 weeks ago, but with 2 weeks until the games release we should have all the info out there already but we still have nothing. And what do we get after a week of radio silence? a picture of clues and 2 entrances, one of which is copy and pasted from 2k22 (Kross and Scarlett) and the other is inaccurate with the wrong version of their theme (Judgement Day).
  16. Yeah they tease the 1st like they're gonna show something, and we get a picture of clues to decipher and not know for sure what they all mean. Can they not just *censored*ing reveal the DLC? ffs this company is insufferable with their marketing.
  17. The only connection to an owl from WWE i can think of is New Day with the "Who? who? who?" catch phrase and they had an owl on their gear for a time. But no idea how New Day would be part of the DLC unless its their old singles characters like Kofi with the Jamaican gimmick and Woods with his NXT look and Big E with his 5 gimmick. But that would be really lame since those models' was in My Faction except Kofi's Jamaican gimmick.
  18. So for the Judgement Day entrance they don't have the pyro, and don't even have the correct WWE edit of their theme? wow..... When they get to ringside in their entrance the chorus in the song is supposed to hit, yet in 2K23 the regular song without an edit is playing and you get the chorus like right when their entrance is over. How do they screw something so simple up like that?
  19. Yeah its ridiculous, they bring the pre orders outs expecting everyone to pre order without knowing ANYTHING about the game, whats the pre orders been out for now? a month? And they give you nothing, no info on anything outside of the usual "here look at this one new feature we've added and we're gonna show everything about it, meanwhile we give you nothing on anything outside of it but please give us your $100 and just have faith other modes will be good".
  20. MJF for me, he's the first person i thought of when i heard we could use caws downloaded from CC. Just bring him into the WWE system, be the biggest asshole heel and pick all the heel options and build him up as the top heel in the company starting from the bottom.
  21. All i'm asking for is some pics of the Icon pre order OVW models, then i'll pull the trigger and pre order it if they're really good models, how they expect people to pre order it for those models without showing what they look like?
  22. Having no vids of MyRise, GM mode, Universe Mode, Creation Suite this close to release is ridiculous, like ok we've seen Wargames and a few matches, and thats it. They've just refused to show any of the other modes or what they've done to them. They go "Ok heres like 2 things we can show you and the other 80% of the game is unknown until you get the game".
  23. This game comes out in 2 in a half weeks, we still don't have a creation suit walkthrough, no idea what DLC is, no idea what the Icon Edition OVW models look like, no Universe Mode video, still so much we have no info on its kind of ridiculous.
  24. Can they not give Dominik his own animation of the 619? cause Rey's animation literally has him bouncing off the 2nd rope where Rey's so short, just looks odd Dom doing it even though he's way taller than Rey. They just got so lazy with Dominik's movesaet just slapping Rey's on him.
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