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  1. About the Edge 2006 attire issue, most say the solution for the fix is using the blue tights and recoloring them, but those are really inaccurate when it comes to the size of the logos on the sides they're too small. As you'll see here where i used custom images on the unfinished 2006 tights which the stars on those are much more accurate despite being unfinished. The blue tights recolored The 2006 tights with the missing logos with custom images used May be minor to some but i'm a stickler for detail and those blue tights have really small logos on the sides thats not accurate, so its best to use custom logos and make the 2006 tights on the unfinished tights the stars are much more accurate in terms of size.
  2. Showcase, i'll never understand why they thought playing some generic rock music overtop the match was a good idea, it makes playing the matches so boring and makes them feel lifeless, no commentary doesn't help either. Makes playing through the mode such a chore cause every match is silence with a repetitive rock beat playing. And the cutscenes from the real matches felt like they dragged on an on in some of them, they show like 2 minutes of real footage and i'm sitting there wondering when i get to actually play again. I know you can skip but still its annoying.
  3. Wow this Malenko caw has me speechless, the caws are literally like mods this year
  4. I set combo frequency to 0 and am happy to report there was no combos used by the AI in all the matches i played. So thankfully thats now under control.
  5. Jesus christ that Britt Baker looks amazing.
  6. Has anyone shown if 2008 Kane has a new face or does he still have the terrible inaccurate 2K22 one?
  7. Eh so far creators have been making caws with no issues from i've seen, so image uploader must be working so far.
  8. Lol its nuts its taken this long to get these basic designs.
  9. The 2006 Edge may be a bit inaccurate but it makes for a damn fine 2005 Edge, looks amazing
  10. With caws looking practically like in game wrestlers now, least we can get some damn good accurate Hogan caws and Savage caws to rectify these inaccurate models.
  11. Hogan's always made cartoony big in these recent games for some reason, nothing new.
  12. Holy shit! that Will Ospreay looks legit like a mod or an ingame wrestler, thats freaking nuts, unbelievably impressed with how damn good caws look in this game. Cannot wait until we start getting some MJF caws and stuff by Iconic and the goats start touching caw mode, they're gonna look insane.
  13. Yeah Edge's 2006 model looks way better in motion than it does from certain still screenshots, it really is the best Edge model we've ever had tbh. Still not a fan of the hair having the wet and wild look when Edge wrestled with dry hair primarily during this era, and the beard a bit too thick. But its not as bad as the screenshot made it look.
  14. Yeah i knew they wouldn't get his body correct and make him really lean and slimmer. I expected to see them use his current day bulky muscular body. Sadly they never get detail like this correct, they think wrestlers have the same body their entire careers.
  15. ^ Omg i love the Ruthless Aggression content this game has gave us, amazing having that theme back in the game.
  16. Well at least the blue tights are still in with the logos, i think someone on twitter said since they was already in the game before the copyright issues came about its allowed to stay in.
  17. Wait you mean the R rating for movies? And it saying Rated R on the tights is violating their copyright from the R rating message at the beginning of trailers and movies? Doesn't make any sense, the logo isn't anything resembling a logo from the MPAA. Ok i can understand the R with the box around it, but why is the words Rated and Superstar an issue? They're in a completely different font besides that. And isn't removing the box from around the R good enough to get past the copyright? Why we gotta have "Rated" and "Superstar" removed?
  18. Apparently Edge's tights have the logos all intact when you see them in the selection but don't show up once you equip them. I just don't get it..... 2K can we get some answers?
  19. Its like they didn't even look at Edge from 2006, the hair is completely wrong, and the beard is way too thick, he had a clean shave or a light beard at the most during that time. The comparison is ridiculous And again the tights whats the issue with the logos? As i said in my previous post the blue rated r superstar tights are in the game with the logos intact, so this makes zero sense. Now we gotta take up yet another caw slot to make an alt attire and fix this ridiculous screw up.
  20. I mean the model looks better in motion, but that hair looks like Attitude Era Edge's hair. Why is his tights unfinished? i mean didn't we have the rated r superstar logos on 2006 Edge in 2K20? Its like current Edge they leave his R logo unfinished as well, can we get some answers on this? Didn't WWE create those logos? Edge's blue tights from the previous games are in the game with the logos in tact, how did they mess this up? could've just recolored the blue ones ffs.
  21. That can't be real, can it? wheres that from? What in gods name is the deal with Edge's gear? its always unfinished and not the whole design? I mean WWE created that freaking logo ffs, seriously can 2K address this already? cause that gear looks awful.
  22. Holy shit thats awesome! Its the little things like that that get me most excited. Only thing would've made it better is him crawling over to make the count, but we'll get there at some point, this is a huge step in the right direction.
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