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  1. Broke down and just pre-ordered, dude to pre load being 12 am usually. I’ve been sleeping on this. The last footage and dev videos/class intrigued me and made me laugh so much. I’m ready.
  2. Not going to make this a big thing, pairing AJ with who they paired him with is transparent. I’m not fooled but anyway, curious to see where it goes. Lol
  3. It amazes me to see as a fan how far Miz has come. Dude has been there 14 years now and just evolved so much. I love the little shit now I guess. Pandemic will make not jaded I guess lol
  4. Random and totally weird, I miss Cena opening Raw...lol But I’m glad they’re still clearly treating Drew like a big deal.
  5. In the middle of a pandemic Drew? No sir. Lol
  6. Shawn is better. Lol I’m sorry. I had to. They stay trying to emulate that spot.
  7. That cheap ass ThunderDome sign. I can’t lol
  8. Not those piped in this is awesome chants. Let’s not go to far production truck lol
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