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  1. Me being the next to get banned didn’t age well. Lol
  2. I truly hope this game delivers on the gameplay aspect because I would love love love this game. I feel like the roster will be a fan’s dreams! No licensed WWE or AEW stars but still we could get a lot of amazing alumni maybe? I’d love them to try and get Raven maybe? Is that possible? Graphics look really incredible tbh! Much more realistic tones and shading going on!
  3. Story is definitely there. Can’t even lie. It’s just Ziggler, ain’t winning shit. So I can’t fully invest Lls
  4. Can we stop trying to make Dolph Ziggler happen? He’s not going to happen. Drew doesn’t benefit from beating Dolph. Lol
  5. The sheer amount of respect, and gratitude and etc is never gonna be enough to give Taker. The man deserves whatever the hell he wants. And I’m just emotional af. His loyalty, the deeper story of the Boneyard match ripped me to the shreds. Won’t give it away.
  6. After seeing all 5 chapters of The Last Ride I just have no words. What an emotional and just....*Censored*. Taker is the ultimate legend. Just I cried so many times and I’m so happy also.
  7. Finally got around to watching Backlash. Edge vs Randy was truly amazing. Very impressed with how they shot the match, the opening and both men proved why they’re legends.
  8. The reveal was fun tbh. Most excepted for Spider-Man Miles Morales, Deathloop & Hitman. My stupid ass expected a Crash trailer. Lol
  9. The Aftermath story was so damn amazing.
  10. Because simulation has a way of slowing down the gameplay and making it boring and tedious imo. SVR 06 was the happy medium imo. Actually I won’t even lie, 2K19 is a gem. Simulation and fun with elements of arcade moments.
  11. Long as the gameplay isn’t simulation like 2K became I’m liking what I see. Gameplay needs to be like Def Jam Fight NY with some deeper gameplay elements for sure. Maybe even a little bit of simulation stuff. But not super boring simulation.
  12. I hate it but I also love it. I hate it because I’m his absence or move to part time, I’ve grown to appreciate him. So now I want him around a little more. But I also love it because it really has shifted the power a little I guess. Meaning, Cena is willing to come back and put people over even more than before. Just never thought we’d see the day of Cena not opening the show, and overcoming 10 on 1 handicaps and etc. *Censored* I love that guy. Such a legend.
  13. If it never should’ve been allowed to happen wouldn’t that in fact make it Vince and WWE’s fault though?
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