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  1. The Aftermath story was so damn amazing.
  2. Because simulation has a way of slowing down the gameplay and making it boring and tedious imo. SVR 06 was the happy medium imo. Actually I won’t even lie, 2K19 is a gem. Simulation and fun with elements of arcade moments.
  3. Long as the gameplay isn’t simulation like 2K became I’m liking what I see. Gameplay needs to be like Def Jam Fight NY with some deeper gameplay elements for sure. Maybe even a little bit of simulation stuff. But not super boring simulation.
  4. I hate it but I also love it. I hate it because I’m his absence or move to part time, I’ve grown to appreciate him. So now I want him around a little more. But I also love it because it really has shifted the power a little I guess. Meaning, Cena is willing to come back and put people over even more than before. Just never thought we’d see the day of Cena not opening the show, and overcoming 10 on 1 handicaps and etc. *Censored* I love that guy. Such a legend.
  5. If it never should’ve been allowed to happen wouldn’t that in fact make it Vince and WWE’s fault though?
  6. I’m sorry I’m still torn up. These *censored*ers literally wanted to save 2 seconds of time by using something that only controls a boat mass of 6 pounds in pressure? Instead of the harness he used before with the gimmick? Get the *Censored*...OMG! Ew!
  7. I completely agree with Martha more than ever now. Lovely episode. Sad for sure.
  8. So *censored*ing heartbreaking. Hoping for the best. Glad they found his son for sure! Now please find him also, please!
  9. Didn’t know where to post this. But watching the Taker documentary. The fact Vince left Mania 30 to ride to the hospital to make sure that Mark not Taker but Mark, was alive and ok! Taker is so damn beautiful man. Just as a man, as a character, as a wrestler, just *Censored*. When Taker retires, I’m truly truly going to lose apart of myself. Even though he doesn’t regularly perform anymore, it’ll still be a sad day for me. He’s just THE LEGEND. It’s crazy. So happy his match with Styles at Mania was amazingly received and enjoyable. Dude is just timeless.
  10. NXT is getting an In Your House PPV/Special? Yasssss bitch! I practically group up on those ppvs in diapers. Hell, Badd Blood: In Your House in one night had the Hell in a Cell match with Shawn and Taker and Kane’s debut! That’s just one event alone. It’s a legendary ass ppv. I need that CLASSIC SET! I am weak and shook!
  11. That MITB match is already one of my all time favorites. The AJ and Taker mind games stuff was cool. Fun as hell with all the cameos. My favorite cameo was Vince of course lol Vince with the hand sanitizer took me out. This company from a creative standpoint is on fire. No crowd really has them having to be creative. Happy with Asuka winning but Otis....ummmm lol
  12. I was one of those who used to make fun of him for sure. But yeah that shit just sounds amazing with a crowd. Something about it!
  13. Judas just hits different live with the crowd singing alone>>>>
  14. You have your opinion and thankfully I have mine. Never said Break The Walls wasn’t iconic. Judas to me, is better. Bloop.
  15. Judas>Break The Walls Down. Took me sometime to feel it but *censored*ing hell.
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