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  1. hey, not super sure on first one but the second one, those bottoms in game are from Becky's WWE2K17 attire which is different from the image
  2. Really minor thing but has anyone managed to get the Run-in Payback to work? Literally never comes up as an option, I've even tried using the button prompt but still nothing and yes I wait until the bar is full and it's lit up. And yes the pin thing was one of my minor annoyances with WWE2K22 and it's sadly carried over. No matter what I do to the opponent, no matter how much damage or finishers they will ALWAYS kick out of the first pin that would most likely end the match. I had one match where I hit three stored finishers, they kicked out, I picked them up. They were already fully red with one part showing white damage and I hit a third finisher after building up and got the pin. It only happens on Legend mode for me though, it's like 2K thinks auto kick out = difficulty.
  3. I was really negative in my last post which I should self edit myself haha but it is frustrating as Universe is my main mode but everyone has their own things. Managers show up on the card but are never at ringside for some reason. I will say, I really like how, when you're editing a match, the game will only let you select wrestlers from that brand which is good for me as I don't remember some of my lesser used superstars. The Rivalry system is such a good concept but again everything is heavily heel oriented. My Rick Boogz just started beating down on Cactus Jack with a steel chair after their first match together but Boogz is a face and Jack is the heel so it's a bit random. Confident it will all be patched though, of course, I just wish 2K could get in the habit of not needing to patch so much as it really takes away any real reason to want the game early
  4. Sadly Universe Mode isn't fully functional right now. Rivalry System only really works for Singles feuds as it turns all tag feuds into Singles feuds and sometimes the options don't work (almost always making the wrestler act face) but when I go to change them it comes up blank options so you can't change unfortunately. It also will force this action on ALL your matches until it has four rivalries set. I file it under Advanced Entrances where 'good concept/idea but it breaks more than it helps'
  5. Ah thanks, I'll give this a go! Hopefully it still lets you save to a Universe save too
  6. I haven't tried this by creating a new team from scratch but the game doesn't let you edit trio entrances for teams.
  7. I run multiple saves but my main one is a continuation each year, I have 4 brands: RAW, Smackdown, NXT and NXT UK with Main Event for RAW and SD with LvLUp added for NXT this year. Every single in-game superstar (minus duplicates) are on the rosters and my champions currently are: Universal Champion: Randy Savage United States Champion: Damian Priest RAW Tag Team Champions: Randy Orton & Matt Riddle RAW Women's Champion: Bianca Belair WWE Women's Tag Team Champions: Charlotte & Chyna 24/7 Champion: R-Truth WWE Champion: Roman Reigns Intercontinental Champion: Logan Paul SD Tag Team Champions: Angel & Humberto SD Women's Champion: Liv Morgan NXT Champion: Santos Escobar NXT North American Champion: Dexter Lumis NXt Tag Team Champions: Cruz Del Toro & Joaquin Wilde NXT Women's Champion: Raquel Rodriguez NXT Women's Tag Team Champions: Vacant (was Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell) NXT UK Champion: Gunther NXT UK Tag Team Champions: Ludwig Kaiser & Giovanni Vinci NXT UK Women's Champion: Doudrop I mostly only played out the women's matches so some of the men's I just simulated entirely (hence Logan Paul winning the title lol) but I've been toying with adding a 5th brand to replace Main Event for WCW and have Legends only compete there
  8. Both NXT, Kemp was the guy that turned on Diamond Mine but can't recall how much he's been around since Frazer just returned to NXT in past week or so but was predominantly on NXT UK and I think he was trained by Seth Rollins, I vaguely remember that being a thing they pushed. I only really watch women's wrestling so apologies if this is wrong
  9. I personally didn't believe a word that delusion said. My biggest gripe is B-Fab only being a manager and no, that's not because I think she is an amazing wrestler or a huge selling point, I just think managers should be playable. Hell, I'd love for Paul Heyman to be fully playable tbh. I know i'm not JUST paying for B-Fab but I hate buying what is essentially an NPC
  10. Talking personnally? Torrie Wilson, Meiko Satomura and Michelle McCool With WCW being a brand on MyGM, I kinda hope it means we get the WCW Women's Championship (Very unlikely I know)
  11. They really live in their own world tbh haha! The tweets I've seen are either a) Confused by a lacklustre DLC b) Angry at the DLC road map being 'misleading' c) Angry that the main draws of the DLC (Bray Wyatt and Wade Barrett being the main names popping up) are so far away I've not seen anyone overly impressed
  12. Bit disappointed that B-Fab is being counted to make the DLC packs as 5 characters per pack and yet we cannot play as her? Kinda hoping 2K are setting that up for backlash to then magically add her as playable to get people praising them again? Just a little disappointed but not surprised that the Divas title tease was for nothing
  13. I think they showed a screenshot of his entrance so I'm fairly sure he's playable
  14. I kinda wish they revealed this ages ago and then periodically made reveals of what clue meant who. (and did so regularly, not at random) As everyone has said, yes it's fun to speculate/guess but then there are people who so badly want to believe something they will convince themselves a clue means one thing and then be very disappointed when it's not so it's definitely risky. @A N T I - I've literally scoured twitter to find some semblance of a clue for Meiko (among others) and the biggest reach I've found is apparently the phrase 'in red' can be seen so someone thinks that could be Meiko. I hope they reveal it all next week tbh
  15. Yeah I believe the title is hinting to McCool but any suggestions on the owl?
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