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  1. Potentially odd request for someone but it turns out I cannot upload custom images. Had a ticket raised with 2K and after trying multiple different suggestions over the past two weeks, they've resolved that I simply will not be able to upload custom images and have given me some VC as apology. (No shade to the guy that was trying to help as he was really nice and patient) But I want to create characters from the Persona games so I have images that I want to use as custom renders. Would anyone be willing to upload these images so I can download them from community creations? The only thing we hadn't tried was to set up a new PSN account but I have a digital only version of the game and I did not wish to buy it again There are 46 images so I appreciate this is potentially a time consuming request EDIT: Should have said, I am on PS4
  2. Thank you, I will try this!
  3. Apologies if this has been discussed at length but is there ANY fix/workaround to CAWs crashing when saving. I legit have just downloaded CAW and I go to add the render and then when I Save I am stuck in the loop. Left it for two hours
  4. Does anyone else have problems with Universe mode booking their tag titles? I have - Nitro - WCW Tag Team Titles NXT - NXT Tag Team Tiles 205 Live - World Tag Team Titles RAW - RAW Tag Team Titles SD - SD Tag Team Titles NXT UK - NXT UK Tag Team Titles Nitro, RAW and SD are together for PPVs while NXT, NXT UK and 205 Live are together for Takeover events. So far, Universe mode has booked tag feuds consistently but none of the matches are ever for the titles?
  5. They added Alexa's pigtails as a hairstyle! (there are others but that one jumped out)
  6. Was about to comment on the stupidity of having Sarray but not Zelina Vega but checked and Sarray had debuted before Vega returned. We are likely going to get her in her old gimmick which is fine cause the new gimmick is so new but it sucks getting another outdated element of the game. Also, Kayden not being in is a total WTF move since Kacy will have their trons and music haha
  7. if you got the accelerator thing you might have used creation parts unlocked via MyRise. I saw a screenshot that said the supercharge unlocked all VC purchasable items (Legends) and CAS MyRise parts.
  8. Also Kacy without Kayden Carter seems bizarre choice? Not disproving mind, curious to say the least
  9. Thanks for making this!
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