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  1. So my uncle (who lives in another city) and was in the hospital two weeks ago for some surgery started having the symptoms and then was tested postive this morning. He is completely isolated in the hospital (they only go there for providing food, as the hospital staff is overwhelmed with the amount of people there/afraid of getting infected themselves), with no hope at all as he has heavy heart problems and asthma. Now we are trying to contact someone close there who can go to his house, get the phone and take it to the hospital so he can at least speak to his son, who lives in another country, before anything happens. As my mother visited him when he was recovering from previous surgery and had physical contact, there is a high chance we are infected as well now , so yeah, now we just remain at home during quarentine, wondering what is going to happen to him and if we are going to start having symptoms soon. We live in a small city so you are not going to get tested here unless you get real sick, as there are not enough tests for everyone and most of them are being sent to big cities like Madrid, Barcelona, which have most cases, so obviously the real number of people with coronavirus is dramatically higher than you see in the media, most of them could be fine but they can still infect other people and this shit will keep expanding. So that is the shitty situation we have here in Spain, and thatwill happen to a lot of people as the number of infectees will likely going to grow exponentially during the following days. Obviously, as some people said, most of the people dying have previous problems / are old (I don't fear for my life, but you never know if you have any undiscovered lung problem or any stuff like that) but that is already A LOT of people (family, friends) which will die in an awful situation (completely alone in an hospital bed) and not only that, as hospitals will be so overwhelmed that probably people with other health problems will have higher changes of dying as well due lack of staff/resources
  2. Things got quite ugly here in Spain. Actions came too late (Women's march took place last week, with thousands and thousands of persons together), and people from cities with most cases (Madrid) have been traveling all accross the country, thinking that quarantine means holidays. Now going out will probably be restricted unless you need first need elements like food, medicine, ...
  3. Hawkins looks great. Remember the time when only top stars had entrance attires?
  4. What's wrong with Jason Jordan changing brands? Kayfabe wise, Jack Swagger contract just ran out with Raw and he was signed for Smackdown because Raw didn't offer a contract extension. Maybe they will say Angle offered a big amount of money for him or something when he knew, and that will be added to the storyline.
  5. Probably Cass will destroy Enzo a couple of times and he will have a mini feud against The Big Show. Then Show will be the Enzo's new tag partner and they will forget all about it. Cass vs Enzo has the potential to be even worse feud in terms of match interest than Cryme Time or Prime Time Players
  6. To be honest Rowan made the face savant gimmick work as well before he was fed to Big Show like 20 times and dropped it for no reason. He seems to be really into his character
  7. Well, as many of you said you can't really ask the almost 50, non-wrestler and mental ill Mauro Ranallo to get into JBL's face. Not everyone can be brave, but that's not a reason for being bullied. Many people make it sound like is his own fault, but this is what bullying is all about, going after the weak. Obviously Steve Blackman is not going to be bullied
  8. Well then, I hope they don't complain when all those old stars are out and they don't have anyone big, because they simply don't give any chance anymore. Around this time is all about booking matches with the more known stars, and I'm not even going to be surprised if AJ ends up in a Intercontinental 8 man ladder match or something. I laughed hard when I realised they have to send their biggest face as dissapointing #30 just in order to make Orton's win a little bit less painful and make them think "well, at least is not Reigns". I actually feel bad for him, because he had a pretty good match earlier, and that should have been it.
  9. I hope they don't break every good lower card tag team in the supplemental draft for no reason, like they used to do just for the sake of it, just to get almost all of them fired after a while
  10. -Nexus "bigger picture" never being revealed -Triple H costing Rollins the title for no reason, then not appearing again in months -Erick Rowan supposed to be super-intelligent, yet losing against the Big Show in every dumb possible way -Hornswoggle being the RAW annonymous GM -Hornswoggle gaining the ability to speak via Santa's present
  11. The kid learned a lesson. I mean, he still doesn't understand this is an act, yet he cheers for the bad guy, the bully, but when he's the one bullied by him then there's a problem. Not cool kid, not cool
  12. For all of those mentioning Paul Burchill, I agree, but I remember reading something regarding him getting very depressed after the passing of his brother in Afghanistan, with this leading to him leaving the company shortly after that
  13. Ryder is such a weird choice for that match that I can see him winning somehow and for some bizzarre reason
  14. That's not even how google translate works. It also uses statistics and related terms, and that's why it gives El Generico, because as Sami Zayn is not giving any result is just getting an associated term. But as Spanish, I really loled at some believing Roman/Becky stuff
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