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  1. If all the DCL content could be available at the moment of the release then it would look much more of a scam than it does already. Basically what is now the base version of the game would be like a restricted version of the full game, which would cost 30$ more than the average game price
  2. That's already much better than any other guy who just shows up with a new name / gimmick and everyone also just ignores it
  3. They are going to re-do this segment
  4. The fact that Holland injured Big E and Dunne is the one taken out of the match seems a little bit unfair. Not saying he should be punished for an accident but...
  5. During the last few months the IC champion Nakamura has been having tag team feuds exclusively and the focus was set on building Rick Boogs anyways, that's how good they have been treating the title
  6. Just them trying to include as many people as possible in the card in all sorts of random ways, as they always do with tag and midcard titles. For some reason, the only instance of that I tolerate are ladder matches for the IC title, everything else should be kept simple, built correctly and just have those random battle royals with the rest of the people
  7. Well, is just easier for them to use the current versions of people like Lawler, as they were probably able to scan him and de-aging the model would be extra work
  8. I would assume Kacy Catanzaro is based on that time she was in the Rumble (2019) as they tend to scan people there and that's why she is in her own, but that was a long time ago, so who knows
  9. NXT 2.0 is too recent anyways, all those new guys will be properly included in next years game. The list is cool, I but wish Zelina was there as she's the only main roster title holder missing. Other guys like Moss, Holland and Reggie coming to my mind, but that's not a big deal
  10. I think is safe to assume WWE is the one stopping 2K from making all those myRise alternate versions playable. I don't know why people are shitting on 2k, obviously it would be super easy to make them available as alternate attires, but there must be a reason for that. All of those guys changed gimmicks (King Corbin to Happy Corbin, Dijakovic to T-Bar, normal Alexa to crazy Alexa) so I think WWE may want you to forget they played other characters in the past but it was too late to remove them from that game mode. I know Mia Yim appears twice, but probably they don't care as she's not in the company anymore
  11. I think they finally nailed the character scan process. 90% of them look amazing, specially women which for some reason usually looked awful in the past. It's a damn shame what has been going on with WWE roster in the last 2 years and how that made this roster completely outdated, but I think now that they have good models for almost everyone they can focus on updating attires and adding NXT guys / cool legends for next year's game. For this years game, if the gameplay is fun and the game modes are interesting enough, I will buy it after more than 5 years, just not at full price
  12. I actually prefer it that way. It gives me the false sensation of DLC actually being post-launch content instead of stuff they took out of the base game in order to earn extra money
  13. So Gable and Otis are about to drop those titles. I really hate when title changes are rushed just because they want certain people having something to do at Wrestlemania
  14. So, everything going on in the WWE right now revolves around Roman vs Brock. The WWE title is a prop and RAW top stars have been side characters for the feud. They could pull off great matches like AJ vs Edge but what long term feud do we have for the event? McIntyre vs Corbin?
  15. Well the fact she was scanned doesn't mean she's going to be in the game. The Royal Rumble is a great place to scan people, as they will have tons of wrestlers in the same building including legends/alumni who are not going to be available at any other event, so it's a great chance to scan as many people as they can just in case they want to use those in the future
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