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  1. Well it was a good run; gonna really miss this game (2k19). Fully devoted to 2k22 creations now (though we are winding down a bit, due to not many people left.....least till the men's division...*sigh*) Some of my peeps like Sadie Tau are uploaded now:
  2. A rumble showcasing some of the recent uploads (save for Sakura, who's moveset isn't done)
  3. Thanks to the Stacy Keibler DLC; will work with some new tops; case in point: slight Joselle re-design
  4. Thanks; yeah they can be a pain, sometimes.
  5. Messin' Round with fantasy OC's again; Gloria Dreakith - Drow Makka - Orc
  6. Lucy Nagata and her heavy, Shiyoka, making a comeback:
  7. Feeling a fair amount of burnout, so the uploads are probably gonna slow down a bit (Movesets take *censored*ing forever) . Though to be fair, I don't have many people left to showcase here. 3 that have gone up over the weekend and Monday: Gigi Miller and Dallas Gordon: Molly Damico Soon to be up in the next couple of hours , Leona Valdez: Will try to get to Lina Gallo and Shelly Parker... and maybe Lucy Nagata, but after that, will probably take a break, for a bit.
  8. Holly Jade's tattoo revamp: And a preview of Gigi miller:
  9. With Zoe Reynolds complete, this more or less finishes the base roster for me; might work on some of the lockdown extras:
  10. The reupload of Dolly and the menu images of Cynthia Blair, Carmine Day, Lisa Barnes, and Hana Shidori. (before the Entrance video anyway)
  11. Seems to be the hair; some of the new ones, from the default characters, do it. Other hairs are fine ;(the riveras for example) and all the old ones are too. Indi Hartwell Custom attire:
  12. There's a very visible neck seam below the clavicle and between the shoulders. Suppose to be more blended and seamless.
  13. Dolly Lovett is soon to be reuploaded , due to neck seam/outright hair removal issues; although this may just be a PC only thing, as Revelle's hair video, didn't have these. On Another note, Cynthia Blair, Carmine Day, Lisa Barnes, and Hana Shidori are up...but might make a third entrance video to showcase them.
  14. Johari has been re-uploaded ( due to opacity paint changes, and a cracked texture added): Along with Dawn Davis (80's love Child): and Demi Walker
  15. Sylvia is getting another gear revamp (luchador, so it kinda makes sense) and a Preview of Hana Shidori:
  16. Some of the recent uploads in action:
  17. Some previews of a couple of showcases; a few of these are up already.
  18. Some more from the weekend: Crystal (Miami based, party-gal) - Miami,FL Her tag team partner, Heidi Lane - NJ "The 90's kid" Brandy Jackson
  19. Yeah; she kinda got briefly mentioned in the 2k19 thread; character idea stemmed from some European model I saw: Early draft even went back to white hair; but I thought a change was needed. (Ignore the weird eyes)
  20. Thanks; Delilah (Simone Bach) is up now:
  21. Amber Saint Jules, Gloria Fanucci, and Vesper's Entrances:
  22. Some from the weekend; will have an entrance video covering Gloria Fanucci, Vesper, and Amber Saint Jules, later this week: Dolly Lovett (devil's advocate type,instigator) : Stacy Rivera (The middle sister of the Rivera clan.)
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