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  1. I'm down with those addons...weird that it's Kacy and no Kayden as well
  2. That's not even a bug....you can turn just about any manager into a caw, to make them playable. What I did for Zelina in 19.
  3. Are these Aliyah and Scarlett leftovers? (red squares)
  4. Would be way higher than that: 5'9' would be laughable; also looks like it's tied to build or something. Weight sliders should be indifferent of height (stupid decision), but we can also set the weight class before we even start body editing....so there's that I suppose.
  5. Anyone catch the max women's caw height in that video? If they jacked it up again like in 17....(granted they patched that back in, but still)
  6. Happy with this roster, for the most part, but man....visiting their official roster pages (on WWE. com) is kinda depressing. Hope we get some more nxt US and UK peeps. Indi has to be a shoe in, given Dexter and all other WAY members being in.
  7. Yeah if they can throw in Aliyah/Xia Li/Indi Hartwell/Persia/Kayden/Kacy/Jinny/Meiko/Piper Niven/Isla/Nina Samuels/etc. then I'd be okay with that. Sucks for some of the alumni omissions like Molly and Lita.
  8. So, officially, if you count Ronda as DLC (which she's been confirmed to be) we're looking at 40 Women this year....which is a slight step down from the last two, but hey....blame WWE.
  9. Default tats are a moot point, when you have your own custom ones. I don't have many characters with tats, but when I do, I sure as hell don't go looking in the regular categories.
  10. When in doubt, always get stuff for PC....unless it's like a Arkham Knight/Saints Row 2 port or something.
  11. Slight revamp of Fiona Halon's gear; going with this on 2k22:
  12. Smacktalks provides much clearer Tegan Confirmation:
  13. tegan's already (more or less) been confirmed and Toni left WAAAY too late in development to be remove.
  14. There's gonna be not much of a difference graphically speaking between generations; you're really just looking at better load times and more stable frame rates. 22 is not a true leap to next gen consoles; not until they start doing PS5/Series X/ PC only. Lot of games are still doing this cross-gen bullshit.
  15. Someone pointed out Eva Marie, not surprising or anything, considering this roster was most likely locked around Mania 37. Wait nvm; might be carmella's
  16. IIconics huh? We're gonna have a very big "Also Starring" section during that roster reveal.
  17. Don't know who's complaining about this; there's nothing wrong with fullback briefs (diapers, really?) If anything they seem to embellish physiques (bigger busts, well toned abs, for people who don't have them, etc.)
  18. fave revamp for Traci Warren:
  19. Best to not take anything Anti says at face value; they're a tad bit pretentious.
  20. Kinda got DOR vibes from it; still sounds hella complicated.
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