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  1. Quite a few more are uploaded now: Lucha Sylvia TABBY! (Tabatha Gaines) Celine Duval (formerly Moira Newman)
  2. The normal length stripe socks, were not compatible (for some reason) with all shoes. Went ahead and made a Black/purple stripe texture, on some other socks.
  3. Jodi is up, as well as Belle, with a slight alternate revamp. Rebecca Davey coming later:
  4. Sally Jay is now up; not sure if it was someone here or not (might have been WWE games subreddit)who requested it, but have started the visuals for Jodi Quinn:
  5. Fitness Elite is back; Angela White is up, Sally Jay will be uploaded later tonight.
  6. Sorry forgot to mention, but Eliza Black is up. Hope they fix this opacity bug soon...
  7. High Society is back; Veronica is up, but Vivian still needs a moveset edit. Good visuals so far though.
  8. Thanks guys; appreciate it. Veronica Paige will probably be up next, though she's getting a bit of a revamp, due to materials for gear not working with custom logos. Ideally her last 19 edit was this (with an added sidebar to the briefs and bra). I really started to get the hang of simple bordering/trims... Placement is not so much an issue, but it just doesn't pop without being affected by satin or velour materials. So I've been toying round with "cleopatra" parts and a leotard/long boots: Counting it as more an evolution of gear, I suppose. When uploaded, she'll come with both sets of gear, in the event that, they actually fix caw materials....
  9. Thanks; guess I'll push up Eliza in the schedule. Chun and Sakura? Yeah i'll probably make em' again, but who knows when. Davey is gonna have to have some work arounds, due to some weird limitations involving long socks... Rachel Romero preview:
  10. Thanks guys; yeah there's a few issues I have with caw mode, but have been enjoying it mostly. Might be able to get to eliza next week or so. Uploaded-Bianca Norrie:
  11. Compared to 20? ABSOLUTELY! There are some things I wish it did like 19 however, like materials on gear. Materials affecting custom logos really helps pop them out more. That and there's some really odd conflicts; but other than that, I've been enjoying so far.
  12. Me again, showcasing my fictitious characters, pretend fighting in their underwear. starting off with the usuals: Nora Perez: Jenna Jordan Belle Ramsland Kiyori Toda These 4 are up (with the usual akira19 tag), along with Cathy Hollis (newcomer from late 2k19) and Katie Gladwin....don't have the shots yet to make said showcases, though. Faces might be a bit weird now due to the opacity bug as well... Also bit of a preview for today:
  13. 19 it very much works; there's like 6 of my designs that do very long socks (the shredded ones, the long two tone ones, or the striped ones) with short boots. Example: According to 22, neither of these are possible atm.
  14. Either this is a glitch or in VC's/ 2K's world people aren't allowed to wear long socks with shoes. LITERALLY every shoe was a conflict with various long socks:
  15. Bit of a trick for OC creators and realistic renders; green arena + faceapp/photoshop editing. Outside of hiring someone who looks like your caw, this kinda works... The bodies still throw it off, but eh....
  16. A returning bug from 18 and 20; custom logos aren't taking the properties of whatever CAW part they're on. Example 2k19 (how it's suppose to work): 2k22: Honestly; Custom logos should just have their own materials tab.
  17. Dont have too many complaints, but this Gear material glitch really needs to finally be addressed (returning from 18 and 20); ruins some of my gears 2k19 (where it works): 22: At this point I feel like custom logos should just have their own material tab, instead of relying on the mesh's material options.
  18. I'm down with those addons...weird that it's Kacy and no Kayden as well
  19. That's not even a bug....you can turn just about any manager into a caw, to make them playable. What I did for Zelina in 19.
  20. Are these Aliyah and Scarlett leftovers? (red squares)
  21. Would be way higher than that: 5'9' would be laughable; also looks like it's tied to build or something. Weight sliders should be indifferent of height (stupid decision), but we can also set the weight class before we even start body editing....so there's that I suppose.
  22. Anyone catch the max women's caw height in that video? If they jacked it up again like in 17....(granted they patched that back in, but still)
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