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  1. Happy with this roster, for the most part, but man....visiting their official roster pages (on WWE. com) is kinda depressing. Hope we get some more nxt US and UK peeps. Indi has to be a shoe in, given Dexter and all other WAY members being in.
  2. Yeah if they can throw in Aliyah/Xia Li/Indi Hartwell/Persia/Kayden/Kacy/Jinny/Meiko/Piper Niven/Isla/Nina Samuels/etc. then I'd be okay with that. Sucks for some of the alumni omissions like Molly and Lita.
  3. So, officially, if you count Ronda as DLC (which she's been confirmed to be) we're looking at 40 Women this year....which is a slight step down from the last two, but hey....blame WWE.
  4. Smacktalks provides much clearer Tegan Confirmation:
  5. I know every one is using Buddy Murphy as a "are they still in" measuring stick, but I'm guessing the likes of Ember moon, Toni, Tegan, etc. will probably still be in. Similar to how they do every year;....least I hope they're still in.
  6. Who's NEXT? now takes a darker connotation...
  7. I have nonstop Avengers music playing in my head now...
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