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  1. Yeah if I can aleast get re-mappable face buttons ( Namely heavy attack to Y, grapple to A, and reversals/dodge to B) I'll be a happy camper.
  2. Please tell there will be remappable controls....it boggles the mind why every game doesn't have this. You don't *Censored* with muscle memory...
  3. Entrance and match video for Okano
  4. Bringing back an old character: Shoji Okano ...well technically he's already up, but don't have a proper showcase yet.
  5. While I do have to cut people, to make the 100 caw limit; I'd much rather have more attire slots, before we talk about caw slots.
  6. Working on a new look for Isiah Briggs :
  7. Working on a new Attire for Brandy Jackson:
  8. Same day one platforms as usual probably. Why would that change? (PC/PS4-5/Etc.)
  9. Music Test for some of the newer caws:
  10. There went my hype for this shit. So tired of creating in 19...
  11. I'll believe it when I see it; never even heard of fightful until today.
  12. Who's NEXT? now takes a darker connotation...
  13. Vanessa Hawthorne gear revamp: Plus new character Traci Warren (teams up with the Jamie Reed character)
  14. Saint Knaira Gear revamps:
  15. Forgot to add this one for GIGI Stevens, reformatted from the Dana Brooke attire edit:
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