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  1. Some from the weekend: Kia Nelson Jasmine Rayne Yvonne Adani is up as well, but need to make a picture showcase
  2. Cliche Russian tag team Red Army (Dawn) are both uploaded.
  3. Shots of them together (Hooligans?). Mari isn't uploaded yet; still gotta do the moveset.
  4. I went back and looked at some old texture samples/logos I had made for her, and tried some different arrangements.
  5. Finally worked out a decent "traditional" wrestler, alternate look, for Rachel Romero (only stable mate between Mari and Trina, that didn't have one) Uploading shortly.
  6. Some recent uploads I forgot to mention (minus the Georgia and Sylvia mentions) Aria Stone, Rinni, and Trina Garcia.
  7. Thanks; np Yeah he's a bit bigger this year; really should be listed at the 275'ish mark, but with weights being tied to builds and all that...
  8. Well since they locked out, some of the cooler stages behind both my rises; here's, more or less, an early look at James (Henry) Highland: Went back and used his 2k18 look. Probably won't get to these guys until the summer though...
  9. Georgia Harris is up: Working on Evie tomorrow (maybe); had to have a hair change due to her 2k19 one, acting funky (I.e. glitched)
  10. Alright, a number of people have been reuploaded, due to the faces being more flush/fixed and the sock compatibility being unlocked: Romero hasn't because I might be working on a new alt attire, to go along with Trina and Mari. Also Georgia will probably be up later.
  11. Thanks; yeah people seem to really like Kiyori every year it seems.
  12. Trina is on the docket yeah; Bonnie I wasn't too fond of ( and I figured not many others were as well) so I discontinued her in 19. Can't make any promises but I might bring her back.
  13. Quite a few more are uploaded now: Lucha Sylvia TABBY! (Tabatha Gaines) Celine Duval (formerly Moira Newman)
  14. The normal length stripe socks, were not compatible (for some reason) with all shoes. Went ahead and made a Black/purple stripe texture, on some other socks.
  15. Jodi is up, as well as Belle, with a slight alternate revamp. Rebecca Davey coming later:
  16. Sally Jay is now up; not sure if it was someone here or not (might have been WWE games subreddit)who requested it, but have started the visuals for Jodi Quinn:
  17. Fitness Elite is back; Angela White is up, Sally Jay will be uploaded later tonight.
  18. Sorry forgot to mention, but Eliza Black is up. Hope they fix this opacity bug soon...
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