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  1. Johari has been re-uploaded ( due to opacity paint changes, and a cracked texture added): Along with Dawn Davis (80's love Child): and Demi Walker
  2. Sylvia is getting another gear revamp (luchador, so it kinda makes sense) and a Preview of Hana Shidori:
  3. Some of the recent uploads in action:
  4. Some previews of a couple of showcases; a few of these are up already.
  5. Some more from the weekend: Crystal (Miami based, party-gal) - Miami,FL Her tag team partner, Heidi Lane - NJ "The 90's kid" Brandy Jackson
  6. Yeah; she kinda got briefly mentioned in the 2k19 thread; character idea stemmed from some European model I saw: Early draft even went back to white hair; but I thought a change was needed. (Ignore the weird eyes)
  7. Thanks; Delilah (Simone Bach) is up now:
  8. Amber Saint Jules, Gloria Fanucci, and Vesper's Entrances:
  9. Some from the weekend; will have an entrance video covering Gloria Fanucci, Vesper, and Amber Saint Jules, later this week: Dolly Lovett (devil's advocate type,instigator) : Stacy Rivera (The middle sister of the Rivera clan.)
  10. Yeah I changed Jenna back to her usual ponytail (which I think might be Indi's or something). Didn't mind the new hair, but also wanted to keep her traditional look.
  11. Some roster custom edits going up shortly: Mia Yim (a look that I wanted to try in 20...) Kay Lee Ray Shotzi Blackheart
  12. Two of the Rivera sisters are uploaded: The oldest and fairly cut-throat, Jackie Rivera: And the Youngest, and more light-hearted, Kelly Rivera: Tag team gears: Also might get back into some In-game character customs:
  13. Recent returning uploads: Adrian Mackie - Jee Yung Selina Troy - Teresa Dunn Sorry for the lack of extra bio info; kinda felt redundant reposting so many times, and most people here kinda know it already.
  14. Anyone watch Steve and Larson? Saw the draft today, and noticed that Tabby! and Belle Ramsland got picked up by them. Will be interesting to see, what they do to them. Preview for tonight: Teresa Dunn
  15. OH that one; you can more or less recreate that, with some similar stuff in there. Man that's a nolstalgia trip; forgot how limited the women's part selection was back then.
  16. "The Yakuza Queen" Holly Jade is now up....well been up for a while anyway.
  17. Ah okay, Black and Perez are up already; Johari might be a few weeks off, though.
  18. Who do you need from me again? I know Eliza was in there before (and is up on the CC).
  19. Proper look at Connie Atwell this year:
  20. Most recent updates: Corporal (Melanie)Evans, "Cheer-Captain" Cindy Adams, Connie Atwell, DJ (Yvonne) Adani, Rita Murphy, and Sonya Cruise.
  21. My usual 80's retrofuture based PPV, Flashpoint:
  22. Some from the weekend: Kia Nelson Jasmine Rayne Yvonne Adani is up as well, but need to make a picture showcase
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