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Original Caw - Bellamy Wayne The Wolf of Midgard Showcase

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Hello Everybody.
I had a bit of time, so i decided to do something i havent done since...i think 2k16.
I show you my main Caw that i used since...oh man i think earlier than No Mercy.

And in this case its something big, because late 2020 i completely rebuilt him, gave him a proper name and kind of Gimmick.
Because i decided that i want to get into the whole Efed thing sooner or later.

Late 2020 i got hit with a massive hunger for working on my caw again in 2k19.
I looked at him and wanted to do more, wanted him to evolve and take shape.
Before i called him "The Game" had various themes that made no sense to the character...because there really wasnt a character.
Add to that the fact his face triggered me massively...which i show you.
I never before did the whole face texture thing, but was so upset about the dumb face that i just couldnt make better.
So i checked a caw makers tutorial, guys name is Mewmin...check him out, his tutorial helped me greatly.
I toyed around and somehow got it to work, from there on i had this sense of accomplishment...i had a proper face.
Thing was, that with that Face, i realized that my guy needed more.

So i decided as a comic book fan would do when something is not working anymore, to Reboot him...gave him a proper Name and some direction of a gimmick(as you can see its Viking/Norse related, which i have become quite the fan off in the last 3-4 years...one of his tattoos is even my real one).

Bellamy Wayne, the Wolf of Midgard was Born.
And ever since, im getting more and more into it, to the point where one of my next steps is to join up with a Efed.

Currently im not on 2k20, after the game crashed constantly during entrance, ive gone back to 2k19 where i currently have 11 slots for him.
On 2k20 i have 7, actually 6, the 7th i havent continued. 

Its a lot of fun again doing caw, and i learn a lot to be honest about a lot of things, finding the right angle for pictures, picture editing, even did a short animation edit.
So it gives me a lot of experience on many things that i maybe even can use in real life...crazier things happened.
Anyway, heres a look at Bellamys face in 2k19 when i didnt use a texture, and all my 7 slots.


Slot 1 "Wolf of Midgard"


Slot 2 "Berserker"


Slot 3 "Storm Guardian"

Slot 4 "Unleashed"


Slot 5 "The Last King"


Slot 6 "Blood Wolf"


Slot 7 "Ragnarök"


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Epic work, like him. But I must confess I first read his name as "King of midcard" !!

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Thank you...thats actually not a bad name for a caw, i have a few gimmickless caw ideas, that i could maybe use for one.👍

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