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  1. Here is the prices with everything that was on the first page..
  2. One of the games NEW selling points. Also to add a few weeks after you either get signed to either brand to boot..
  3. one can hope everyone who was cut is still in the game as well this might really be the last WWE game I get for awhile perhaps..
  4. This sums up how I feel about the WWE lately.
  5. if most of their roster is gone, who cares if the draft is in or not. And they shit the bed big time when it came to the roster, all of that wasted potential.
  6. I will be checking out the AEW game, well I will wait a few for the reviews and whatnot.
  7. the next wwe games are gonna be shadows of their former selves roster wise.
  8. This would not suprise me one bit to be honest. Also in 20 I have downloaded CAWS with 99 % of their logos being invisible and not showing up.
  9. I cant upload anything to 19 or 20 due to the image uploader being broken and them saying they fixed the issue when they didnt. worked fine till one of the updates.
  10. So we have to wait what 5 months for more solid info ? and I hate to break it to them but with the state of the WWE the fans are not in a fever pitch during the road to wrestlemania.
  11. I wonder how many of the released superstars will be in 22..
  12. WWE has gone full ret at this point.
  13. I do know one thing. this roster will blow.
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