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  1. I was like YESSSSSS the moment the fireflies appeared
  2. im glad you agree with lori as a heel
  3. wanted to give you a heads up, that the latest update added alot of new attires. 16. has them
  4. missed it live due to th weather. had sever storms and power outages all day. that show kicked ass big time all around.
  5. did you download Lori's alt attire and make the moveset change ? as im still playing with her moveset kinda.
  6. we need Io "Sky" in 22 lol that name botch, but that frogsplash by paul was WOW.. and King Kai !
  7. I often wonder if wrestling would have been better of if vince had gone to jail during the roid trial and jerry jarrett had taken over the wwe for a time.
  8. those are all very nice and I understand about movesets. I save them and port them over. thats the only way I do them or from time to time base their moveset off of a wrestlers. makes it way easy and saves the headache and time
  9. Lori and Gary also in Lori's moveset, change the spinning backfist to the belly to belly 6. Edward is up up, so is verity and some others if you need more people.. Just type in RNR or BPW to find them all. Also I was not able to find the jbl raining $ entrance.
  10. thats what I was thinking, if there were no scandals and allegations, ones he cant dodge or avoid this time, he would have been doing it till he dropped dead. Now its resign or else..
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