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  1. so by not playing online, I seem to have dodged a bullet it seems.
  2. that might be true mani, but atleast I would be able to upload stuff to either 19 or 20 instead of being screwed out of either, as on 20 not even half of my roster from 19 got uploaded due to 20's problems.
  3. yeah, as the people on the 2k forums have complained, this game needs atleast another half a year of patches to be playable sadly.
  4. like say for example Carmella's new entrance, Drew's with the sword, ect..
  5. the only one I do not have is max, however all of my family loves streaming. I am watching Sherlock Holmes Season 1 on prime. Its a russian version
  6. my thoughts go with everyone who needs them. Love and light your way.
  7. I didnt mind the old CAF as it worked for me. Though I never made anything absurd. I made like a 5 Star Elbow drop or the shooting star head butt, ect..
  8. indeed red hats have been ruined for awhile, also make america great again wasnt trumps slogan it was regans which he "borrowed"
  9. I made most of those Brandon with CAF. I miss that soooooo much.
  10. Also add in more places of origin like Norway, Scandanavia, ect..
  11. OH Mani thanks for that idea ! bring back the old entrances of past games like The Brood, The Sandman, Ariel, ect and add like say Blackmans Kata entrance, ect..
  12. All of the moves/taunts from 20 in, including the DLC like The Divine Move, ect.. also keep the payback effects, even the non wrestling related ones as they do fit certian wrestlers.
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