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  1. also the 24 section should have been up by now given what all has been unloaaded about it..
  2. The Sugar Hold or some other old school shooter/submission moves. Also more catching finishers, like say a catching black mass, ect or more counters, like that old one that was in the past games where if you assigned someone a certian ankle lock, they would counter the kick into the grapevine ankle lock if im not mistaken, or the spear into a guilotine or kimura for example
  3. she looks like someone you dont want to mess with
  4. Jade & Punk for DLC im thinking. I also hope that unlock feature actually unlocks everything, as I LOATHE myfaction exclusives and having to play through showcase mode to unlock stuff, the unlocker should unlock everything period. Its what your paying $ for.
  5. I would imagine the reason why we are not hearing from Bo or their daddy is they are still "shell shocked" and grieving. we will hear from them in their own time.
  6. I love your attires and the logos on them, they are very cool and unique to them.
  7. the riddle drama also made me shake my head.
  8. you have some very detailed caws. keep up the good work. I love the ink on them
  9. what Gen & Paper have said, as I have been around on this site since the ps 2 days and my guess is real life that and they lost interest in wrestling and the other factors listed.
  10. yes, as it was in 22 but removed in 23 for no reason, go figure.. Was using it for my Khali looking one in all his "wrestling" glory, as they didnt have many botched moves or a botch slider, as he and Jax would have broke it..
  11. either the northern lights suplex or driver, when goldberg botches the jackhammer and it turns into that.
  12. none of them are bad at all and im digging their looks.
  13. So I have a question, IF I converted some of the AEW outfit textures like Mox's vest for 23, like made it into a PNG, should it work ?
  14. very nice edits to your CAWS. like their new looks.
  15. I like these caws. They have a unique look to them. Cool based off of fighting game CAWS
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