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  1. This would not suprise me one bit to be honest. Also in 20 I have downloaded CAWS with 99 % of their logos being invisible and not showing up.
  2. I cant upload anything to 19 or 20 due to the image uploader being broken and them saying they fixed the issue when they didnt. worked fine till one of the updates.
  3. So we have to wait what 5 months for more solid info ? and I hate to break it to them but with the state of the WWE the fans are not in a fever pitch during the road to wrestlemania.
  4. I wonder how many of the released superstars will be in 22..
  5. WWE has gone full ret at this point.
  6. I do know one thing. this roster will blow.
  7. so what are your thoughts cross ?
  8. oh I have downloaded CAWS and half of the stuff is invisible, so it looks mostly like a CAW with nothing but a few of say Kenny's images on his pants for example, while everything else will be gone.
  9. I didnt preorder 20 for obvious reasons as you could tell that something was off due to the whole marketing. I got it on black friday, the collectors edt, digital for under $ 30.
  10. look to past games and see if you can find a male superstars moveset you thought fit and convert it to female.
  11. I wonder when we will get a roster reveal, as with all of the cuts this is likely the last wwe gaame we might see several of those stars in for awhile.
  12. I like them and agree with you brandon, because of the uploader not working for me I have just been making logos half of which I will not use due to wanting to see if I can do it and also keep my skills sharp for 22.. 20 was a dumpster fire.
  13. we need a botch slider, so that way we can make Nia as accurate as possible and also certian CAWS as well..
  14. I even posted a free converter link that I use all the time to convert dds files to png or jpeg
  15. I think there will be more releases like the Fiend, now that Ruby is gone, Liv is next, Asuka possibly, I mean the only one who is truly safe is Reigns. But yeah, the wwe went full ret with all of these releases, as AWE and Impact and NWA and the others will pick them up.
  16. I wonder how many of the released wrestlers will be in 22, as it looks like this will be the last game that I get from them in awhile as everyone that I like to play as or have moves with has been released.
  17. I just want all of the moves from 20 on 22. Even the stuff that was hidden behind the lame towers modes. Which also should not be in 22. If your going to hide moves, well not hide them, just do a DLC moves/taunts pack like you use to do.
  18. well hopefully this is the biggest and most up to date roster possible to make up for any roster cuts before hand.
  19. well with the roster cuts the game is gonna somewhat suck
  20. wtf, most of the talent was wasted. Joe, come on ! And Ryker was the one who needed the boot lol.
  21. all of them look really cool, like the looks and attires.
  22. not bad at all. what are the tags ?
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