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  1. CJ, might I ask how do you get the full sleeves to work/look correct, is there any certian size you go for or whatnot, as I can never get them to look right.
  2. cool caws. I like their outfits and tattoos fumbles, keep up the good work.
  3. mine are coming back ! slow to work on them due to work, but now that the madness of inventory is over, things are settling down and I can work on caws, ect..
  4. even though my redneck caws might have the same hair styles, the mullets or you know the ones, they just go together like a hand in a glove..
  5. back from work, and no it isnt lyons combo. Its something else I think. though im not sure, been working 10 hours a day for 3 days in a row so my noggin isnt the best atm.
  6. thanks for this topic jeb, its going in my 23 folder for refrence.
  7. I am trying to find a move that I saw in CAM mode but cant remember the name. It looks like it would beling to Kai, Lyons or Xia. it is several kicks followed by a roundhouse kick that sends the person away.
  8. call me bold, but I do say there needs to be a 23 renamed moves topic, as the name changes really threw me off this year.
  9. I am back for another game with my various CAWS featured on Broke Bottle's BPW thread where they battle Keyu and others featured on this 23 CAW forum ! Due to them having stepped it up a notch in CAWS and how they look, I had to tweak my caws in terms of face textures and tattoos at times, BUT overall im extremely happy with the way they look. https://imgur.com/a/WfAFLj2 First up is my Striker/Submission MMA ish inspired CAW Gary Masters. He is a striker, technician and submission specialist. The lady below that is Lilith Gownie my pagan/new age CAW. I had to redo her face texture since the old one didnt work this time around. The lady after that is BPW's own Lori Braddock, inspired by the likes of Ripley and Jazzy/Alpha Female moveset wise. The CAW after that one is Gary's older brother Tristan who is inspired by Severn and Angle in terms of moves and then there is Verity, think Melina mixed with Maryse and Flair.
  10. my guess is no due to the targeting issues that was brought up some pages back with those 2 heights. Though they could just make those heights like andre or bliss in terms of targeting wise
  11. I see. well then I dont know how good those will be to you, but brandon does look awesome.
  12. for a james storm ish dark brown try R: 33 G: 28 B:20 for a jaxon Riker ish try: 40/30/19 for a Ambrose-ish try: 48/33/24 also note these are taken from 19 but the color stuff stays the same so yeah..
  13. Ok, im loving the fact that in CAW mode my biggest problem is choosing the hairstyles that I like for said CAW this year, as just WOW..
  14. Ok, damn I am digging CAW mode, and am stuck between some good hair choices this year, as for some reason for one CAW, im really digging Walter's hair, though Kross's is cool too for this look.
  15. you should be able to choose between games cross, and how does one choose other body types aside from the green checked default ?
  16. I have uploaded some face textures to try out to see which one looks the best and 2 tattoos as I cant exactly fool around with the game as I have work sadly tomorrow. Otherwise I would stay up..
  17. Also note people, these types of files are ALWAYS handy to have and come in handy from face textures to old outfits and tattoos. Thanks war for sharing this with everyone.
  18. on discord someone also posted a picture of a Jason Momoa CAW and the damn CAW looks SPOT ON. This mode is fire !
  19. Stuff being locked beind my faction needs to die a slow and horrible death.
  20. How do you change the body types in CAS ? What I mean is from the default green check to another one..
  21. Could vince be on the dev team ? "Make them look jacked to the gills !"
  22. Gen it will be there tomorrow most likely by 11 pm. and its downloaded and counting down glenn. Depending on your time zone is 22 hours or less..
  23. lets go !! its starting to download will be fully ready by tomorrow sometime..
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