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  1. I just want all of the moves from 20 on 22. Even the stuff that was hidden behind the lame towers modes. Which also should not be in 22. If your going to hide moves, well not hide them, just do a DLC moves/taunts pack like you use to do.
  2. well hopefully this is the biggest and most up to date roster possible to make up for any roster cuts before hand.
  3. well with the roster cuts the game is gonna somewhat suck
  4. wtf, most of the talent was wasted. Joe, come on ! And Ryker was the one who needed the boot lol.
  5. all of them look really cool, like the looks and attires.
  6. not bad at all. what are the tags ?
  7. well we know that its coming, but that's about it lol. Maby the marketing for 22 will be better than 20.
  8. ok, here's a question that I dont think has been asked before, but at what point in a wrestling game's contex would you scan for attires, given how influx and ever changing things are in this sport..
  9. if I was bianca's opponents, that long hair would be a target every single time, I would be doing what sasha is doing and make her pay for it.
  10. why do you think that people do not appreciate bianca ?
  11. I dont think it was that bad Gen, but I could be mistaken, however that roll through was cool.
  12. why have the crowd at all if they keep doing these canned chants and effects..
  13. come on rousey or lynch show up tonight or on raw
  14. sofar, night 1 nothing really memorable as far as attires, guest appearances, no pulling out all the stops.
  15. ryker does look like a capital rioter. and that match was brutal.
  16. that EJ well his smaller more natural physique was the result of that health scare he had where he lost half of his mass due to that infection.
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