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Poe Øhlin

When Darkness Falls: Poe Ohlin in WWE||Night of Champions POSTED!

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WWE: SummerSlam - August 19th, 2012


1..2..3! CM Punk retains his WWE Championship. In one motion, the crowd at the Staples Center rise to their feet, they beginning to boo and cheer for the the winner of this contest.


Justin Roberts: The winner of this contest, and still DUDDUBE Champion, CM PUNKKKK!!!


CM Punk is awarded his title, and he throws it up, holding it in the air with both hands. John Cena, one of the men in this triple threat match gets up, standing in the turnbuckle. The other participant, The Big Show, rolls out of the ring, still dazed from an Attitude Adjustment. Punk's face is painted with a smirk, as he is still the longest reigning WWE Champion in history.


Suddenly, the entire arena becomes blanketed in complete and utter blackness. Camera flashes are seen, as people are trying to see what exactly is going on. There's even a few little flames courtesy of lighters popping up. Nobody knows what is going on.


Then, the shadow of a man is shown on one of the side trons, followed by an emmense fog forming by the entry ramp. The fans then cry out in cheers, knowing that either their phenom The Undertaker could be coming. Maybe even their long awaited hope of Sting coming is about to happen.


But when the lights turn on, it is neither Undertaker, or Sting. Instead, standing in the ring is well known and infamous independent star Poe Ohlin. He walks up and gets into the face of CM Punk while the fans watch in silence. Both men stare into each other's eyes for mintues, the commentators trying to figure out what is happening.


John Cena then walks over to these men, all three look at each other, back and forth like. Cena and Ohlin then smirk evil like, Punk backing up. Cena walks towards Punk, but gets spun around by Ohlin. Poe gives Cena a kick to the gut and, then pulling him into a position that indie fans know.


He cuts his throat as Punk scurries out of the wing, and lifts up Cena's arm. He then throws Cena up, and plunges him down head first to the mat, connecting with his famous move the Nevermore, a variation of the Tiger Driver. He stands up after hitting his move, the entire audience booing at him, Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler screaming "WHAT JUST HAPPENED!"


Ohlin looks around the crowd, and then smirks like only he does. He continues to do this as this year's edition of SummerSlam rolls off of the air.


From WWE.com

Last night at the 25th anniversary of SummerSlam, CM Punk successfully defended his WWE Championship in a triple threat match featuring Big Show and John Cena. After the match, the lights in the arena would go off, prompting those in attendance to cheer for the return of The Undertaker. However it would not be the Deadman, instead it was a known independent wrestling star.


He'd interact in a stare off between the WWE Champion and John Cena. After a while, this man would attack Cena with what would appear to be a signature move of his as the event went off the air. According to WWE sources, this event may or may not be addressed on Raw tonight.


Stay tuned for updates.

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WWE Monday Night Raw - August 20th, 2012


After a main event bout of CM Punk versus Dolph Ziggler, John Cena's music plays. The fans collectively cheer and boo at the man who is considered the face if the WWE. He salutes the crowd and then runs down the ramp, and slides into the ring. He gets up to his feet, and throws up his signature hand sign, the crowd cheering him on. He then does the hand sign for the microphone, and is handed one. He flips it on, and begins to speak.


John Cena: "Last night, me, CM Punk, and Big Show went to war. It was SummerSlam, and we were going at it for the WWE Championship. It was a hard fought bout, and I'm sure it was hard for Big Show to even get in the ring.


But at the end of it all, CM Punk proved he was the better man when he pinned me, 1..2..3. The match ended, and I'll be honest, I'm disappointed I did not win. I got to my feet and stood up against that vary turnbuckle." Cena then points to the turnbuckle behind him to his right.


"I was ready to congratulate Punk, and be the good winner and shake his hands. But for those of you that watched or were there, that didn't go down. No no no, what happened was, I got jumped by a man I don't even know. I have never met, or even have any beef with this man going by Poe Ohlin. But that did not stop him from assaulting me, and hitting what I can assume is his finisher.


"Some of you might ask am I mad. Well hot damn you can bet I'm mad. Nobody should jump another man from behind, especially if it's to promote yourself. So Poe, be lucky you work in a garbage promotion, because let's face it. If you stepped into this ring with me, I'd sure as Hell give you what you need, an Attitude Adjustment!"


Right as Cena finishes speaking, the song "No Chance" begins to play. From the back, and with a round of applause comes the owner of WWE, Mr. McMahon. He stands on the stage, smiling to the crowd, even waving some. He then raises his hand, a microphone in it.


Mr. McMahon: "John, I'd like to congratulate you on your spectacular match last night. But John, you are wrong about Poe Ohlin. It's true, he comes from a promotion based solely and violence. But it also has strong technical roots. I'd consider it, an ECW for a new generation."


John Cena: "Vince, I know you just didn't come out here to talk to me about a promotion that has no involvement with us."


Mr. McMahon: "You're right John, his promotion, IWA Mid West doesn't have any real relation to us. But they sort of do. You see, I recently aquire some of their talent. This talent includes their best tag team, the family of Jeff and Matt Hardy, Zane and Daniel. I also got their top female wrestler, Alice.


And by now I'm sure you've all figured out, that I also signed Poe Ohlin. And John, at Night of Champions, you will face Poe Ohlin. But for you fans of Poe, he will make his WWE in ring debut, next week!"


The entire audience cheers, while at the same time booing. John Cena has a look of surprise etched onto his face. But right as Raw is about to end it's broadcast, the lights go out again. Suddenly, a spotlight focuses up to the rafters. Standing up there, is the man known as Poe Ohlin, he dressed in all black, his face painted of that of certain heavy metal musicians from Europe. Poe looks down towards the ring, his eyes showing no fear, burning themselves into the head of John Cena probably. Raw then goes off the air, focusing on Poe's face.




Name: Poe Ohlin

Nickname: Dead

Age: 22

Height: 6'2

Weight: 155 LBS

Billed From: Transylvania. Oslo, Norway.

Trained By: Abyss, Drake Younger, Scotty Vortekz, Thumbtack Jack



5X CZW Ultraviolent Underground Champion

4X CZW Junior Heavyweight Champion

1X CZW World Heavyweight Champion

2X CZW Tag Team Champion (with Widow)

2X Big Japan Deathmatch Champion

3X IWA Mid West HardCORE Champion

2X IWA Mid West Light Heavyweight Champion

1X IWA Mid West World Heavyweight Champion

wXw Gorefest 4 Winner

CZW Tournament of Death Winner



Thumbtack Jack

Drake Younger



Finishing Moves

Nevermore (Tiger Driver, Originally a Tombstone Piledriver) 2008 - Current

Frozen Feather (Phoenix Splash, ocassionally a Swanton Bomb) 2008 - Current


Other Moves

Helvete Lock (Sharpshooter Deathlock) 2008 - Current

Crow's Landing (A double underhook reverse piledriver) 2009 - Current

Brace to the Face/G.T.S (Cross legged facebuster or high knee face buster) 2008 - Current

Raven Lock (STF with the inclusion of barbed wire ocassionally) 2011 - Current

Fall of Usher (Twisting Diamond Cutter, ocassionally into an Asai Suplex) 2010 - Current

Frog Splash

Guilotene Leg Drop

Dragon Suplex

Full Nelson Bomb

Side Effect into an Elbow Drop

Frog Splash Elbow Drop



Lecher Bitch by Genitorturers (CZW)

Zetsubou Billy by Maximum the Hormone (BJW)

War by Bathory (wXw)

My Dark Subconcious by Morbid (Pre Match) and The Freezing Moon by Mayhem (Post Match) (IWA MW, CZW, IWA EC, ROH, PWG)

When Darkness Falls (Freddy VS Jason Version) by Killswitch Engage (WWE)

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For some reason, I'd have a hard time believing that a successful CZW wrestler could possibly make it into the WWE, let alone their main-event scene. I may eat my words one day when Ambrose finally gets called up, but the point remains. It's going to be an interesting read from here on out. I'm looking to see what happens man.

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WWE Monday Night Raw - August 27th, 2012


Justin Roberts: "The following contest, is set for one fall. The only way to win, is by pin fall, or submission."


The music of Yoshi Tatsu then starts playing, as well as his titantron. As he comes out to the stage, the fans applaud for him. The young man from Japan is competing on Raw for the first time in over a year, and hopes to catch a victory here, as he's been on a losing streak as of late.


Justin Roberts: "Introducing first, from Tokyo Japan, weighing in at 206 pounds, Yoshi Tatsu!!


He smiles and waves his arms as he makes his way down the ramp to the ring side area. He jogs his way over to the steel steps, and ascends up them. He then hops to the top of the turnbuckle, and bows to the crowd. Tatsu would then jump into the ring and bow again, he now awaiting the arrival of his opponent.


The lights then go dark, the stage, ramp, and ringside area being lit with an ominous purple light, fog beginning to appear on the stage and ramp. The song "When Darkness Falls" by heavy metal band Killswitch Engage then kicks in, the crowd starting to boo, with some audience members cheering. Out from the back comes Poe Ohlin, his hair (long and dark brown/black) pulled back behind his ears, his face painted in the metal tradition of corpse paint. He stands at the stage for a few moments, looking around before shaking his head some, he starting the march to the ring.


Justin Roberts: "And his opponent, from Oslo, Norway, weighing in at155 pounds. "Dead" Poe Ohlinn!"


The mixed crowd reaction would follow the young man, who resembles that of a living corpse. As he gets to the end of the ramp way, he looks to his left to some of the crowd, and shakes his head again. Ohlin then walks over to the steel steps and climbs up them, even going to the top of the turnbuckle. He throws his hands up in the sign of a gun, X's being written onto his wrist tape. He then jumps down in to the ring. The referee checks with both men, before signalling for the match to start.

(His titantron is like Raven's from WWE.)


Yoshi Tatsu VS "Dead" Poe Ohlin

Both men walk to the middle of ring and look down at each other. Poe backs up some, and offers his hand to Tatsu. The fans boo at the gesture, the young one from Japan looking around at the audience. He then slowly accepts Ohlin's hand, these two men shaking each other's hand. The fans then applaud the gesture as both men began a walk around the ring.


Tatsu and Poe then trade a few punches in the air, trying to fake each other out. Tatsu then goes for a spinning roundhouse kick, however his opponent moves out of the way, he returning with a low sweep kick. But like previously, Yoshi is able to avoid the move by jumping over Ohlin's leg. The series of moves and dodges gain applause from those in attendance. When both men are to their feet again, they stare down each other.


Both wrestlers then lock up, each one having a tight firm grip on the other's hand's, they trading the power of this grapple back and forth. Tatsu however gets control, and begins pushing Poe down, eventually to where the back of his head is nearly touching the mat. Yoshi then sweeps Poe, sending him down onto his rump. The crowd laughs, but Ohlin, un-phased, jumps back up to his feet.


He then runs to the other side of the ring, and comes running back after bouncing off the ropes. He goes for a cartwheel, but the opponent catches him by the legs. Yoshi raises him up, but Ohlin wraps an arm around his head, and slams Yoshi Tatsu down face first into the mat with a bulldog.


He gets to his feet, and delivers a soccorball kick to the one on the mat's face, sending him down onto his back. He walks over, standing at Yoshi's feet. He grabs his legs', and raises them up. He then jumps up, but instead of slamming his boots to Yoshi's groin, he maneuvers himself over, his boots slamming down across Yoshi's face. When Poe gets up, he pushes Tatsu under the ropes to the outside area.


He would then proceed to walk to the other side of the ring, stomping his foot a doing a "come on" motion with a hand, getting the crowd to clap and stomp their feet. When they are at their loudest, he runs to the ropes near Yoshi, and does a springboard rope flip con jiro onto Yoshi. Poe gets to his feet and yells out to the crowd, he then crossing his hands again, he then flipping them off.


He'd pull the man from Japan to his feet by the hair as the referee gets to the two count. But Tatsu fights back, landing a series of rights and lefts to the clothed chest of Ohlin. He follows them up by connecting with a few edged chops, even connecting one to Poe's face. Tatsu then hits a spinning back kick before rolling Ohlin into the ring.


Yoshi then quickly slides to the ring, and once on his feet, sprints to the ropes as Poe is getting up. As he comes running back to his opponent, the opponent is able to realize the situation. Poe counters the attempted running move with a drop toe hold, causing Yoshi to drop throat first on the bottom rope. This garters a round of boos from the crowd, the commentators calling it "A typical garbage wrestling move to have you opponent land on the ropes."


He drags Tatsu into the middle of the ring and pulls him up to his feet. He then sends him flying into one of the corner turnbuckles. Poe claps his hands some before running over to Tatsu..hitting a shining wizard on the Japanese man. Ohlin then jumps back, letting Tatsu stumble forwards some.


But his opponent gives him a mighty toe kick to the gut, and pulls him into position. Ohlin would then cut his throat before hooking the arms of Yoshi. He lifts him up some..AND THEN NAILS HIM WITH THE NEVERMORE. Tatsu's head just got slammed onto the canvas. Ohlin rolls him over onto his back, and hooks the leg. The referee slides in for the count. 1..2..3! It's over.


Justin Roberts: "The winner of this match, "Dead" Poe Ohlin!"


Poe Ohlin sits on the mat against the ropes, his legs spread out. He then calls for a microphone, which is given to him as the fans boo him and at the same time cheer him. Ohlin waits until Tatsu is out of the ring before beginning to speak.


Poe Ohlin: "Yoshi, that was a good fight you put up there. No wonder you gave Himura such a hard time in New Japan. But, that's not why I asked for this mic. I have a little something to say for you ignorant fans.


Since I made my "debut" here, people have been asking me why I attacked that so called wrestler John Cena. And my answer is quite simple, because he is a charactature. John Cena, in no way shape or form is a wrestler.


I mean think about it, the man dresses like he's a friggen cartoon character. Which now makes sense since he's going to be on a cartoon show. That, and I hate people who are fake as hell as well as wanna best of something they so fail at. And for Jhn, those things are being a rapper, a Telletubbie, and a wrestler.


Johnny boy, Vince said NOC, but why don't we make this party happen sooner, say next week? I'm up for a match, anytime, anywhere, and for any promotion that wants me bad enough. So until then, and to try and speak on your level.. peace out pussy!"


Ohlin throws the make out of the ring, and slides out after it. He then works his way to the locker room, as it's time for the next segment.


Rest will be posted as quickly as I can do so.

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WWE NXT - Wednesday August 29th, 2012


Back from a commercial break, it's time for another match. Newly hired performer Poe Ohlin is standing in the corner, waiting for his opponent. His hair is tied back into a ponytail, and he is without his usual face paint.


The fans then cheer as from the back, comes Kassius Ohno, another well known independent wrestler. He smiles to the crowd and waves his hand some, an expression of humor and weirdness painted on his face. He then trots down the entry ramp and to the ring side area. He jumps for a while before sliding into the ring, and follows that up by jumping to his feet, he smiling over to Ohlin.


Caylee Turner: "The following contest, is a no disqualifications match set for one fall. The only way to win, is by pinfall or submission.


Introducing first, from Dayton Ohio, weighing in at 230 pounds. Kassius Ohnoooo!!!


And his opponent, from Oslo Norway, weighing in at 155 pounds. Poe Ohlin!"


After the ring introductions, Ohlin slings himself forward a little and out of the corner. The referee then checks with both Ohno and Ohlin, and then calls for the bell.


Kassius Ohno VS Poe Ohlin

The wrestlers walk around the ring a little, each man pulling on the ring ropes some, Poe evn going as far as to jump a little to test the ring that is new to him. Both men then extend an arm, and grab on to the other's hand. Slowly, they move their free arm near each other, waiting to lock up fully. Ohlin though uses this to his advantage, and uses his free arm to send his forearm flying onto Ohno's chest.


As Kassius bends down to catch his breath, Ohlin whacks him on the back with a double sledgehammer, sending the man down. As Ohlin looks out to the crowd, some of the fans yell at him "You suck!" Ohlin replies by shouting back "Shut the hell up you Flordia bleep!" He immediately drops to the mat, and hooks his hands around Ohno's chin, locking in the STF. Poe tries to hold it on, but Ohno reaches down for some strength, and gets back up onto his feet, his opponent now hanging onto his back.


The herofic wrestler smiles to the crowd and works his way backwards over to the ropes closest to him. He then throws himself back, causing his opponent to fall down to the ringside area, where he arches his back and cries out in pain. Ohno then works his way up a turnbuckle quickly and leaps off..hitting a flying senton on Ohlin. This garners a round of cheers from those in attendance.


Ohno lifts Poe up, and goes to Irish whip him into the metal guardrail, however he rethinks his strategy, and pulls him back. As Ohlin gets whipped around, Kassius jumps up..and hits the Hero DDT! More applause from fans, and another smile of fun from the hero. But Ohlin wasn't injured enough, as he works his way up some, causing his current enemy to fall down. He mounts Ohno, and begins slamming his fists down into his face, ending this combo with a rough looking headbutt.


Poe then gets up and works his way over to the announcer's table, and pushes the time keeper away, taking the steel chair in wish the keeper was sitting on. Once his opponent is up, Ohlin charges to him screaming. As he is soon coming to face Ohno, he leaps up, slamming Ohno with a surfboard smash, sending the steel chair crashing into Ohno's face. But once he is down, Poe doesn't stop, and keeps bringing the chair down onto Ohno's body, whether it be the back, side of the body, arms, or legs.


He then goes under the ring, throwing more chairs, and a trashcan filled with weapons into the ring. He then pulls Kassius by the hair up to his feet, and rolls him into the ring. Poe follows after him, and pushes his enemy into the corner. He picks up the trash can, and empties out the contents, which include a kendo stick, some cookie sheets, and a piece of a broken table. He then sets the trash can up against Ohno, and follows it up by placing a chair against the trashcan.


He then flips off the crowd, and ascends up the turnbuckle opposite of his opponent. He then jumps from his perch..AND SLAMS HIS FEET INTO THE CHAIR AND TRASHCAN, THUS PUSHING THE TRASH CAN INTO THE FACE AND BODY OF OHNO! That has to hurt! This daredevil move gets the audience on to their feet, and has them chanting "OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!"


He then takes the garbage can, and places it on the mat near one side of the ropes. Poe would then grab Ohno by the hair, and drag him to his feet and over to a spot in front of the garbage can. Ohlin then runs to the ropes, and comes flying back to his opponent. But Ohno the ever knowledgeable veteran is ready for a the counter. Once Ohlin is right in front of him, he picks the living corpse up..AND FLAPJACK FACEBUSTERS HIM ONTO THE TRASHCAN! Once again the fans begin chanting OMG as the young one from Norway spazzes out on the mat some, pounding his feet into the canvas.


Kassius now walks fast like over to the kendo stick and picks it up. At that point, Poe gets up to his feet, his forehead busted open, blood trickling out slowly. The one independent wrestler walks over to his opponent, and begins hitting him with the kendo stick over and over on his open wound. This causes Poe to start bleeding more, and become more groggy. Ohno then goes behind Ohlin, and puts the cane right up against his enemy's neck, and proceeds to connect with a white Russian legsweep.


The entire audience at this point is now cheering and chanting for both wrestlers, but the majority of it is directed at Kassius Ohno. He smiles a little again. Ohlin, who had crawled over to the ropes near the announcer table, is back on his feet after using said ropes to pull himself up. His opponent then charges to him, but Poe ducks down, causing Kassius to crash down onto the floor.


Ohlin follows it up by leaping over the ropes, driving both of his knees into that of his opponent's chest. He rolls off to the side and gets back to his feet slowly, his face slowly getting covered in blood. He pulls Ohno up by the hair, and rolls him onto the announcer's table. Poe then proceeds to walk over to the closest ring post, and climbs to the top of it.


He raises his arms out with a battle cry, once again flipping off the crowd who follow that gesture up with boos. He then jumps down, looking for the guilotene leg drop. But once again Kassius is able to counter this troubled man, which causes Poe to go crashing into the announcer table, making it crumble down.


Ohno makes his way slowly to his downed opponent, and pulls him to his feet, and immediately lifts him up into a suplex like position. But instead of going with a suplex..he spikes Ohlin's head down with a BRAINBUSTAHHHHHHH!!!!! This mover breaks the OMG chant, and starts up the preverbile "Holy shit!" chant. Poe lays on the floor, breathing heavily as blood trickles down onto his neck, upper chest, and shirt that promotes the band Maximum the Hormone.


Hero slowly gets up, and pulls Ohlin by the arm over near the ring apron. He picks his enemy up, and helps him back into the ring. Kassius follows this up, he Irish whipping him into the farthest ring ropes. As Poe comes flying back, Ohno spins around..AND HITS THE DISCUSS CLOTHESLINE! That's gotta be it, wait no? He pulls this dead person back up to his feet, and into a position similar to Cody Rhode's finisher.


Ohno smirks to the crowd...AND THEN HITS HIS SIGNATURE ROLLING NECK FACECRUSHER!! Ohlin is laying on the mat not moving very much. Kassius rolls him over, and after the referee runs over, he gets the pinfall.


Caylee Turner: "The winner of this match, via pinfall. Kassius Ohnoooo!!!!!!!!"


After having his hand raised, Kassius helps Poe to his feet. Both men stare each other down for a minute or two. But they soon break the tension, giving each other a hug that gets an awe from those in attendance. Both men then raise each other's hands before leaving the arena.


From WWE.com

This past Monday, new WWE roster edition "Dead" Poe Ohlin called out John Cena. The two are scheduled to face each other at the upcoming Night of Champions pay per view. However Ohlin said that he'd rather face Cena this coming Monday instead of at the PPV. We are told Cena will address Poe's statements Monday. Stay tuned for more updates.

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Night of Champions Preview Card


WWE Championship Match

CM Punk© VS Big Show


Intercontinental Championship Match

The Miz© VS Damien Sandow


Singles Match

John Cena VS "Dead" Poe Ohlin


Fatal Four Way Elimination Divas Championship Match

Layla© VS Kelly Kelly VS Alicia Fox VS Beth Phoenix


***Card subject to change***

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You're doing a great job with this so far. I really like the way Poe debuted by going right after a top guy like John Cena it's something diffrent and thats good. Poe seemes to have a Sting/Raven vibe to him and his promo after his match with Yoshi was a nice touch. The NXT was well written and I enjoyed the match, the layout is good and easy to read so thats a pluse too.

Honestly I'm guessing something will happen with Poe and Cena on Raw that will just build up to their match at NOC rather than have the match on Raw and then again at NOC.

Keep up the good work this could go so many diffrent ways already. :)

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WWE Monday Night Raw - September 3rd, 2012


We welcome you to Monday Night Raw. Tonight, we will give you a preview of Night of Champions, when CM Punk takes on the Big Show. And we will determine the number one contenders for the world tag team championships, and the United States championship. But first, we kick things off with John Cena.


As Cena's music starts playing, everybody in the venue for the night rises to their feet and cheers. The face of the WWE walks out onto the stage, and smiles to the crowd. He then begins his run down to the ring, and leaps up to glide into it. Once there, he gets up to his feet, and automatically signals for the microphone. He is given one by a member of the WWE crew, and as the fans boo and cheer for him, he starts speaking.


John Cena: "Welcome welcome welcome WWE Universe! I know first hand from being backstage that you all are in for one heck of a show tonight. But before we get to all of that good stuff. You see, last Monday on Raw, our newest little outcast Poe Ohlin came out for his first WWE match. And after that match, he sat down, and gave us some of his thoughts.


And what did he say, well, he did whatever body just seems to enjoy doing. He made fun of me. Now I know on that side show called the indie scene, people tend to get more verbal and make fun of people. But Poe boy, you 'aint messing with some Kool-Aid drinking chair wielding wrassler! You're dealing with me, John Cena! And what's my motto?"


Cena holds the mic up as the crowd yells "RISE ABOVE HATE!"


"That's right folks, we of C Nation rise above hate. And that's what I'm gonna do to you Ohly. Oh and about the rest of your statement, do you kiss your grandmother with that mouth? But the main point I came out here for, was because Poe challenged me to a match tonight. Because it appears that he has not a lick of paitence in him, and what's to get his butt whooped tonight.


Well Poe, guess what? You have to wait until September 16th to face me in this ring. So hold your britches, cause you'll trip up running with them down!"


Right as Cena is about to put the microphone down, the music of Raw General Manager A.J. Lee starts up, gartering a huge round of cheers for the young woman. She skips out to the stage and stops near the ramp, smiling widely at the crowd and Cena. She waves to them all before she speaks.


AJ Lee: "Hello everyone, and welcome. I'm going to cut to the chase here. John, this Friday, Raw and Smackdown will be holding a mega show, which will result in the first ever three hour episode of Smackdown! And we want you to compete. In fact, you will be competing, in a tag team match. Your partner will be Randy Orton.


And as for your opponents, you will be facing Damien Sandow, and Poe Ohlin. Now I know that Poe is not here tonight, but just in case he tries some funny business, I've gotten you some bodyguards. And I'm sure all of you fans have figured it out, John, you have the APA on your side!"


The crowd pops for APA, but then the titantron kicks on, cutting to a back stage area, specifically a boiler room. In this boiler room, Poe Ohlin is sitting on some pipes, dressed in a black leather jacket, and a pair of sunglasses. He would be sitting over Ron Simmons and J.B.L, who have been knocked unconcious, laying in a small pool of blood.


Poe Ohlin: "Well, it seems that Mr. Cena does not have any protection at the moment. I thought these two were suppose to be the best in protecting wrestlers. Oh I'm sorry, I know how you all in WWE prefer the term 'superstars'.


Now don't go pissing in your panties Johnny, I'm not going to to stay here for Raw tonight. I just thought I'd drop by, and have a little chat. You see, you can delay it as much as you want, but Cena, you know that I'm better then you. I may be an outcast, but I'm an outcast who has more pure wrestling ability then you.


Yes, I love having weapons be involved, I get such a high on having a lighttube in my hand. But since WWE is such a prissy company, I can't go as crazy as I'd love to. But anyways, I suppose I'll be seeing you Friday Cena. And as for our oh so ravishing G.M, perhaps you and I can speak later in private."


Ohlin then begins laughing as he looks up and down from the camera, to the knocked out APA as Raw goes to commercial.


From WWE.com




Last night at the NXT tapings in Flordia, John Cena made an appearance to help give the young talent some advice. However during the event, Poe Ohlin assaulted Cena, culminating in Ohlin slamming Cena through a table set up on the outside of the ring. When the men crashed through the table, a piece of the metal supporting the table slammed against Cena's elbow, causing his arm to dislocate, and brake.


Cena was scheduled to appear in a tag team match this Friday on the three hour Smackdown Spectacular. He was set to compete with Randy Orton against Damien Sandow, and Ohlin. However due to this recent injury, Cena will not be able to attend the event. WWE officials have predicted that Cena will be able to wrestle within at least two weeks. Cena will be appearing on the next Monday Night Raw.


As for the other participants in the match, the card has been changed to Orton versus Sandow. Ohlin is set to appear, however it is not known if he will compete in a match. Both Orton and Ohlin are scheduled to be at the next Raw.


Stay tuned for more on this development.

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WWE Monday Night Raw - September 10th, 2012


After a long grueling match between Kaitlyn and Eve, the music of John Cena comes roaring through the sound system in the arena. As always, cheers and boos start up as John walks out onto the stage. He has his left arm in a cast, and strangely, his face is painted with a smile. He salutes the crowd with his good arm, and runs down the ramp, and into the ring. Once inside the ring, he is handed a microphone, and as he gets told via the crowd "Welcome back!", he starts speaking.


John Cena:

"I know, it's good to be back! Now some of you may be wondering why I'm so happy. Well as you all know, last week, my current arch nemesis Poe Ohlin put me through a table. This explains why I'm in this cast. But even though I won't be able to wrestle for about another week, I'm as happy as can be.


Why? Because tonight is my anniversary! Me and my wife have been together for so long now, and hopefully soon we can start a family. Now yes, we've had our share of bad times, but it hasn't torn us apart. I asked our beautiful General Manager if I could bring my wife out here for a couple of minutes, and she said sure. So here she is, my lovely wife!"


The fans start cheering as Elizabeth Huberdeau begins heading to the ring side area. Once she's in the ring, Cena walks over to her, he still smiling widely. He goes in for a kiss, but she pulls away from him. He looks at her, he nodding his head and smiling, it appearing as if he said "She's shy." He goes for another kiss and hug, but once again she avoids him. He looks at her puzzled, she calling for a microphone.


Elizabeth Huberdeau: "John, I can't do this."


John Cena: "Liz, what are you talking about?"


Elizabeth Huberdeau: "John, I can't be with you anymore. Not after all the others you've been with."


John Cena: "Liz we talked about this, I'm sorry for what I did. I know we were going to seperate, but we got over it. Why are you bringing this up again, and now for that matter?"


Elizabeth Huberdeau: "Because of this!"


She points to the titantron as it kicks on, it showing pictures of Cena in various compromising positions with some of the current and former divas of the roster. And at one point, even shows video of him and diva Kelly Kelly going into a motel room.


Elizabeth Huberdeau: "Now do you get it? I can't be with you after seeing you with all of those, those, tramps!"


John Cena: "Who showed you those images? Who!?!


Laughter can then be heard through the arena. At that point, the newest WWE Diva Alice comes out, pushing a small throne like chair. In the chair would be sitting "Dead" Poe Ohlin, he laughing into a mic. As he continues to laugh, Elizabeth Huberdeau gets out of the ring, and works her way up to the two wrestlers, she crying while doing so.


Ohlin stands up and embraces who we can assume is the former misses John Cena. Alice joins in with the hug, both her and Poe smirking down at John Cena as he stand in the middle of the ring. Alice then leads Elizabeth backstage, Poe bringing her mic to his lips.


Poe Ohlin: "We'll John, it seems that not only can you wrestle, you don't even have a home life anymore. But the truth had to be exposed. You stand in that ring and preach about being wholesome and a role model and hero for the children who tune into this garbage, but there you are, shacking up with every fake breasted slut who throws herself at you!


Cena, you really do suck. You are no role model, you are not hero, your aren't even a wrestler. You're nothing more then a two faced transgender bleep bleep entertainer. And next Sunday, I'ma show the world how much you suck at this thing called professional wrestling. Well, unless Lizzy keeps me up all night and I need a day of rest."


Poe then starts laughing again, he walking backwards to the backstage area. The camera pans in on Cena's face, his entire mouth and skin trembling with sadness and rage. He then screams into his mic, and throws it into the crowd. He rips off his shirt, and throws his hat down. Raw goes to commercial as he starts walking up the ramp.

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From WWE.com


This Monday on Raw, John Cena was dealt a huge blow when he was left in the ring by his wife, and it appears as if she has ended the two's over three year relationship. Elizabeth Huberdeau was prompted to leave her husband after being shown photographs and even video of her husband of three years in sexual acts with some of his female employees. Cena nor the accused divas have spoken up about the images.


Ms. Huberdeau was given the images via Cena's current rival and the newest WWE roster addition Poe Ohlin, as well as his follower and partner Alice. Due to personal issues, Cena will not be appearing this week on Smackdown or Raw as he was scheduled to. Ohlin is scheduled to appear in a segment on Smackdown this Friday with Damien Sandow. Ohlin will also be appearing next week on Smackdown in a match. There is no word if Cena will make an apeparance next week, but he is still scheduled to be at Night of Champions.


Stay tuned for this developing story.

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WWE Friday Night Smackdown! - 14th, 2012


Once back from a commercial break, Poe Ohlin is in the ring, as well as Damien Sandow. Both men walk around the ring, Ohlin taunting at the crowd as they boo to the two men. After two minutes of standing in the ring, and taking in the booing, they start to speak.


Damien Sandow: "Alright you delinquents. Let me and my friend Mr. Ohlin share some knowledge with you all. You see, this company known as WWE has a problem. It is filled with people who are two faced and filthy.


Everybody in this company besides Ohlin and myself, lie. They lie to those in charge, they lie to those in the locker room, they lie you the audience, and they lie to themselves. Everybody here's wants to be a superstar, and to do so, they usually have to sell out their values."


Poe Ohlin: "Damien you are so correct. The independent scene isn't much better, but at least people are more honest. I mean, the superstar who is suppose to be the face of the entire company, committed adultery, more then once! What type of influence is that onto the idiotic children who watch this *bleep*?


Now me and my friend Damien could go on forever how this place is rotten, and filled with two faced liars, and how it sucks as a product in professional wrestling. But we were only given a little bit of time, due to having Alicia Fox and Kelly Kelly wrestle. Really, those two? They suck ass at wrestling, and they tend to suck the boys in the back!"


Damien Sandow: "So people, we plead you to just, change, the channel. Thank yo.."


Before Sandow is able to finish his sentence, Smackdown General Manager Booker T, and Raw General Manager AJ Lee come out to the stage, to roars of applause.


Booker T: "Damien, Damien, Damien. I'ma keep this short and sweet playa. You and Randy Orton have been going back and forth over which one of you is better due to ability and the appearant difference in lifestyle. So to end this little argument, at Night of Champions, you will face Randy Orton in a match, a last man standing match. Can ya dig it, sucka!"


AJ Lee: "And as for you Poe, I've spoken to John Cena after yor little stunt on Raw. He will be at Raw next week, however you won't be, as you are suspended from Raw until after your match at Night of Champions. And speaking of your match, Cena asked for a little addition to it.


You will now face Cena, in an Extreme Rules match!"


AJ's music starts to play as she smiles down to the ring, Booker waving to the two men as these two authority figures go back to their offices. Ohlin and Sandow look out to the crowd and at the stage as we once again go to commercial.



Night of Champions Final Card


WWE Championship Match

CM Punk© VS Big Show



Intercontinental Championship Match

The Miz© VS Dolph Ziggler



Extreme Rules Match

John Cena VS "Dead" Poe Ohlin

Fatal Four Way Elimination Divas Championship Match

Layla© VS Kelly Kelly VS Alicia Fox VS Beth Phoenix



Last Man Standing Match

Damien Sandow VS Randy Orton



World Heavyweight Championship Match

Chris Jericho VS Alberto Del Rio VS Sheamus©



United States Championship Match

Santino© VS Zack Ryder



Four Way Tornado Tag WWE Tag Team Championship Match

R Truth and Kofi Kingston© VS Primo and Epico VS The Usos VS Prime Time Players

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All in all Poe, I can see the thought you put into this and the passion you have for your character and indy wrestling really shines through. The indy references and the way you write characters is realstic in many aspects because you do a good job of capturing their mannerisms and the WWE style very well in your writing. You have a good understanding of how the WWE sets up a tv show and orchestrates drama. I'd say that comes through perfectly in your writing.


Some things you might want to consider, however, as you progress with this...


1) Realism- I'd say to try and keep it as close to the vest as possible. The WWE isn't going to allow the boat load of Indy wrestlers you are using in Poe's promos to be heard about on tv. The whole "Colt Cabanna" shout out that Punk through out there in his infamous shoot was awsome because it NEVER happened and probably never will...


Mr. McMahon: "John, I'd like to congratulate you on your spectacular match last night. But John, you are wrong about Poe Ohlin. It's true, he comes from a promotion based solely and violence. But it also has strong technical roots. I'd consider it, an ECW for a new generation."



Mr. McMahon: "You're right John, his promotion, IWA Mid West doesn't have any real relation to us. But they sort of do. You see, I recently aquire some of their talent. This talent includes their best tag team, the family of Jeff and Matt Hardy, Zane and Daniel. I also got their top female wrestler, Alice.


This was in one of your earlier posts and I'd like to highlight it for you to think about. While those promos put out a lot of info, its not the sort of thing Vince really does on tv and is a strong break from his character. Posts like these become distracting because readers immeadtly think "Vince wouldn't say that.." and quit focussing on your story and start nit picking.


Maybe try a a dirt sheet post and have Meltzer say these things...


2)Cursing- The Rock may get away with it. Cena can get away with the ocasional slip. A new wrestler in the WWE will not get away with calling anyone a "pussy" and the ocasional curse word... It just would't happen. This goes back to realism, but I think in your attempts to capture edginess and stay true to your charcter... you are sort of forgetting what the WWE is now. Maybe you are trying to steer the org into a new Attitude era, but it seems to be falling flat and is distracting.


3) No way the WWE uses Cena's real life martial problems in a story line I don't think Cena would allow it and (in real life) it would cross a line that most wrestling fans would be uncomfortable with. It would, in short, seem self-serving on Cena's part and make it seem like a wrestling story is something that is more important than real life mariage. That may seem old-fashioned, but the whole WWE.com leaking intamate details about Cena's divorce is really stretching it in terms of credability.



I DO like how you are building Poe up using attacks on the APA, a loss to Ohno (the whole hug afterwards was interesting and made me wonder) and how you are blending the hardcore aspects of the buisness into a PG environment. It really shows contrasts and makes the diary something different. Don't let me critque ruin this for you or change what you enjoy doing, I'm just voicing what I'm thinking when I read it and what some people may be thinking.

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@PoeOhlin quite the schedule before #NOC. #CMPunk at house show, Zane Hardy at NXT, and a little guest appearance at #Smackdown. See you Tuesday for a little fun.



What up folks. I apologize for the delay of updates, but I've been hanging out my girl and friends a lot more as of late. I do plan on updating the diary at the most twice this week, so just continue to be patient with me.


Also thank you to all of those who have left feedback. Your critiquings helps me improve upon myself and to give you guys more entertainment.

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WWE Raw House Show - September 15th, 2012


Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara VS The Miz© and Cody Rhodes


6 Diva Over the Top Rope Battle Royal

Alicia Fox VS Natayla VS Eve VS Kaitlyn VS Beth Phoenix VS Tamina Snuka


John Cena VS CM Punk© VS "Dead" Poe Ohlin


Tag Team Championship Match

Kofi Kingston and R-Truth W/ Little Jimmy© VS Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel


Triple Threat No DQ World Heavyweight Championship Match

Dolph Ziggler (Mr. Money in the Bank) VS Sheamus© VS Alberto Del Rio

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WWE NXT - September 19th, 2012


After that riverting promo from Damien Sandow, the camera cuts back to the arena, in time for the next match. Over the speaker system, a thunderous like drumming with short bursts of guitar starts playing, the fans at Full Sail University cheering in excitement. Out from the curtain comes in a slight dance is Zane Hardy, the adopted son of Matt Hardy.


In a tribute to his uncle Jeff, Zane begins to dance on the stage some before throwing his arms to the side, and spitting some water up into the air. As fans cheer, he starts walking down the ramp to the ring side area, giving some of the fans he passes high fives. Once he's at the end of the ramp, he bounces some before running into the ring. He kips up to his feet, and runs to the closest turnbuckle and jumps onto the second rope of it. He throws his arms about before jumping back down to the ring. He looks to the stage, and throws up both hands in the famous hand sign of the Hardy family.



The arena is then plunged into darkness, some of it being illuminated by a purple light, fog creeping it's way up onto the stage, and down the ramp. Out from the back walks out "Dead" Poe Ohlin, as his music "When Darkness Falls" by Killswitch Engage kicks in.. His face painted in that fearsome and nightmarish corpse paint. He looks down at the ring and smirks some, he then starting the descent down the aisle way.


He walks nonchalantly down the ramp, he looking off to the left at the crowd, every now and then his gaze returning to his long time friend and rival. Both men have competed in numerous matches together, most of them in the hardcore variety. After a while, Poe is at the steel steps, and walks up them slowly, somewhat meanicingly. He makes his way into the ring as the lights come back on for the introductions.


Caylee Turner: "Introducing first, from Cameron North Carolina. Weighing in at 142 pounds, Zane Hardy!


And his opponent. From Transylvania, weighing in at 155 lbs. "Dead" Poe Ohlin!


The referee goes over to both wrestlers, each nodding their head in being ready. The ref throws his hand up, and the bell rings.


Zane Hardy VS "Dead" Poe Ohlin

Ohlin smirks at Zane as both men walk around some. Ohlin then turns his attention to the crowd, and starts arguing with a fan. However he shouldn't have done that, as he gets blasted with a clothesline by Hardy, which sends him out of the ring and to the floor below. Zane then runs back to the ropes, and comes running back. As he approaches where he sent his opponent, he grabs hold of the ropes, and flings himself down onto Ohlin with a rope flip senton. The fans here at Full Sail University are eating it up!


When Zane gets up, he flashes the Hardy Boyz hand sign before pulling Ohlin up to his feet. He punches him a couple of times before rolling him back into the ring. He climbs up onto the apron as his enemy is getting up. Hardy then jumps onto the top rope from where he stands, and spring boards off, looking for head scissors whip.


But Ohlin is now aware, and as Hardy gets his legs around Poe's head, he hits a wicked powerbomb, driving Zane into the mat. But he doesn't let go, he flips himself over, going for a bridge pin attempt. The referee slide sin to make the count, but Zane kicks out at two, flinging Poe across the mat some.


Both men then get up, and Ohlin runs towards his friend. Right as Ohlin is able to make contact with him though, the extreme enigma leaps up like a frog, avoiding the move. He then does a splits and goes down. As Poe comes running near him, Zane rolls up some, planting his feet into Ohlin's chest, and flips him over his body, causing him to land back first on the mat. The fans stand up and applause, clapping and chanting "That was awesome!"


Zane now going for the win, but his current opponent gets his shoulders up shortly after the one count. Zane stands up, and Ohlin sits up like he rose from a grave, smirking at the other man. The crowd is stunned at this, Poe now slowly getting up to his feet. Hardy then goes for a front dropkick, but Ohlin grabs him by the legs, and slams him down back first onto the match.


He doesn't let go again, and turns Zane over into the Helvete lock, he pulling on Hardy's legs, applying pressure to his back. The young man from North Carolina begins to scream out in pain, clenching at his forehead and hair. The ref kneels down in front of Zane, asking if he wants to tap. Meanwhile, Ohlin taunts Zane by screaming "GIVE UP!" After a couple more minutes of Hardy not tapping, Poe breaks the hold, walking away from him.


As Zane slowly starts to get up, Ohlin pushes hair out of his face at the audience boos at him. After his enemy is up, he walks over to him. But Zane catches him out of no where..hitting a wicked looking Twist of Faste. The crowd explodes with cheers as Ohlin lays on his back, with Hardy walking over to the nearest turnbuckle. He throws up the Hardy hand sign again, before he climbs up to the top.


He taunts the fan again, and then leaps off...HITTING THE FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH!! The fans stand up, clapping in cheers and thunderous applause. He clutches at his chest in pain, and then crawls over to Poe. He goes to pin him, but Ohlin delivers with a throat thrust, and grabs Zane. He rolls him over some, locking in a wrapped body sleeper hold.


He clenches his legs around Hardy's body, his arms almost stapled to his neck. He bangs his head some and screams, clenching back on the neck, and applying more pressure to Zane's torso. Zane can't give up, but he slowly starts to fade as the ref is on his knees next to the men. He then raises Zane's arm and lets go, it falling to the mat.


He repeats his previous action, and once again the Enigma's arm falls flat onto the mat. He raises it a third time, and when he lets go, it falls to the mat. The ref jumps up and rings the bell, as the entire crowd boos loudly.


Caylee Turner: "The winner of this match, via submission. "Dead" Poe Ohlin!!"


The referee begins trying to pull Ohlin off of Zane, but he won't let go. From the back comes more referees and medical personal, they all trying to make him let go. Ohlin then let's go quickly, as the Hardy Boyz music plays again, and Daniel Hardy comes running out.


Poe slides out of the ring, and rests against the guard rail, fans throwing their beverages and snacks at him. Daniel kneels down by his cousin, trying to get him to wake up. He then glares down at Poe, who is once again smirking.


Poe slowly works his way back up the ramp, and into the back of the venue. After minutes of waving smelling salts, Zane comes back to conciousness. Daniel helps him up, and the two men hug each other. They then, along with the other personal make their way into the locker room.

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WWE Night of Champions - September 23rd, 2012


WWE Championship Match

CM Punk© VS Big Show



Intercontinental Championship Match

The Miz© VS Dolph Ziggler



Fatal Four Way Elimination Divas Championship Match

Layla© VS Kelly Kelly VS Alicia Fox VS Beth Phoenix



Last Man Standing Match

Damien Sandow VS Randy Orton



World Heavyweight Championship Match

Chris Jericho VS Alberto Del Rio VS Sheamus©



United States Championship Match

Santino© VS Zack Ryder



Four Way Tornado Tag WWE Tag Team Championship Match

R Truth and Kofi Kingston© VS Primo and Epico VS The Usos VS Prime Time Players


Before our main event, a video package is shown leading up to the events that are around this match. From Ohlin's debut at SummerSlam, to his many attacks on Cena, as well as some moments highlighting Cena's reactions. The video then ends and we cut back to the ring.


Josh Matthews: "The following contest, is an Extremeee Rules match! There are no disqualifications or count outs. The only way to win, is by pinfall or submission."


After the match rules are explained, the arena goes completely black. This garners a round of boos from the crowd, as they are aware of who shall be coming out. "When Darkness Falls" by Killswitch Engage then starts to shriek through out the arena, purples lights then beginning to go on and off rapidly, as smoke arises to take over the stage and ramp.


From the back comes Poe Ohlin, he dressed in his usual attire of black shorts, and a shirt which promotes the Metal band Children of Bodom. He also has a leather jacket on him, he tilting his head around to look at the crowd. He shakes his head, it appearing as if he smirked. He then after making a small cutthroat motion, begins his march to the ring.


Josh Matthews: "Introducing first, from Transylvania, weighing in at 155 pounds. "Dead" Poe Ohlin!"


Poe continues to slowly make his way down the ramp, the audience booing at him immensely. As he walks over to the steel steps, he has a drink thrown at him, it slightly washing off some of his corpse paint. He seems to shout something at the fan before he walks up the steps.


He then goes under the ropes into the rings, turning around to face a turnbuckle across the ring from him. He then walks around in a circle, before running up to the turnbuckle, and jumping to the top of it. He stands there not moving. He'd then slowly raise his arms, causing the lights to come back on. He then jumps down, and whips off his jacket before sitting down against the turnbuckle.


The camera then circles around the upper section of fans, as that all too familair music hits. At once, they go to their feet. Out comes John Cena. He shouts at the crowd, and then the camera. He then raises his hand to his head, and grabs his hat, ripping it off and throwing it into the crowd.


Josh Matthews: "And his opponent. From West Newberry, Massachusetts. Weighing in at 251 pounds. Johnnnnnnnnn Cenaaa!!!!!"


He then salutes the crowd, and runs down the ramp, and into the ring. He'd jump to his feet, and throw up his famous hand sign. He then glances and stares over at his opponent, who is sitting non chalantly in the corner. John then takes off his shirt, throwing it into the crowd, a girl shrieks as she catches it.


Poe then flings himself up, he now standing up. Both men are approached by the referee, asking if they are ready. However, Poe pushes him out the way, and walks up to Cena. He gets in his face, almost snarling at him, both having their eyes locked on the other. The ref then slides his arm between them, pushing Ohlin away. He then calls for the bell to start, and it's now time for a war.


Extreme Rules Match

"Dead" Poe Ohlin VS John Cena

After the bell rings, both men continue to stare down at each other. The fans here tonight in Boston continue to boo Ohlin, he shouting at them to shut up. However, a small little chant of "Ohlin's gonna kill you" seems to start and die some.


Both then move up to each other, and begin their match. Both Cena and Ohlin go straight for damage, each man punching the other in the head and chest, both of them taking shots after the other. This carries on for some time before Ohlin his a knee to the gut of Cena. He then slams his fists onto the back of his opponent's neck, smirking some before grabbing him by the head.


He then drags Cena over to a turnbuckle, and throws him into it. Poe then begins a rapid assault of punches and stomping like kicks to the torso of this rival of his. Cena though is able to duck down to avoid a punch. He'd wrap his arms around Ohlin's waist, and rushes forward, pushing his enemy forward with him, eventually slamming Ohlin into the corner on the other side of the ring


Cena now goes on a vicious looking assault, punching and kicking Poe repeatedly. He stops and looks to walk away, but instead delivers a slap to the face of his rival. Cena smirks and smiles for the camera, he then whipping Ohlin to the ropes and running after him. But Poe is smarter then Cena thinks, and jumps up onto the top rope, and springboards back. He wraps his legs around the moving Cena...and connects a hurricanrana.


Both men promptly get up, and go back to assaulting each other with their fists. Cena goes for a haymaker, but Ohlin grabs his arm and brings him down to the mat. He wraps his legs around John's head, locking in a rough look arm and neck lock. He wrenches back on the body parts, screaming at Cena to give up. The referee kneels down before him, asking if he wishes to give up. However with the crowd's thunderous cheers and drumming of feet, Cena is able to slowly stand up, grabbing hold of Poe who looks a little surprised.


Cena then begins to spin around, the crowd making somewhat of a whirling noise. Cena then promptly stops..and slams Ohlin down with a Blue Thunder Bomb, garnering another round of applause. Cena then jumps up, throwing his right arm up as well, smiling as he's about to give off one of his signature taunts. He goes for the "You Can't C Me!" but is interupted as Ohlin raises up like the dead. He grins at Cena as he makes it up to his feet.


John looks around the arena before charging towards his opponent. But the enemy is ready to counter, and grabs hold of Cena, sinking his nails into the man from New Berry's back. He then runs towards the ropes, and throws Cena over them and onto the floor below. As he is booed after his move, Poe walks to the other side of the ring, and stomps his foot, waiting as Cena slowly gets up. After Cena is up on his feet, Ohlin then starts running to the ropes near him. As he approaches the ropes near Cena, Poe grabs hold of them and flings himself over..driving both of his knees into the upper torso and lower neck region of Cena, sending both men down to the floor.


Ohlin makes his way to his feet, throwing up his left hand posed in the devil horns. He then walks around the ring to a a side of it, and throws up part of the curtain, he looking under the ring now. The fans then boo and cheer him as he pulls out a trash can, filled with assorted weapons. He then picks the can up, and throws it some to where the weapons in it fall into the ring and the floor some. He then reaches into the ring, and pulls out a signapore cane, he grinning as he spins it in his hand some.


He slowly stalks Cena, who is getting up to his feet slowly. He finally makes it to his feet, and turns around, coming to face to face with Ohlin. However he doesn't stay up long, as Ohlin brings the cane down upon Cena's head. The crowd becomes mixed with thunderous boos and cheers as Cena falls down to his knees. Ohlin grins, and begins to repeatedly smack Cena on the head with the cane until it becomes split at the top.


Ohlin then throws the cane into the ring, and grabs hold of John boy's jeans. He then with some struggle pushes John back into the ring, and rolls in after him. Poe immediately goes over to a chair, and sets it up in the middle of the ring.

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Love the character of Poe Ohlin but may I ask why do people do the whole quote thing? I've been making one and I don't do that should I or should I stick to my layout?

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^ It cuts up everything up, it makes it look better IMO but i've seen decent ones without


I know its going to sound harsh but I really can't get into this, there is always a recurring thing that people bring up and thats realism, I understand that some diarys are going to push the boundaries of realism and there will be slightly unrealistic moments but I feel this goes beyond that, it is pretty much what Rhyno said so im not going to repeat it, the Cena injury (dislocation and break) a dislocation would be two weeks, a break say 4 months but the damage happens when its both, Wade Barrett was out for 7 months with a similar injury, the Poe character is decent but he wouldn't stand a chance in WWE and I feel you got the crowd on his side in your last post not in the "Yay!!" but the "We hate Cena more", everyone hates Cena but you have to be a likeable heel to get the crowd behind you, more people will side with Cena then Poe the way I see it, Cena's heel opponents will get different reactions ie Punk & Big Show, cheered because hes liked more and booed because hes hated more, I think Poe stands in the Show side, I like your character tho and he is filling a missing hole in the gimmick section WWE have but hes not PG, your matchs and promo's are decent tho, I understand that Poe is your baby but I feel you got to step back and look at it from are view

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I do have to agree with RocknRolla; honestly this push Poe has gotten has been so massive so quickly. One of the main issues I had with the diary is the booking and as others have mentioned the realism, this guy debuts after the main event of a pay per view and takes out not one of but THE biggest talent in THE biggest company. Then goes on to destroy Tatsu, that makes sense. What doesn't make sense is how someone with that much momentum then loses to Ohno, I get you may be a fan and yes he is a talented wrestler but at the end of the day his status in WWE is developmental talent. Someone who was allowed to man handle Cena like that would never lose to him.


The matches have been great though, like really solid writing. The gimmick of this guy is also really good. I just think like others have said you've got to focus more on realism. Like I'm not saying I'm right on this, but coming from a guy who ran a CAW diary from Mania to Mania it's good to make an impact when they debut ie. the debut in my diary had the CAW pinning the WWE champ Triple H, but in that scenario it was a surprise roll up after Trips fully dominated the match. It makes your guy look good, but also leaves the already established talent looking mega strong. Even though my CAW had won, in the rematch the week after he was still well and truly the underdog. It's all about a slow build and making sure you don't give away massive momentum in unrealistic ways.


This is in no way a bad diary, it just needs a little bit of reworking. Continue this, it has such potential. You just need to get on top of a few things, then it'll be something great. As I said, you have all the foundation, keep at it.

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