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  1. Utter, utter shocked with this, me and my brother were not long ago talking about his debut since my brother actually knew him, the guy had massive potential and was just starting out his career, a proper local lad as well, a real, real shame to the boxing world over the weeks, dunno if my brother actually knows since hes gone away for a few days
  2. Its seems like S3 is going to speed it up action wise, the progression of this series has been pretty slow, haven't seen S1 but I remember seeing a part were they was on a hill and Ed and Daryl was having a go at Rick but anyway this series hasn't seen much action as I hoped its more building the storyline of Shane being reckless and them staying on Hershels farm but it seems S3 has more survivors in considering they announced cant remember his name as governer so obviously theres gonna be crap going down Anyone know why theres no phones or internet? i've never understood modern day zombie films/TV not having it
  3. What im trying to say is what happens after the farm because obviously leaving the inner city was series one and probably in the comic, you said about hershel and his farm is in the comic which is series two so obviously series three will be what happens next in the comic bar twists and edits
  4. So those who have read the comic pretty much know what could happen in the next series yet its more then likely tinkered with abit but on the same premises ie they knew about the walkers and Sofia in the barn, certain people dying etcetera
  5. Well who else is she going to go with? there was only Glenn, T-Dog and Dale lol Daryl and Shane are dodgy characters lol its not like she had a lot of options tho, I nearly actually forgot about T-Dog but whoever she went with would of looked bad, he didn't like that Glenn was asian, he probably would of complained about T-Dog being black and Dale being old lol either way shes screwed in a pharmacy lol Anyone actually hate Hershel's family/people who live there, Patricia acts weird, Jimmy is distant, Beth is crazy, Hershel is confusing, Theres something about Maggie that just seems off, Otis only seemed like a normal person I haven't read the comics but does the TV series represent the story ie Hershels farm and that
  6. I hate waiting till Friday to watch this but I don't want to watch it online, its funny how I started watching it at the start of S2, I don't know how I missed the first season I must of thought it was waking the dead which is a awful TV program lol anyway im gonna be watching S1 when I get my hands on the DVD which im gonna be borrowing from my sisters friend who lent it to his cousin lol I know a bit of what happened as they keep bringing up what happened I want these questions answered
  7. Im not a fan of these types of enemies to be brutally honest, I think they look stupid and with these graphics ND have shown they can pull humans off, i'd rather a full human on human survival type deal, hell I wouldn't of minded zombies as the trailer reminded me so much of the walking dead I thought this was I am alive at first but they just renamed it Also I didn't think she looked like ellen page at first but actually looking shes a twin for sure, maybe they already commited to getting her wanted but couldn't
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