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  1. So in the years that I've been absent I kinda got my shit together in terms of my personal life. I got a pretty decent job and was even a manager in my department for a bit before steeping down to go back to being a regular employee (a lot of bullshit got thrown at our direction and at my direction. Basically management played the political BS game). It pays well and I get paid every week, which is helpful with all of the hobbies I have and life stuff. Of life stuff I have my own place and it is super nice and affordable. But most importantly I'm married now.
  2. What do you expect? It's Fox News.
  3. http://epicstream.com/videos/Watch-Fox-News-Bash-Star-Wars-Its-Unbelievable-How-Much-Attention-Its-Getting
  4. Oh hey, the Ravens FINALLY won another game.
  5. The Ravens better *censored*ing win tonight.
  6. This post just gave me diabetes. It is that full of sweet humor.
  7. Found out that Resurrection of F will be showing at a theater near me. Yeah I think I may have to go to that.
  8. So fans on Twitter got a hastag going to celebrate Punk and AJ's wedding...and it's a top trend.
  9. The Sting shirt legit looks like a goof shirt WWE makes just for kids, like the ones you see at Walmart.
  10. I soooooooo cannot wait for this.
  11. I saw a video on Facebook earlier with the title of "Brock Lesnar Announces He'll be Stay Will the WWE."
  12. They legit made a site for a hashtag trend?
  13. Mostly the original series. I would have stated if it was GX, 5Ds, or Zexal if it was one of them in the entry.
  14. Well time for a little plugging. If any of you have ever been curious to what animes your dear friend Poe just loves, then check out the blog where you will find (as requested by a fan) my top ten favorite animes of all time.
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