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The Scorpion

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  1. Can't wait to see buddy Brandon was hardcore champion in my home fed in 2k18
  2. https://i.postimg.cc/9fWbVQ68/20181226-201501.jpg mega star Jacob Cole my main heel
  3. Wow wlj wouldn't want to meet them in a,dark place
  4. Perfectly fine. I have no problem with anyone using my stuff as long as they make no alterations and give proper credit. You've been a friend for over decade now, so I trust with my creations. Thanks for being a friend all these years we seen alot of people come and go and cant wait for your next batch
  5. I use your caws on my facebook picture Fed but I never change anything on them but love the rules
  6. Yeah I remeber when you guys came to this site in 04 I dl dru and evan great work as always man
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