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Found 11 results

  1. Hey all! Very long time since I've been on here but I'm currently trying to set a Ruthless Aggression Era Universe Mode, complete with a full roster for RAW and Smackdown and all of the associated PPVs that ran during that period. Any recommendations on where I should be looking in terms of the best Ruthless Aggression Era CAW and Arena creations?
  2. ALL CREATIONS CAN BE FOUND USING #MrOffWhite Adam Cole UPLOADED!! Finn Balor CUSTOM!! Chris JERICHO !! UPLOADED! Thunder Rosa UPLOADED!! Matt Jackson Nick Jackson UPLOADED!!
  3. I’m building my caw league and it would be nice to have a character from Animal Crossing to be in it. It could a villager like Cyd or A npc like KK Slider or Tom Nook
  4. Not perfect by any stretch but I hope you'll find some use for it!
  5. Darby allin Uploaded !! #mroffwhite #darbyallin #aew
  6. Tags: codyrhodes, wwe, aew
  7. It does hit different lol Tags: CMPUNK, AEW, WWE creator: omegasentry
  8. "Well its the Big Show!" Here's Big Show's moveset based in his 2003 run. Bases: Ring in Move: Over The Rope Ring out Move: Over The Rope Taunt: Raising Arm 1 Hold Up Taunt Big Show Raising Arm 3 Ready Moves Attack: Big Boot 1 Toe Kick 1 Slap 2 Axe Handle 2 Clothesline 3 Shuffle Side Kick 3 Grapple: Submission Grapple: Grapple 5 Bearhug 3 Wrist & Arm Wrench Big Shoulder Claw Headlock 1 Signature Grapple: Grapple 10 Clothesline 25 Sidewalk Slam 1 Body Press Drop Suplex 5 Power Grapple: Grapple 11 Chokeslam 3 Scoop Slam 5 Full Nelson Slam Choke Toss 2 Quick Grapple: Grapple 4 Headbutt 3 Fury Punch 1 Headbutt 1 Club to Neck 3 Grapple Attack: Grapple Body Attack 1 Grapple Body Attack 1 Grapple Body Attack 2 Back Attack: Forearm Smash Elbow To Back Of Head 2 Sidewalk Slam 4 Mat Slam 2 Eye Of The Hurricane Turning Face Front Abdominal Stretch 1 Triple H Low Kick Edge of the Cell: It Thrusts Down X4 Ground Attack: Angry Stomp Elbow Drop 2 Leg Drop Grapple: Darkness Choke 1 Big Stomp Reverse Chin Lock 2 Toss 1 Kick To Back Single Leg Crab 3 Turnbuckle Attack: Turnbuckle Clothesline Turnbuckle Clothesline Knee Attack 1 Grapple: Big Thump Mudhold Stomping 2 Big Chop Knee Strikes Foot Choke 2 Back Attack: Turnbuckle Smash Hanging In Reverse Turnbuckle Smash Turnbuckle Toe Kick Rope Opponent Rope Down: Big Boot 6 Rebound Attack: Axe Handle 1 Running Leg Drop Vaulting Body Press 2 Jump Down Over: Vaulting Body Press 2 Aerial Stand: Missile Dropkick Double Axe Handle 3 Down: Elbow Drop 3 Diving Elbow Diving Fist Drop Running Attack: Axe Handle 1 Kurt Shoulder Block Grapple: Neckbreaker 1 X2 Back Attack: Mat Slam 2 Bulldog 2 Squatting Attack: Double Axe Handle 5 Running Leg Drop Counter: Hip Toss 2 Sidewalk Slam 7 Back Drop 2 Double Team Stand: Headbutt & Elbow Drop Double DDT Double Flapjack Double Clothesline Double Beat Head Turnbuckle: Gut Crusher Mudhole Stomping 1 Powerbomb 1 Kick To Gut Special Special: Show Stopper Chokeslam 9 (Leg-Trapped Chokeslam) Favourites: Headbutt 3 Bearhug 3 Big Chop Weapon Special: DDT X2 Combination Attack: Back Chop 1 Throat Thrust 1 Big Boot 1 If you liked this moveset, don't forget to comment and share with your friends
  9. wes19er

    Ellie Hannigan

    Caw-Alition's Ellie! Blackpool England's finest! Ellie_Hannigan_1.mp4
  10. wes19er

    The WizNitch!

    Toil,Toil,bubble & boil the WizNitch is back.....And they're spectacular! Lol!
  11. wes19er


    Wow uh,we're wrestling with some major plots here! HEAVY PLOTS! xbox gamertag: wes19er d7f3ecbb-75fd-4daa-a851-536337a7d38b.mp4 c8690d59-fa80-484d-bc16-f22c23556b62.mp4 fa4cd39e-80ab-4982-857f-0aef8e5efff5.mp4
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