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  1. So in the years that I've been absent I kinda got my shit together in terms of my personal life. I got a pretty decent job and was even a manager in my department for a bit before steeping down to go back to being a regular employee (a lot of bullshit got thrown at our direction and at my direction. Basically management played the political BS game). It pays well and I get paid every week, which is helpful with all of the hobbies I have and life stuff. Of life stuff I have my own place and it is super nice and affordable. But most importantly I'm married now.
  2. The 36th Chamber of Shaolin isn't that great of a movie. A lot of it has to do with the plot and pacing of the movie with one of the bigger issues being that the fights don't have anything to really grab you emotionally. San Ta learns kung fury and becomes a walking death machine. When your hero only ever wins it doesn't lend itself to a good battle since we know he'll win and thus take away any sense of doubt or urgency or dread that could suck you in outside of the stuff looking cool. I guess an easier way to put it would be even though you know Bruce Lee is probably going to win there are times where it looks like he may possibly not win. Also for some reason there's a lot of blurring in the film. Not censoring mind you but at times a sot just gets very blurry and faded.
  3. What do you expect? It's Fox News.
  4. http://epicstream.com/videos/Watch-Fox-News-Bash-Star-Wars-Its-Unbelievable-How-Much-Attention-Its-Getting
  5. Oh hey, the Ravens FINALLY won another game.
  6. For me 6 in both incarnations is just a pile of shit and the worst movie of the bunch. Resurrection is utterly stupid, but it is at least entertaining to watch (Busta Rhymes being karate Michael Myers is pretty hysterical). Plus I give them credit for trying something new (for the franchise) with the internet streaming thing. If executed better it would have been pretty amazing. 5 is also near the bottom due to how bland it is. It's almost just a rehash of 4 but now with psychic powers thrown in. Though it does provide two really well executed scenes in the chase in the Myers' house and when Jamie gets Michael to reveal his face. It may be 95% bland, but the 5% that is good is really good. I cannot however find anything even remotely good with 6. It is one of the few movies I honest to god hate. The plot is stupid, the visuals are annoying with how flashy and strobe like they are, the music is grating, and everything has an echo to it which gets old fast. Even the Producer's Cut is terrible with the plot being the main reason. That and the fact it moves slower than a slug. Yes Halloween is known to be slow, but usually it doesn't make the movie feel longer than it is and tiring to sit through. Simply put, 6 is just utter shit and I really, really, really hate it. I only saw the first Zombie film and honestly I like it for the direction it took. It isn't great but again, I get entertainment value from it. Never saw 2. I like H20 as well and would rank it as one of the best ones alongside the original, the original second, and 4.
  7. The Ravens better *censored*ing win tonight.
  8. This post just gave me diabetes. It is that full of sweet humor.
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