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Poe Øhlin

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    Raven/Megumi Kudo
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    Writer, photographer, clerk
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  1. So in the years that I've been absent I kinda got my shit together in terms of my personal life. I got a pretty decent job and was even a manager in my department for a bit before steeping down to go back to being a regular employee (a lot of bullshit got thrown at our direction and at my direction. Basically management played the political BS game). It pays well and I get paid every week, which is helpful with all of the hobbies I have and life stuff. Of life stuff I have my own place and it is super nice and affordable. But most importantly I'm married now.
  2. What do you expect? It's Fox News.
  3. http://epicstream.com/videos/Watch-Fox-News-Bash-Star-Wars-Its-Unbelievable-How-Much-Attention-Its-Getting
  4. This post just gave me diabetes. It is that full of sweet humor.
  5. Found out that Resurrection of F will be showing at a theater near me. Yeah I think I may have to go to that.
  6. So fans on Twitter got a hastag going to celebrate Punk and AJ's wedding...and it's a top trend.
  7. The Sting shirt legit looks like a goof shirt WWE makes just for kids, like the ones you see at Walmart.
  8. I soooooooo cannot wait for this.
  9. I saw a video on Facebook earlier with the title of "Brock Lesnar Announces He'll be Stay Will the WWE."
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