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    Raven/Megumi Kudo
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  1. Hey I can actually play games with y'all after all these years. I owns the gamestations 4.
  2. So in the years that I've been absent I kinda got my shit together in terms of my personal life. I got a pretty decent job and was even a manager in my department for a bit before steeping down to go back to being a regular employee (a lot of bullshit got thrown at our direction and at my direction. Basically management played the political BS game). It pays well and I get paid every week, which is helpful with all of the hobbies I have and life stuff. Of life stuff I have my own place and it is super nice and affordable. But most importantly I'm married now.
  3. a hentai video? I doubt it. Suppose I should've specified what did I come into in regards to the thread. And no, I did not come into somebody's mouth.
  4. We begin our journey to Summerslam tonight with John Cena's return. Cena comes out and starts talking about being back and how he's ready to get back into the title fray. Out comes Stephanie and Shane (or just one of them). They welcome John back and say that they missed him as they're sure everybody in the WWE universe did (gotta get that mixed heat). Basically they tell Cena that after MITB he will be the next number one contender for the championship. John thanks them but declines. He explains that while he wants the gold he knows that the new era of talent is ready as well and knows that from being online over the years that the fans would chew him out if he was immediately shoved to the front of the line. So he proposes a deal; starting tonight he will wrestle every week and should he lose a match he will not compete in the world title picture for a year (think of this as WWE's version of what Kurt Angle did back in TNA in 2010, but without the stipulation being retirement). The McMahons agree and off to the races we go. So yes, we will be seeing John Cena win week after week. Now I know this sounds like we're going to bury a lot of people, but we aren't. Each match will be giving a solid 20ish minutes and we're going to give Cena opponents who can really go so that every week we get to see Cena actually wrestle with the matches being long enough to give both men time to shine. You can have one week be somebody who is suppose to be super strong and thus Cena has to somehow be even stronger, another can be a great technical wrestler, and so on and so forth. Basically we're going to show off that Cena can actually wrestle and that our new era of stars are good enough to go toe to toe with John Cena. Yes they will lose, but if we book the matches to make it really close than hopefully fan reaction won't be too boorific and crying out claims of burying. And hopefully throughout this we get Cena a bit more admiration of respect from the crowd. After MITB and Seth Rollins loses (sorry folks, it just is going to happen) Shane and Steph come out and are ready to declare that upon fulfilling his promise that Cena is the new number one contender. We have Rollins come out and as you'd expect call poppycock. This all leads into a very heated and intense feud between Rollins and Cena which culminates into a match at Battleground and we will give this match a 2 out of 3 falls stipulation because Seth wants to prove that while yes, Cena has shown he can go, he will never be able to out wrestle wrestling Jesus. Of course Cena wins with the result being 2-1. I expect that this will get Johnny a lot of heat, but maybe we can use that to our advantage, This brings us to the stretch for Summerslam. Cena VS Reigns. A neutral tweener Reigns VS a neutral tweener Cena. A bunch of back and forth promos about Cena no longer being the face of WWE and that it is Reigns' company now. Cena replying with that as long as he's around he will be WWE and will never stop. Brawls break out, the two have to be restrained. All sorts of wonderfulness. Our goal is to really split the crowd because Reigns, sadly is the face (according to WWE) of the new era, and him being forced down our throats hasn't really helped, so Reigns does usually get designated heel by the crowd. However, nobody likes seeing Cena come in and take the spotlight from newer stars, which also usually gets him designated heel, but hopefully not as much after these last two months of wrestling. It really comes down to where we have a split crowd. Do we want Reigns to win despite his being forced because we don't want Cena on top again? Do we want Cena to win and knock Reigns down some? What do we as fans want? The match comes at Summerslam and because of all the brawling this is going to be a no DQ and count out match with the added stipulation from Reigns that if Cena loses the match he can never, everrr, challenge for the world title AGAIN. And what is our outcome. Well if we want to keep it between these two I'm not sure who I would pick. I'd probably go with Reigns losing to free up Cena for an eventual Undertaker feud for 'Mania. But, if we're going full blown dream fantasy booking...Cena wins the match and becomes the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion...and is then defeated after the winner of MITB cashes in...and that man is Kevin Owens who in one night (kayfabe) destroys Sami Zayn and puts him on the shelf and becomes the champion that everybody would probably want next to Sami, Cesaro, or Ambrose, and thus by theory of holding the title, the new face of the new era of WWE.
  5. I am...utterly heart broken right now. Hayabusa was the wrestler who got me into puroresu and helped make me into both a fan of puro and an even bigger fan of wrestling as a whole. While I do not believe I will ever have a career in wrestling, Hayabusa is one of my heroes and idols. I would say more...but I just can't...I need to just have some time.
  6. His scream is the stuff legends are made of. It should replace the welhein scream.
  7. Gasol, Butler, Gibson, Greene, Curry. I did when I was younger but it went away over time. Not you. This is a questions thread, not a philosophical thread.
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