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  1. I don't think its sad at all. Watch the company you keep. Dude had no reason to be involved with the murder even if he didn't do it. Its obvious they made a example to him to send a message to other athletes that they aren't going to tolerate this stuff anymore. Whats incredible about this is where hes going to be for the rest of his life is a mile and a half away from Gillette Stadium. Probably can hear the cheers every sunday.
  2. Nakamaura was announced for the NJPW/ROH shows which makes the final list: Stars signed to appear - Hiroshi TANAHASHI - Kazuchika OKADA - Jushin Thunder LIGER - Tetsuya NAITO - Takaaki WATANABE - Kushida - Nakamaura The shows in Phili are on a Tuesday and Wednesday. I really hope they do Joe v Nakamaura.
  3. Picked up Diablo III again for the Ps4. So much fun. Almost beat the game.
  4. Ive been watching TNA strictly for ECIII and Spud. Almost cried at their match last night...jk....maybe...
  5. AND HES ALL THE GIANTS. HAHAHAHAHHA Really though i really can't wait to see Cruz, Beckham, and Randle on the field at the same time. Gonna be fun.
  6. I just don't get why he doesn't do what everyone and their grandmothers thinks he should do and become a TE. I view Tebow as incredibly selfish personally. Dude wants to be a starting QB or nothing else. Doesn't show the dedication to the game. Has this sense of entitlement that he doesn't deserve at all. If you wanted to be the best you would put the work in, you would have took what ever job you could have gotten and competed for a starting job, or went to the Arena league just to hone your skills. Sure he worked on his throwing motion this past offseason but hes been doing that since he came to the NFL and the motion is EXACTLY the same. Dude also trademarked tebowing. He trademarked a position people use to pray to god. Meanwhile last year you had a dude like Bryan Hoyer who when he found out Johnny Flameout was being drafted to his team he vowed to keep him holding that clipboard instead of asking for a trade or taking a year off because noones handing him the job. Hell you have Brady Quinn still kicking around on practice squads trying to break thorough. Regardless of all that i don't understand the Eagles gameplan. Are you going to have a 3, possibly 4 man battle in training camp for the starting job? I don't like him but Foles was proven.
  7. Thats just blind fanboy right there. There is no way if Bradford is healthy that Tebow is better then him.
  8. Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  9. The WWE reject stigma came from guys who were in WWE, had success, and left for TNA to jump right into the main event scene. Guys like who you mentioned who didn't have any sort of success don't really have that WWE reject stink because they built up their own characters in TNA.
  10. That was Spud and ECIII right? Thats what i wanted to watch but the replay started at like 1am.
  11. I tried to watch it yesterday on replay but the first three segments put me to sleep. Dig the *Censored* out of MVP's United singlet though.
  12. Earthbound. The game is really out there so far. I'm not a huge fan of the combat system. Im a fan a seeing the characters on screen and not just the enemy on some trippy screen. The fact though that if your way overlevel over someone the battle auto completes it self is pretty damn cool.
  13. The way it sounds now is Kelly's not even going after Maroita. Whats up with Kelly picking up people who have horrible injuy history. First Alonso, then Bradfod, now Ryan Matthews. Oh shit Walter Thurmond too.
  14. Amish Rifle to the Jets. AFC East champs.
  15. Bears are signing Rolle, there goes the defensive leader.
  16. Bradford coulda been a contender if his knees weren't held together with three year old chewed gum and scotch tape.
  17. Chip Kelly is starting to hurt himself. Gore turned downt he Eagles offer doubting the Eagles offense and Kelly as a coach.
  18. I have no *censored*ing idea why the Giants are going after Vereen. You have Jennings who if healthy is your number one and Williams who was great last year as the lone back. There are bigger needs man.
  19. Kap is about to be traded from the 49ers. Dude isn't that good.
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