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  1. The WWE reject stigma came from guys who were in WWE, had success, and left for TNA to jump right into the main event scene. Guys like who you mentioned who didn't have any sort of success don't really have that WWE reject stink because they built up their own characters in TNA.
  2. That was Spud and ECIII right? Thats what i wanted to watch but the replay started at like 1am.
  3. I tried to watch it yesterday on replay but the first three segments put me to sleep. Dig the *Censored* out of MVP's United singlet though.
  4. Earthbound. The game is really out there so far. I'm not a huge fan of the combat system. Im a fan a seeing the characters on screen and not just the enemy on some trippy screen. The fact though that if your way overlevel over someone the battle auto completes it self is pretty damn cool.
  5. About to start Majora's Mask for the 3DS.
  6. Just finished Dying Light for the PS4 and am now starting Wind Waker HD for the Wii U which looks incredible so far.
  7. In a promotion where youre not ultra familiar with all the wrestlers its welcome.
  8. Are they going to be doing events with english commentary anymore?
  9. I just had the realization that TNA's roster is very Smackdown 2006-2010ish.
  10. Im actually really excited for these new set of movies. They seem to be doing everything right and Kevin Smith gave his fan seal of approval from what he saw on set.
  11. Uh Guys: http://www.prowrestlingtees.com/wrestler-t-shirts-1/ec3/you-can-t-wrestle.html
  12. I find it weird that the biggest show of the year would feature a ton of talent from a totally diffrent promotion.
  13. And that's what worries me is that there are going to be more episodes where people are walking around doing nothing and by the time they meet up and something is about to happen the season will be over, it happens every year. They spent two episodes of the first half of the season doing the most character development of anyone in the show with the Governor just to have him die two episodes later.
  14. I would have rathered they followed all characters last night then just three. Nothing really happened that warranted a whole episode dedicated to it. I think im done with this show.
  15. Don't forget how important Andera is in the comics. So much better.
  16. Hell how would he have known how to drive it, plus you have to assume anything that loud would attract anyone and everyone.
  17. That full page in the comics with Rick and Carl just holding each other and crying was so soul crushing.
  18. I just don't understand why they couldn't do at the end of season 3 what they did last night? It makes the first half of season 4 seem like a shit ton of filler.
  19. The TV series was never going to be like the comic and that was said from the get-go. It started pretty similar, but Kirkman has said dozens of times that he is writing two different things. If you keep comparing the show to the novels you are always going to be disappointed IMO so you should stop doing that. The problem is, I shouldn't be disappointed when I compare the show to the comic I've been a fan of since day one. The show should measure up. They were obviously never going to follow the comic word for word, but the quality should still be there. Don't get me wrong, I liked the better part of the first 2 seasons, but season 3, and so far, season 4, have been lackluster. There's also no excuse for making unnecessary changes to main characters the way that they have, even killing some that are crucial to the story. They killed Dale without even doing the cannibal story-line, which explored the lengths some people are willing to go in this new world, and the toll is has on the psyche. They skipped over the winter, which presented some interesting obstacles to the survivors and walkers alike. They killed Lori and Andrea before their time, both of whom are important to Rick's character progression.. I could go on, but I'm not trying to bash the show. It's just hard for me not to draw comparisons, when they keep throwing in these nonsensical changes that detract from the quality of the show. Andrea is by far one of the most important characters in the book next to Carl and Michonne. At least up to the Alexandria Safe-Zone thats as far as I know right now lol. Honestly the only good addition to the show is Daryl but he has taken the role of Andrea i guess.
  20. I find it funny that noone is fishy that the leader dies right after the Gov returns. He was just like "Oh he fell" and everyone was like "Oh damn, ok."
  21. Pffft im holding out for the action to happen during the real season finale.
  22. When had the long hair and beard i thought he looked like Snake Plissken. It is pretty amazing that in 4 season the guy who biggest villian last season is the only one who has shown any sorta compassion out of everyone on the show.
  23. I question why I watch this show every single week.
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