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Tom Rice

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  1. Testing my test, son.

  2. Welcome to our Forums! This thread is for new members to introduce themselves and get to know how the community works and its members. Before you do anything, please read our Forum Rules as failure to follow them may result in you being banned before you've even started! Ok, lets get started. Shall I break the ice? I am Tom Rice, I founded CAWs.ws and now own the WrestlingX Network that it has been developed into. I am 18 and from the UK.
  3. CAWs: Nytro Durden, Stan The Lariat Hansen, Big Dick Dudley, Andre The Giant 03 (WWF), Eugene 02, Tiger Mask, Abdullah The Butcher, Junk Yard Dog, Iron Sheik 02, Billy Graham (70's), Shohei Giant Baba, Brock Lesnar 08, Hulk 02, Jeff Jarrett, Sagat, Charly Manson, Scorpion 02, Sapphire, Scorpion, Jeff Pryce, Billy Kidman, Kenny 04 (Singles), Christopher Daniels 02, Charlie Haas 02, Jason Voorhees, Ted DiBiase 03 Entrances: Rated RKO 06, Michelle McCool (Easy Creation), Triple H 18 (DX), Rated RKO 05, James Storm, Chris Jericho 05, Shelton Benjamin, Triple H 17 (DX) Movesets: Great Khali (The) 03 (Finishers), Torrie Wilson (Finishers Only), Victoria (Finishers Only), Snitsky (Finishers Only), MVP 03, Homicide 03, Jake 'The Snake' Roberts, Nytro Belts: Ying Yang Title
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