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  1. Testing my test, son.

  2. Pimpin' ain't easy huh?

  3. The boy is back, is he? How's my namesake doing? You wouldn't happen to know if there's another post editing/coding format, like the one we had before the update, would you?

    1. Tom Rice

      Tom Rice

      Hey :-) I'm doing good thanks, you? There's a quick reply box at the bottom of topic pages as usual, the more advanced editor seems to be the only one now though. If you want to write your own BBCode instead of using the visual buttons you can click the top left button which is "Toggle editing mode"

    2. RVD 4:20

      RVD 4:20

      I'm good too, thanks :). The one we had before seemed to be an intigration of the two on offer now. So, for example, you clicked the bold button and the tet you had highlighted would then be wrapped in the bold () code tags, without having to do it manually, if you get what I'm saying :P.

  4. Hello Sir Tom. Cheers

  5. Hello Tom, I wanted to know why don't you ever post on the forum?

  6. hey Tom&have u been we haven't spoken in a while so just stopping 2 say hello&have a very good summer since it's coming up soon.

  7. You should make a iPhone app for this site

  8. I remember the cozy little Proboards caws forum. Its crazy how this site has gone from that to the juggernaut that is the current caws.ws

  9. hey can u get a CAW app on iphone/ itouch?

  10. Hey Tom thought I tell you,I love The New Caw.ws setup

  11. Just a quick question mate how do i add my Guides to the main site as it hasn't got a place to upload to.

    Cheers mate any help is good help


  12. Love your site, but you should post in topics. I never see your posts ever.

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