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    Main Eventer
  • Birthday 12/22/1991

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    Too many to list....
  • Favourite Music
    Basically any variation on the rock or metal genres....along with some other random crap.
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    Sea Goat FTW.
  • Occupation
    GIF Maker; Grammar Police Officer; High School Student; Sig Maker
  • Favourite Wrestling Company
    WWE, as that's what I've been most exposed to. I'm open to all, though.
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    The edible kind.
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    KissMyAsthmainian (If Amber gets to use
  • Favourite TV Show
    Attack Of The Show!, Best Week Ever, Cops, Degrassi, Dirty Jobs, ECW, Good Eats, Kenan & Kel, Late Night With Conan O'Brien, Man Vs. Wild, Married... With Children, Mythbusters, Ninja Warrior, Rad Girls, RAW, Rob & Big, Rocko's Modern Life, SmackDown!, The King of Queens, The Soup, Unbeatable Banzuke, X-Play
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    This section blows. 'Twas perfectly fine in the signature space. v_v
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    KissMyAssLand Name: Zach
  • Interests
    • Alphabetical order<br />• Animals<br />• Being better than you<br />• Correcting grammar<br />• Cursing<br />• Defecating<br />• -♀-. >_><br />• Gaming<br />• Getting dirty looks<br />• Internet<br />• Lady parts hqhq<br />• Making GIFs and sigs<br />• Music <br />• My bird<br /> -Tweety<br />• My cats<br /> -Gizmo<br /> -Tigger<br />• My dogs<br /> -Booker<br /> -Dusty<br /> -Honeydew<br /> -Jake<br />• Procrastinating<br />• Recording PPVs and weekly wrestling shows via my DVD recorder <br />• Sleeping<br />• Swimming<br />• Talking on MSN<br />• Television<br />• Texting<br />• Weightlifting<br />• Women<br />• Wrestling
  1. I'm KMA, Kay-Em-Eh, |< /\/\ a, and KissMyAsthma. I'm better than you. I support good grammar, and I despise most Internet trends. (MySpace, Facebook, "number one ____________ mark", etc.) I most likely won't like you if you have bad grammar or one of the despised items plays a major role in your life. I've found that honesty is sometimes confused for asshole-ish behavior, but I'm fine with either one.
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