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  1. Dbacks Dodgers brawl was entertaining but at the same time its showing Dodgers are out of control. If Don Mattingly doesn't get canned now he will be fired at the end of the season. All that money spent, yet they're last in their division? Ouch. Heck both teams from southern california have been a huge dissapointment for whatever reason.
  2. Well its back tomorrow one of my yearly favourite things, baseball on my birthday , i;ll check out some of Angels Yankees, Jays Indians, RA Dickey vs Hanson in Mets vs Braves. And a battle between two of my favourites in Darvish vs Hernandez when Texas plays Seattle, so good day altogether for me.
  3. Lol Nyjer Morgan's postgame celebration was hilarious, would be funny to see him whatd hed do at a Milwaukee Brewers world series parade if they do in fact win it all, which is what im predicting to occur. Good NLCS matchup Milwaukee vs St Louis is and Tigers Rangers ought to be a good ALCS i say.
  4. What a crazy end to the season on the last day. and now we got our playoff matchups ALDS: Rangers vs Rays Rematch of last year Tigers vs Yankees NLDS: Brewers vs Diamondbacks Phillies vs Cardinals
  5. Hi Im the Stinger and my name is Simon, I was born and live in Toronto Ontario Canada plus I am 15 years old. I mod TNA, TNA Impact and Sports chat here at caws.ws, I love sports, wrestling, video games, travelling and all the other good stuff. I'm a big Sting fan as you can see and just your everyday normal guy who likes to meet new people, have fun and seeing new things along the way. If you ever feel like talking to me then just go ahead with a comment or pm .
  6. Candice Michelle and Mickie James
  7. Yup congrats to the steelers on their victory next 2 preseason games are Bengals vs Lions and Colts vs Cowboys on Thursday.
  8. Is it gonna be like the Satan from South Park or from somewhere else?
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